Fashion Survey Time Again! Breaking The Age “Rules”


In a back issue of More magazine, I found some fashion “rules” that inspired me to put them out for the vote — your vote matters! I’m no fan of strict rules when it comes to dressing. Being 40-something versus 50-something has never seemed to make a scrap of difference to me, style wise. (I believe I will feel the same at 60-something, a mere 18 months from now.)

For each decade of adult life (I’m choosing only the 40’s and 50’s here), More magazine dictated that certain items are “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe” or “Never”. I’d love to hear your views, and please elaborate in the comments if you’ve got something on your mind. I’ll publish the results next week.

For 40-somethings:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • Did I shave today?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • Will I have to go to the restroom?


I might wear it : >

For 50-somethings:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • Never
  • I am wearing them today and I am 50+!
I know, right?

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Have a happy, scrappy Thursday and stay fab.

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  1. Oh for goodness sake! Surely it depends on how the individual looks and more importantly feels, irrespective of age? I am not an age, I am an individual person, with my own individual tastes and preferences. Enough rules already! If we all stuck to the rules we'd still be wearing … well… whatever women wore in the past. The more we break the stupid rules, the better. To the extent that I wouldn't be caught dead in leggings as trousers (and unless they were jolly thick and non-legging like I wouldn't!) I'd think it inappropriate at any age, not just my age (50). But is it for me to tell someone else how to dress? NO WAY! If someone else wants to wear see-though leggings as trousers that is her business not mine, and I personally make a point of telling older women I think look fabulous (in their mini skirts or jumpsuits or whatever) that they look amazing. So sick of the damn rules. So arbitrary, most of them. I mean come ON! What on earth is wrong with a jumpsuit?! If it is outdated ok, then I prefer current, but that is my own preference, not something to foist on someone else.

  2. If I was going to answer the question from the point of view "would I wear it" as opposed to "can someone get away with it" my answers may have been different. I don't ascribe to any particular rules with my own wardrobe, so other people should have the same freedom, and like Melanie said, I have the option to look away (and make judgemental comments in my head). However, I stand firm on the "Leggings are NOT pants" opinion, whether you are 16, 30, or 75. That's why they are called leggings, and not pants.

  3. I think most is ok .. for the cut off shorts, it depends on the length. Jumpsuit is a big no for me as I'm not stripping down for the bathroom. College sweat shirt, sure! Esp if your kids goes to the school you pay for .. lol.

    Leggings yes! Just have a nice tunic on deck. Strapless dress .. hmm, you should have a good upper body for this (no bat wings). And ripped jeans, sure as long as the rips are minimal (more distressed than ripped) and not showing any cheeks 😉


  4. I have a friend that is 57. She looks fabulous and still wears a bikini. I still think it looks weird because of her age. In our 40's, it was okay but she is almost 60 and wears cut off shorts and such and it just ages her, imo. She is trying to look like her 29 year old daughter and it is bizarre even though she has a rocking figure and face. I don't think she has to wear old lady stuff at all. I think there is a way to wear cool stuff and yet not look like you are trying to look 30 when you are almost 60.

  5. As I round the corner to 60 all I can say is just do whatever the heck you want. If it makes people cringe then let them cringe away. If I see something dare I say gross? I just look away and remind myself to AVOID that look on myself. Life is a circus!

  6. Best poll ever! I wanted to write comments!
    From the last question – ripped jeans yes if you made the rips yourself. Manufactured rips are stupid. There's a certain brand of ripped jeans that I've seen on many bloggers with the exact same holes. Cue eye roll.
    I answered No to "leggings as pants" thinking of "pants" as garments that could stand on their own without being covered by a top. No matter how lithe and svelte one is, I do think leggings, without coverage, are too flimsy as streetwear. And I live in LA, where this look is ubiquitous. I DO wear leggings under long shirts and tunics all the time.
    Cut off shorts: if one has the gams and the moxie, why not?

  7. wow! Although I understand these questions came from a 'back issue' of "More' magazine, I'm hoping it's a way, back issue, because as a size two 51 one year old with great legs, I'm trying not to be offended by these questions. In my opinion, age has nothing to do with it: it's your body type and what kind of shape your in. I wear leggings and look great in them. I wear them with long sweaters/tunics that cover my bum and that is how everyone should wear them too, regardless of your age. I also wear cut off shorts in the garden, not in public. Sweatshirts, no matter what it is printed on them, are for any age, they are practical and keep you warm. And anyone with great arms can wear a strap less dress, age has nothing to do with it: it's all about muscle tone! And , no one, regardless of their age, should be wearing jumpsuits: they are just plain ugly. And finally, ripped jeans are ridiculous…we are one of the world's most prosperous countries, lets stop pretending were impoverished. Ripped jeans only look good on a stick thin model in a photo shoot. In real life, a real person with a real body wearing ripped jeans looks like a slob.

  8. I am 60 and wearing leggings at work today…but there were some I voted no on….always fun to do a survey!

  9. Like Melanie, I voted yes to everything. Not because I like them all (I don't) or wear them myself (a sweatshirt? shorts? anything strapless? On ME?!) but because age has nothing to do with it. If you look and feel great in them, wear them. If they don't suit and flatter you, don't. Whether you are 20 or 50. xxx

  10. Whether age-appropriate or not, I'd wear all of these things apart from shorts!

  11. I'm speaking for my 43 year old self – all those items could be worn but with caution. The shorts can't be too short or too tight and only to be worn at the beach. Jumpsuit can be quite elegant given proper cut and material and sweatshirt (college) hey, why not? Especially if they are well worn and means something significant to you like you've attended that college or something. It is not what you wear, it is how you wear it!

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  12. As much as it pained me to do so, I voted yes for everything. I figure as long I can dress how the heck I want whenever I want, so should anyone else. That's what it's all about. NO RULES. But I'm terribly glad I also have the freedom to LOOK AWAY too.

  13. Ha ha! I love that with the ripped jeans : )

    I am a ripped jeans gal, have been for some 25+ years and I will take them with me into my grave. I don't care.

    I still wear cut offs, graphic sweatshirts and jumpsuits. In fact I've had people I should wear *more* jumpsuits.

    In three years I'll be 50+ and I can't wait to break all those rules too.



    Yep and yep.

    I don't give a flying ****?

    You betcha.

    Why fit in when you were made to stand out?


  14. It may just be that I'm a big geek, but I never wore cutoff shorts, jumpsuits or college sweatshirts when I was under 40, either. I vote no, unless the cutoffs are that one pair of perfect Old Navy shorts I had a few years ago.

  15. I vote maybe on the legging and the strapless dress. If you look like Christie Brinkley, I say go for it. As for the ripped jeans, I've never been a fan at any age. I voted no on that.

  16. I am 46, but I vote no to all those questions for the 50+ also. Not because I think anything is or isn't appropriate for certain ages, they just aren't right for me.

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