What I Wore: Vintage Velvet Sgt. Pepper Coat

It hardly ever gets really cold here in Central Florida. But we had a couple of chill days and I finally got to wear my fabulous vintage 1960’s coat. I bought it at a yard sale about six years ago – for under $10!

It’s a real vintage beauty, heavy velvet in rich navy, lined in scarlet velvet and satin. There’s no maker’s tag. The details are military, with double breasted brass buttons and cuff detail. It weighs a ton, so I never take it on the plane to NYC, where the weather would suit it much better. Shall I ship it there next trip?

This day, I forgot to button it all the way – doh! And my jeans look baggy, thank you Mr. Camera.
But the next day, I buttoned properly and generally smoothed out.
And yes, we have to tend to the lawns all year here in the south. But no snow shovels!
Here’s a similar look via Etsy. Love the back details on this one.

And we have a winner for the Tea Stained Lace giveaway! It’s lucky #2, Anne Bray of Spy Girl. Congrats Anne, I am sending your info to Dawn and she’ll be in touch. You all, go check out Tea Stained Lace, it’s packed with vintage goodies.

Have a glorious Tuesday and stay fabulous,

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Patti, and what a steal! I have a thing for coats like this (ok, any coat, but velvet is a particular weakness). My best friend lives in FLA and she misses the seasons in Canada, and also wearing fall and winter pieces. When the cooler weather drops in for a visit, she too loves airing wonderful fall-like outerwear like yours. I think I would miss that most about living in a warm climate – I'd have to go on cool-climate holidays to wear my coat collection! xo

  2. That coat is a treasure! Yes, do take it to New York the next time. I travel to the UK twice a year and always wear my heaviest garments on the plane — no matter what the weather is at either destination.

  3. You would have people falling all over themselves in New York to compliment you on that coat! The colour is gorgeous, and the contrasting lapels are the icing on the cake.

  4. Oh my god, Patti, what a wonderful coat! It's so fabulous – you need to swashbuckle in it! Your hair looks lovely!

  5. WOW–that is an amazing gorgeous coat!! You definitely need to ship it to NYC so you can strut that fabulousness out on the street!!

  6. Patti, with a coat like that its kind of a shame you only get to take it out a few times a year ($10 or not). That is one serious beauty and statement piece if I ever saw one. Tell you what, you can ship it here any time and I'll make sure it gets lots and lots of use (just kidding), well not really. Or you could always come for a nice long winter visit. Anyhow, it fits you and your personality to a T.

  7. I was so busy looking at this fabulous coat that I just saw your hair. Bold and cute haircut! Wow what a great coat, I love it.

    blue hue wonderland

  8. Such a unique coat, you may be the only one who has one! The colour is regal and I love the double-breasted look.

    Your hairdo is beautiful!!

    β™₯ carmen

  9. Anne is such a winner! She won my recent give-away too- and dare I say I was thrilled. Lucky (and talented) gal! A winner in my book also is that coat- I am drooling over here- it is gorgeous!!! As are you!

  10. Oh my! Love the coat! Reminds me of Madonna's outfit when she sang Holiday during her Girlie Show Tour in the 90s. Yes I'm still in a time warp, love Madonna during that time and that's one of the memorable coats for me. Yours is softer, hers is more structured. That's an amazing find Patti!

  11. That coat is too gorgeous for Florida! You should set it free to roam in more natural climes (or at least wear it on the plane to NYC so it gets some use!).

  12. Oh, that coat is gorgeous and it fits you so beautifully. And your hair looks amazing!!!

  13. Patti, that is a really wonderful coat. Velvet is just the most sumptuous of fabrics, and the contrasting colours and flamboyant military styling are stunning. Even if you don't have the chance to wear it by often, you must hang on to that beauty for all you're worth! xxx

  14. This is such a beautiful coat. I Love It! It fits you perfectly. sigh…I miss wearing coats.

  15. it's very cool, Patti! I am so glad you got an opportunity to wear it!

  16. Flabbergasted. Simply flabbergasted! The coat! The hair! The BLUENESS of it all! I don't know whether to swoon or jump on a plane and hug you to pieces. You look stunning, Patti!

    Also, is it my imagination or did you change the layout/theme of the blog? I've been blog trolling and networking so much these past few weeks that my brain is all a-whirl. Pardon the absent-mindedness. ;p

    M @ http://www.myclosetcatalogue.com

  17. Oh WOW! I gasped aloud when I saw your coat. What a treasure! I completely agree with holding onto such a beauty, even if the weather rarely calls for it where you are.

    I must compliment you on your new hairstyle. You look platinum sophisticated, especially in your coat.

  18. What an amazing coat! It's would be THAT pice for me …
    Greetings from Germany πŸ™‚

  19. Love you anyway,of course, but I ESPECIALLY love you in this brilliant find. You done so good fer yerself! Pretty you and your willowy figure in this great coat. And I really like what your cut did for your hair. I've always wanted to be a curly, and my hair will barely hold a curl now, but you can do either! Clever Patti!
    You look like the next fair maiden to go adventuring with Jack Sparrow. Send me a doubloon from the next booty, will 'ya?

  20. Wow! This coat is amazing! Like Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat! What a spectacular colour too. You need to ship that to NYC next time. People will be coming up to you and complimenting you on it all day.


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