What Would You Wear To A Gala?

I created this Polyvore about four years ago. I was working on some political campaigns, and had fantasies that I’d be invited to the Inauguration! Well, I wasn’t. But I still love this capsule:

Inauguration Outfit
What’s not to love about a Christian LaCroix dress and $5,600 topaz earrings?? I did say I was fantasizing, right? Do you ever create an outfit for a gala event, for which price is of no matter? I’d love to see/hear about your ideas!

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  1. Oh, I've been avoiding Polyvore.  I did once go to a gubernatorial inaugural–I wore simple black and white, and the experience was rather sobering…as it was more a raucous than elegant event.

  2. I hope your gala wasn't to be in DC!

    The sorry state of gala's around Presidential elections is that the balls are cattle calls.  They happen at the very coldest time of year, the venues are not well heated and the crowds are awful.  It can be a battle to get to the coat check.

    I'd back up and consider a gown with sleeves or a toasty shrug and go for heels in heights that are walkable!

    Who knows, maybe this time around you'll be toasty with the winners.

  3. Hi Patti!

    Going this week to a charity event with Mr.D
    They call it a ball but what Mr. D tells me that gents and ladies will be heading to the ball straight after work, so the point is i do not think they will be dressing up as much, i thought it would be more formal and i had visions of what you just posted!
    Anyhow i have to determine what i will wear!

  4. You would look stunning in that outfit!!! Stunning! I'm trying to imagine a very subtle perfume as well. I saw a great movie with Angela Lansbury, "Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris," in which her work-a-day character plans on spending a lifetime of savings on a Dior gown for an imaginary event… 

    I have never envisioned something specific to wear but only imagined the feeling I'd have were I to attend such an event. Thanks for giving me something new to daydream about! 

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