When Just The Minimum Will Do

My husband’s flu got worse over the weekend. He was running a high temperature, coughing, and feeling generally like a boxer after twelve rounds.

We decided to go to the Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic nearby, a very good decision indeed. Sandy was diagnosed with the Official Flu and prescribed some meds. He told me this morning “I just feel crappy today and what an improvement!” (Edited to add: now I have it too, darn it to heck!)

How does this relate to fashion? Not much. But yesterday’s unscheduled medical visit caused me to put together the Very Minimum Acceptable look, and it wasn’t too bad (Understand, if it were a medical emergency, I would go with him wearing my PJ’s, retainer, and flip-flops). I wrapped a scarf around my hair, put on lipstick, and went with a look very close to this:

Source, and shopping info here.

I purposely wore the blazer and flats for a touch of business. I think it’s good to dress “respectably” when going to see other professionals; it (unfairly) helps get the staff’s attention. I was also in a hurry, so no button up shirts, boots, or jewelry, just the facts, ma’am.

How would you put yourself together for similar? Do you have a minimally acceptable outfit for those unexpected encounters? Skirt rather than jeans?


I have the honor and pleasure to be nominated by Nicole of High Latitude Style for a Shine On Award. Nicole has a lovely blog and smart sense of style – and she posts from Alaska! She describes her style as “American Classic with a twist”, and she specializes in layering for warmth, while staying chic.

Thank you Nicole! I love too many blogs to choose just a few to pass the award to, so please consider yourself Shined Upon, dear readers, and stay fabulous.

Here’s an example of Nicole looking like her warm, stylish self:

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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  1. Cracked up at this post – how funny that even in tough times we (not all) pay attention to what we are wearing….I was home sick with flu yesterday and today, wearing layers of fleece and yoga pants….would wear something similar to you if I needed to see MD….can't wait to wear REAL clothes again! Maybe tomorrow!

  2. I always waver between wanting to dress up for my doctors or dress down because I know I feel bad.

    So sorry about the flu! I've been battling an ongoing illness that is some combination of Flu, SAD and general insomnia. My best wardrobe advice is going with what makes me comfortable physically.

  3. I´d defintely wear jeans and any top that I can find as long has it doesn´t have holes, hahaha! I hope you and your hubby get better and oh, drinking lots of lukewarm lemon water with honey also helps but I bet you already know that. 🙂


  4. Wishing your hubby a speedy recovery! Makes total sense to dress smart to see other professionals. You're right, fair or not it might have a bearing on how they treat you!

  5. Forgot to add- I've never heard anyone I've worked with comment on underwear, clean or not! Maybe if we had to cut it off, people feel badly about ruining it, but that's about it. So if you're thinking today's the day you might get into a bad car accident, don't worry about putting on those stained or holey undies! They're going in the trash anyway!

  6. As a physician, I pay more attention to what their personality is like than what patients are wearing, but I do think what you wear is important to some. And you've got a lot of people to "impress" when visiting a health care facility, from the front desk to the nurses to the physicians or midlevels.

    I think you should wear what you want but carry a copy of the New England Journal of Medicine- win by intimidation! 😉

  7. Stay in bed. That's all. Surrender. Drink lots if possible. I hope Sandy gets well soon too. Now you can tell me to shut up…
    Sorry to hear about this turn of events. For me? I dress in maxis and sequins if I go to the hospital, slightly less formal for a doctor's appt. Armouring up, don't you know.

  8. I never wear a blazer and don't own one, but I also never wear sweatpants out of the house. If I am not well but must visit the doctor I will wear jeans and a sweater and boots as those things are easy to pull on.
    Get better soon!

  9. just b/c my hair looked like Frankenstein (the monster, not the doctor) : >

  10. well, we may be messed up (prob. no more than most), but we are most definitely the nosy type! : 0

  11. Congrats on the award. Hope it makes you feel a little bit better. The flu. Ugh! And you really are a super star. You put on a scarf?? Wow! I'm very impressed.

  12. Oh dear, both you and Sandy have my sympathies. I have only ever had real flu once; everything else was just a bad cold,and I now appreciate the difference! Man, I felt rough, and it went on and on. Hope the meds help bring it to a speedier conclusion for you.
    I have to say I have never given any thought to what I wear to go to the doctor's or hospital. When I went to the walk in centre with an ear infection, I could have been naked for all I cared, I just wanted some pain relief! If I was slightly more with it, I guess I would think about ease of access to the afflicted body part, although that doesn't apply to an ear! As the non-patient, it never occurred to me that how I dress would make a difference to how my child, etc, was treated. Maybe there is a cultural difference between the US and the UK, with its free National Health Service, on this issue? Interesting.
    Congrats on the shiny award, Patti, and get well soon! xxx

  13. Congrats on the award.

    I hope you are feeling better soon. That is a hard flu to kick.

    This is funny you mentioned your outfit in an emergency situation. Last year I had quite a few of those and I chose to wear a maxi skirt each time I went to Emergency. Mostly because it was super easy to put on or take off and hid everything.

    BTW…I thought the reason people become psychotherapists is because they are messed up! ( At least that is what one girlfriend told me LOL)



  14. I go for the lightest wardrobe items I own. I am always weighed at a visit and I like to give myself the best shot at a good weight by skipping any clothing items that are heavy. I could take the jacket off while stepping on the scale but the jeans look heavier than a nice breezy skirt.

  15. we both got the shot! But the doc says it works about 60% of the time.

  16. Congratulations on the award, but not on the flu! Did you get a flu shot this year? I haven't had one and am just hoping not to get sick.

    I agree about dressing to get respect and attention – it does make a difference. And some color on my face helps or I just look scary!

  17. Oh, so sorry to hear you've both got the flu. Sucks when you're both down.
    Never thought of what to wear to the doc's, but here in France, I bring my iPad with Google Translate tab open!
    Congrats on nomination. Be well!

  18. I always dress up a little when I go to the doctor. Those knit blazers that are essentially sweatshirts are excellent for that kind of situation. Hope you feel better!

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