What To Wear To A Festive Funky Wedding?

Next weekend I am attending the wedding of my fabulous, funky, fashionable hair stylist Joy. She and her beau are tying the knot after many years together. A wonderful couple, they are.

Joy is wearing a 1950’s style lace wedding dress and the groom is wearing a very cool cardigan over his shirt and tie. The refreshments will be provided by New York style food trucks (yes!) with knishes and bagels-with-lox among the offerings.

Her dress is similar to this one, but with long lace sleeves. Gorgeous, yes?

The dress code for the guests is not very strict, and there’ll be a wide variety of styles represented. The wedding is in the evening. My handsome husband will wear a nice shirt and tweedy jacket. What about moi?

I don’t want to go too conservative, as in my Calvin Klein gray sheath. Nor too casual, as in denim. Here are some fab dresses I’ve got my eyes on, and I’d love your input as well. Think vintage-y, lots of dancing, mostly younger people than me, festive and fun.

Keeping with the vintage vibe, this dress from Modcloth is
festive and fine for my shape and style.
This dress is lovely with its unusual print and emerald hue. It’s above my pay grade, via
Anthropologie, but I can look for similar.
Not-so-basic black, with flirty details . Nordie’s.
All-out vintage fabulous-ness. Great for dancing! Via Pinup Girl Clothing.

There’s no wrong choice of course. It’s not my big day, I’m just there to revel in the happy occasion. A glass of champagne lifted to the lucky couple!

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  1. [10:46:54 PM] moon akondo: What a nice arrangement on topics ! This topics can be wanted by the large sections.
    I also love red dresses for wedding because
    Some colored and designed dresses may highlight the weeding festival/person.
    There is many awesome red colored dress like you-

    Red Wedding Dresses

  2. I have been meaning to respond to this everyday and keep forgetting, and I'm sure you have already made your decision. But here's my take, I would go for the black (or blue) lace mod cloth dress. You could interchange that cute little belt with various different colors. Worn alone with heel and soft necklace will give it such a sexy night time feel, yet pair it with or without tights and some of your funky boots and levi jacket and you have a whole new look.
    Then I would think of another excuse to grab hold of that red dress.
    Can't wait to see or hear which one you went with.

  3. I definitely vote for either the first dress or the last one. If red suits you, go for the last one. If not, do the black one with a colourful slip underneath. The wedding dress is fabulous too.

  4. I loved the red vintage dress, too. but I really am drawn to the black lace dress–it's classy,retro looking and I can see you getting more wear out of it.

  5. my first reaction was "she would look awesome in the black", but for dancing? and with your figure?….definitely the red!!!

  6. I think they are all wonderful choices…my fav is the red along with everyone else it seems but I agree with a few of the others the lace dress from Modcloth is a lot more versatile. Sheila is right..the green number would be stunning on you. Glad I don't have to make the final decision! Good luck!

  7. My vote is for either the navy modcloth dress or the red vintage dress in the last photo xx

  8. Well I guess great minds think alike; definatly the red one! And I just had to laugh, my son is getting married in a few weeks and what style of dress did I choose? 50's style! Great story about the dress, which I'll probably be posting on the blog shortly! Xoxo

  9. I love the blue dress from Modcloth. I think it would be absolutely stunning on you and it is so chic and elegant. The red dress is beautiful too but I really hope you go with the blue one, I think your slim, petite frame would best be served by that Modcloth dress.

  10. The green and the red one have my vote. The bride will be terrific. Love this 50 style.
    Which is why the red is so suited. Plus you can dance in it very well.

  11. The red one screams "you will have an awesome time wearing me", but it may be too much? The modcloth one is pretty, and has a retro vibe and a flattering shape, so that may be the better choice

  12. I vote for Modcloth, and if not, go for the vintage – you'll look great in either. For some reason, I just can't get over the idea that all black is not for weddings (personal bias). I like the idea of lace as a special wedding dress-up look, and it echoes the bride's wonderful gown without shouting "retro!"

  13. I love the red also but think the green is "you." Love you in more fitted things and agree with the previous comment that you would be lost in the red.

  14. Hey Patti,
    I really love your "words", especially in this post…. hihi. I would choose the red one, but I think the green/blue/aqua one is yours.
    Have a good time

  15. I vote for the not so basic black. Looks like it would look great on you, great for the crowd you described, great to dance in and most importantly will not "take away" from the bride but may actually compliment her style πŸ™‚ share pics if you can

  16. The red is fabulous but I think the blue lace or the green would suit you better. I Feel like you might get a bit lost in the red. Hope you can decide! And have a fabulous time!

  17. You're right – they're all the right choice! The red one is fab, but I think the green one is more Patti. Is it worth splurging on? I say YES!

  18. Wow, hard choice! I am in love with the blue lace dress already, but I agree with the ladies above that you would absolutely rock the red. πŸ˜€

  19. I agree. I vote for that one too. Not only do I think it will be really flattering on Patti, I think it is perhaps a bit more versatile and I confess to not being a big vintage/retro fan.

  20. I think the Modcloth lace dress is stunning and fits in the wedding dress style so well – A big WOW to the ivory vintage wedding dress – that is just gorgeous !!!

  21. I'm another fan of the red dress! I do think some colour would be great. Whatever you choose, you and Sandy will look fabulous, of course. It sounds like it will be a gorgeous wedding! xxx

  22. Another vote for that Red Dress it is Beautiful and flattering for all Shapes Sizes and Ages and very much in keeping with the Tone of the Wedding and I can see you getting lots of Wear out of it.

  23. My heart leapt at that beautiful red vintage dress! That is a thing of beauty. I think you would be stunning in that green dress, Patti! Be fun and playful and groovy. I love that this couple is going laid-back. Be sure to take a picture of yourself with your pick!

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