Visible Monday #42: Spring Dots are Chic!

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I just read today in a high-end fashion mag (I forget which; I read them at the bookstore with a cappuccino) that “polka dots are chic, and color is chic, but colorful polka dots are NOT chic”. Whew! I passed the bar!

I love these dots. I don’t often go this bold in my dresses, but I felt springy and ready for a change. This dress is by  La Cera, a manufacturer of well, muumuu type resort wear. And it’s a size Large, not my usual, so it had all kinds of new vibes going for it.

But when I tried it on at the thrift, I just liked it – with a belt, of course, to rein in the roominess. I like the light, airy fabric and the lower neckline, and the sheer sleeves. I tried something outside my zone, and came up a winner. And it was $6, new with tags!

The plain black jacket is a nice basic piece, by Chadwicks (similar, in pretty spring colors). The suede studded belt was picked up at the Humane Society Thrift Store, at the same time as the cool black Impo shooties (they’re a little high for me, and needed a lot of extra insoles).

The dress is a bit short for my comfort, and requires leggings or tights.
Thanks to blogging, and wonderful bloggers, I’m willing to
experiment with new looks. Stay Visible, my friends.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing!!

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  1. Love polka dots! I only have one polka dot scarf though, sigh. I think I would buy colorful polka dots if they looked right though…

  2. oh, patti you gave me a great laugh!  "a manufacturer of well, muumuu type resort wear"…  that was hilarious.  kudos to you for seeing past its shapelessness and being able to imagine its belted potential.  it looks great!!

  3. Those leggings make your look all the more visible and yes what the glossy magazines often write is often for laughs and not to take seriously.

  4. This is such a fun and flirty look! I love the polka dots! Somehow it seems the perfect daytime equivalent of the gala outfit post last time, the black and heels. 

  5. You really look great in this outfit.  It's so good to step out the norm and be pleasantly surprised.

  6. You have inspired me to check for polka dots in my closet.  You look like spring!  And I'm also going to look for colored polka dots; rules can be so limiting.

  7. That's a great dress Patti !
    you can pair it with ANY color and it will look marvelous.
    You know I was surprised to see that polka dots work beautifully with animal print. Have you tried it ?

  8. I do have a couple of polka dot dresses and they have pale cream dots. While colored dots may not be chic, I think they can be fun just as long as they aren't too clown like.
    You look lovely in this dress. I think it would look fab with a wide white or red belt as well.
    I love your jacket. I recently got a Chadwick's jacket at the 1/2 of 1/2 store. It is a fun print but cute.

  9. Oh, you look great! I never feel quite right in leggings without long boots, and I need to get over that.

    Thanks for hosting. Happy Visible Monday, all!

  10. Love your outfit, Patti! Very chic!! And yes, polka dots do seem to be in again. I have never been overly fond of them but when they can control themselves, like in your outfit, I can handle them. 🙂

  11.  Yay for an ornery streak! It's what makes history, imho : >

  12. Tres chic, ma cherie!
    I love the sound of "muumuu type resort wear" — just my cup of tea!
    Love the dots. Yes, B+W dots way more sophisticated than multi.
    I know multi "intimately"!!!

  13. love the polka dots! Crap…colorful polka dots are not chic? hmmmm haha that's what I love about thrifting…ANYTHING is chic!

  14. Hi Patti!

    The dress is lovely and do not think it is too short! you have the legs for a bit shorter!

    Want to ask a favor…if you have the time
    You think you could help me with inlinkz – I would like to do a link up called The $8 trend – i have an account with inlinkz- i find a bit complicated, i do not have the patience… maybe you could summarize it for me or make it easier if you have the time – i figured out how to make a badge for the $8 trend, that is a start –

    Thank you


  15. Great outfit and the polka dots are wonderful.  I think colorful polka dots might be nice.  But then I have an ornery streak.

  16. What fun! It looks great with the jacket, too.  I have a new B&W polka dot dress that should be making an appearance soon… 😉

  17. very cute polka dot dress, your monochrome style looks very classy. Colorful polka dots do sound a little clownish ..haha…but I think it depends on the size of the dots as well. Thanks for hosting Patti! 


  18. Yikes, I'm glad you told me about colorful polka dots.  I have a sheer blouse in many polka dots that I had been planning to wear sometime this summer…

  19. Looks very cute and fun–polka dots are fun no matter what.  And it's good to hear they are considered "chic" by someone, somewhere but I think we already knew it…obviously you did! : )

  20. love the polka dots, and that little black jacket is perfect.  I'd wear that with alot. 

  21. I especially like the dress without the jacket, and can envision it with a great pair of sandals.

  22. I love the combo of the patterned belt and dress. :]
    But I dunno about that rule! I love colored polka dots!

  23. This look is so much fun…makes me smile…I really like the dress!

  24. I love polka dots. This is a great outfit. I would like to defy the fashion police and go for the colorful dots. Anyone ever wonder  where the name came from?

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