What I Wore: Pinks, Oranges and Reds

We had a slightly cool spell, so I took the opportunity to wear a bright cotton cardigan today. It was a find at the “new” JCPenney’s. Their monthly sales can be awesome, with markdowns as low as $4 — and that’s what I paid for this ruffled cardi!

I mixed it with an orangey-pinky floral skirt by Odille (some similar on eBay), thrifted for just a few dollars. A plain black camisole and my favorite black Sofft booties finished the look. Bare legs again, and leg grooming was required. I miss you, tights!

I realized when I saw this that all the reds make my face pinker than ever!
One of my friends made the colorful bead necklace.

I’ve been doing two outfit posts per week for many months, one on Thursday and of course, one for Visible Monday. I’m thinking of reducing that to just Visible Monday. My closet clean-out and less-is-more philosophy are making “new” looks more challenging, and I don’t want to bore you with the same-olds. I am not at all bored, but I realize you can only view my black booties and full skirts so many times before you, well, yawn.

I still have plenty to say about style, beauty, aging, ageism, the meaning of life (it’s 42!) and general streams of consciousness. And I still love looking at your outfits when you post them. And, on the third hand, I might change my mind and post a boatload of outfit pics in two weeks. But I am taking a small photo break, and giving my handsome photographer a vacation too.

I wish you all a festive Friday!

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  1. Another gorgeous outfit! I can't believe that cardigan was $4.

    I think our blogs can be whatever we want them to be. Your topics can certainly stand on their own. I'm always interested in your thoughts on women-and-life. 

  2. You probably aren't quite as red in person.  I find that photographs, particularly if they use a flash, cause the redness to pop a little more.  Your backdrop is also a bit pink, the same outfit in front of a white wall might have you feeling differently.

    My solution is to put something inbetween my face and the red item so I don't get quite so much red reflecting off my already pink face.

  3. You had me at, "And, on the third hand." I'm so glad I'm not the only one with this tiny little issue of changing one's mind. It's funny you should write this … I gave a shout-out to you on my blog this week because it seems to me you do this all so well. The advice I got from readers was relax, do what you want, we like your blog whatever you decide to do. Ditto!

  4. What a beautiful red in the cardigan!  Something great about blogging is that we can change it up whenever we want!  I always enjoy reading your thoughts whether it comes with an outfit post or not!. You look beautiful.

  5. Tights are needed here in the UK. And long socks!
    Loving that footwear.
    Pink face? Nonsense. Healthy glow.

  6. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes…this is me agreeing with what everyone else has written! Your face has a wonderful, healthy, milkmaid flush, Patti!! That's what I'm seeing here! These colours are great on you.

  7. Oh Patti! I think you look fabulous in red. That cool-toned red works well with your coloring and the printed skirt is a perfect touch for spring. Echoing Sheila, enjoy the time off. We read for you, be it in outfit form or in article form. 

  8. Fun combo, and I love the red with the pink/orange skirt!  I really hope to have some Visible Monday worthy pictures soon…once we get our house back in order. 

  9. Enjoy your time off, and please don't feel the pressure to always show something new, Patti! I come to see YOU, and your clothes are just a part of that. 

    I love this shade of red on you – what a gorgeous cardigan!

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