What I Wore: My New Peg Pants, Yes I Did

It took a little scrap of courage to buy, then wear these 80’s inspired pleated, pegged trousers. But I combed through my closet and experimented with a few tops. Here’s a look I liked, and I wore this out shopping and to the pub with my husband (oh, btw, he prefers skinny jeans ☺):

I like it, but it’s a little too manly for me. Maybe with a ruffled shirt next time, or more feminine booties.
But I have to try new things, else I will never learn, right?
I took my own styling advice and wore a fitted blazer to provide waist definition. I wore tough masculine boots but a feminine rose pendant (from Bella’s Etsy shop) and a bright manicure. I am still getting used to this look, and need to experiment some more, maybe with a wide belt.

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  1. This look suits you just fine.This style of pants is made for your figure and the shoes is the best choice.This manly style I ant to see more on you,it makes you look so sophisticated.I'd love to see another version of it.Maybe ith the denim shirt.

  2. I like it, Patti. Definitely a dramatic statement outfit, but I really like it. I agree with the poster who mentioned a Diane Keaton vibe.

  3. I like this too — I'm getting a Diane Keaton 70's vibe here. And maybe try that — have you got a vest? Then under that, add a wht or pastel soft feminine blouse — ruffles near the face, billowy sleeves. I say keep the oxfords. Pumps might look creepy or too young with the pegged leg

  4. It is a bit manly (probably for me, too) but it looks very cool! How 'bout some pumps with a peakaboo toe? I like the blouse and blazer together, though, and can't wait to see what else you do with the trousers!

  5. I think the pants work well for you but I do agree that they need to be balanced with more feminine pieces. The boots really weigh it down so maybe just a girly shoe would give it a lift. I'm envious that you have such a terrific figure that you can wear these and look better in them now than most of us did the first time around! πŸ˜‰

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  6. I think this looks lovely! But I do like a chic menswear-style look. I would also try the trousers with a bright fitted cardi and a neck scarf.

  7. Love your outfit. You strike me as girly so I get the little discomfort. I think it suits you but hey, wear what you love. Liked your FB page. Check me out at Black and Gray.

  8. I think you look great Patti! If you feel it's too mannish, I agree to change the shoes and from a tailored jacket to a much softer style or even a cardigan which is what I'm going to be wearing tomorrow for Visible Monday.

  9. Angie at You Look Fab was styling full skirts with banded tops and I wonder if that would work with your full-waisted pants.

    Generally I like the jacket with the contrast blouse peeking out underneath it. I can imagine the possibilites for blouses/jackets and it being a good style for warm weather work when you're burning up outside but need something to deal with A/C inside.

  10. I think you wear them well! I don't think you look overly masculine as the floral top pretties things up. But I'm someone who actually loves playing around with masculine looks in dress so I love masculine cut trousers.

  11. They look cool! Very Annie Hall. You can get away with them, being slim. I'd look like an icecream (i.e. wide at the top, narrow at the bottom).

  12. I've just been reading the other comments so far, but I must say I don't find the styling too masculine at all. You look tailored and elegant and sexy, and the floral shirt and rose necklace are girlie enough details. Besides, your beautiful face and hair, which sadly we can't see in the photo, add plenty of pretty! Nothing wrong with a bit of androgynous tailoring, I think it really suits you and makes a very stylish change. xxxx

  13. Hi patti-the trousers look great on, I love the cut and shape, experimenting with different pieces will make these all the more versatile!

  14. You have the right shape to wear these well! And I think that's key for any of us – pick what works on your body, and maybe avoid the things that don't πŸ™‚

  15. I would jazz them up and wear heels instead of flat shoes. And a very feminine blouse that hits at the waistline. Try that and see if it works for you. πŸ™‚

  16. I would like to wear these…they look stylish AND super comfortable. And they are so basic you could remix these over and over again…just like my Audrey shirt! Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

  17. I LOVE these pants! I have been searching for a pair for myself for a while and it is a bit trickier to wear these when you are not slim. My opinion: You need open toed sandal style HEELS. Like sexy date night type, If you want to wear a jacket, pick a sort of shorter, more fem bolero style. The shirt you pick should be more either shorter and/or end near your true waist. Those look like they are high waisted, so it's not like you'll be showing anything. These pants are sexy. For jewelry (I would wear everything I had!), but for a more discerning accessorizing type I would focus on bangles (I would mix metals) and the longest dangliest type earrings YOU are comfy with… These pants are sexy/exotic/urban chic!! So much fun!!!! I can't wait to get the pair that 'works' for me πŸ™‚
    Wow!! Bit much? lolzzzz
    Becky πŸ™‚

  18. LOVE the pants. They are so cool. I agree, maybe one of your femme lace shirts to soften the masculinity, but an absolutely excellent first foray back into the pegged pant experiment.

  19. Dearest Patti,

    Love the top part very much, all but the shoes… For my personal taste those pants are too short as well… they kind of chop off some of your height that way. It is risky because with the pleats they already draw their attention to the hips. But you at least were brave and daring enough for pulling this off! Hats off to you.




  20. I like how the pants look on you, but agree the overall look is more masculine (nothing wrong with that). I think your on the right track about the booties, or maybe even a sandal.

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