Visible Monday #122: Black and Blue and Sassy

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We all know by now that navy and black are fab-u-lous together, yes? I’m a big believer. I love wearing my black wool pencil skirt (Banana Republic, thrifted, similar) with a dotted denim shirt and navy J. Crew cardigan. (I am unintentionally preppy-branded today, but still sassy because I added a bright green cuff.)

The boots are also J. Crew, come to think of it – thrifted at the amazing Molly Mott store. They were under $20, all leather (including the lining!) and only needed a re-soling to make them perfect. I like this look for the office, it’s just the right mix of casual and work-wear.

This pic is before my haircut, I don’t have a magic grower : >
Red lips and nails go with everything.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. You look gorg!!! Love the cuff. Blue and green – excellent combination! Thanks so much for hosting xx

  2. So what did you wear to the wedding?? Red lips and nails are always the perfect punctuation to an outfit! I have never been a huge navy fan, but this tonal mix is so pretty on you. I always think of navy as much darker.

  3. Navy and black rule! I have many navy vintage pieces, and wearing them with black somehow works every time. You're looking very classy and sassy today, Patti. Love the addition of the green cuff.

  4. Made it under the wire! Glad to be part of the VM party! I remember in high school someone calling the mix of black and blue a bruise. But it's smart and chic and your ensemble is proof! Thanks for being YOU.

  5. Thank you for hosting visible Monday! It is such a great way to meet other bloggers!

  6. I have never thought of pairing a pencil skirt with boots before. I am inspired. πŸ˜€ I think your dots and lighter blue really break up all of the dark neutral and make your look.

    Thank you, as always, for hosting Patti!

  7. Everyone please stay safe in this weather – I am recovering from a broken back & would not wish this on anyone. At least I have your wonderful blogs to enjoy & they are all very inspiring!
    May spring come quickly!

  8. I've done black and a deep blue too – I joke that I look like a bruise, but I quite like it too. And another stellar deal on the J Crew boots. Great classic style and I love that they're leather-lined!

  9. We fair-skinned blondes always look good in blue, and I think the darker the better. I have worn blue and black together, and I think this color combination was started by YSL in the 1960's. So classic and clean!

  10. Back in the day, I used to abide by the "no black and navy" rule as if the fashion police were real. But now I realize how silly that rule is. I think black and navy can go together if done right, just like anything else. Your outfit is the perfect example, you look fabulous!


  11. Very classic and chic, Patti, and the turned up collar and cuffs add the perfect sassy flair. I must absolutely agree that red lips and nails go with everything.

  12. hello, Patti! Did you see why I was absent for a week? See my post from last Thursday, k? This ensemble is so cute on you & I love your hair behind your ears, too. So cute.
    Renae of Simple Sequins (

  13. I always struggle with what to wear with navy…and never think of black. You've proven to me that those two work together beautifully! I love the denim shirt and the tall boots, which add a casual, relaxed look to the ensemble. Thank you for hosting Visible Monday!!!

  14. Wow Patti this is a nice outfit! you could be in a trendy magazine, you look so elegant!
    Blue is your color!

  15. Love the polka dot button down! The mixture of many shades of blue is simply stunning

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai UAE

  16. All my life have thinking, that black and blue no go – – –
    Now I see… it's great!
    Have a nice new week πŸ™‚

  17. I'm gonna say ditto with Val on this one. Although navy and black are not my faves together – they remind me of the Catholic school uniform I used to wear – adding a pop of color and/or pattern makes the pairing a whole lot more palatable. As always, great look, Patti. I'm especially loving your hair in this pic! πŸ™‚

    M @

  18. If we had forgotten how fabulous this combination is, you certainlly did a fantastic job of reminding us. I have been a huge fan of this combination for so long, even before it became fashionable. I so like the way you put this ensemble together in such a chic-casual way. And, Patti, you are always a bit sassy, with or without the cuff.

  19. I don't have any issues with black and navy together, you look great, Patti! And the lighter blue of the polka dot shirt, the green bangle and your gorgeous smile lift the outfit even more!
    Svelte, chic and beautiful, as always, my friend! xxx

  20. Love this outfit, I am loving J Crew more and more, we need it in shops in Italy, so badly ! I like navy and black, I wear them together all the time πŸ™‚ The boots are a classic !

    Thanks for hosting visible monday, dear Patti. Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  21. You look great in navy and black and this navy is so bright and the blue shirt looks lovely and ties them together well. But, I love navy and black together – probably because I'm somewhat blind to the difference between the two and if nobody is around that I can ask what color it is, I'll throw them on and hope for the best. And if I have them both on, definitely pretend it was on purpose!!
    xo ~kim & chloe

  22. You look fab! I never understand that rule about not wearing navy with black – I think they are a natural combination and one I happen to rely on for work outfits. You look the business in this outfit and I just love the boots!

  23. Cute Patti, looking slim and trim in this snappy outfit! Love your genuine smile and accent of the green bracelet.

    blue hue wonderland

  24. We are both in black and blue this week but I'm thinking you are much more sassy! Have a great week Patti!

  25. I love black and blue together. Actually I like black with everything (too many years in New York, I guess.) I love you in a preppy sassy look. I think it really suits you!

  26. You look super cool in your black 'n' blue! I am about to sew something in those colors and am so glad to see it works!

  27. Gorgeous outfit, Patti and I still love your new hairstyle so much! Thanks for hosting Visible Monday!

  28. Hi Patty, As you know, I am of the mind that all colors can be friends together! I guess part of that comes from having an artist's background–so by all means–go black and blue and green! xoxo

  29. Hi Patti – I managed to get organised for my first VM this year – I love blue/black together and you look great! Pencil skirt and knee boots are staples for me. The touch of green is perfect!

  30. Love your polka dot shirt, I love my polka dots πŸ™‚ thanks for hosting…

  31. How I love navy! It's such a great neutral and I've recently picked up a few items in navy. I love how you're wearing it with that lighter shade of blue that makes your pretty hair and skin just pop! Preppie labels or not, this is a great outfit πŸ˜‰


  32. I've never been crazy about navy and black together – I know, I should lose the rules. But adding a lighter blue sure makes this work. Plus, I love the lines of that jacket – so slim and cool.

    Great buy on the boots! I need to get out there and do some thrifting, too!

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