Visible Monday #41: Spring Lace and Hello to Sandals

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Spring means lighter colors and yes! bare legs, in all their pale splendor. I used to do the self-tanning thing on my legs, but I am OK now with my milky skin.

I really like this lacy top, although it does resemble a tablecloth — a pretty, vintage one. It’s airy and feminine, and I’ll wear it with jeans too. The silk skirt is a favorite, by Talbots, very flowy and fun to wear.

This is my first outing with my Kenneth Cole sandals for 2012. So I did get a pedicure last week, and I badly needed one. I get them about once a month in Spring and Summer, but the toes are not very picturesque in colder months  : >

And you can’t see them well, but I am wearing my gold dolphin earrings. Sandy gave them to me almost 20 years ago, the first jewelry he ever picked out for me. So I love them for their beauty and their memories.

Blouse: Democracy; Skirt: Talbots; Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction (similar)
I’ve learned to love my pale skin. All shades of skin are beautiful.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing!!

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  1. How I'd love to have a pedi! The lace blouse is so feminine and romantic. i'd love to see it paired with jeans.

  2. Oooh your blouse is so pretty  Patti – I love the pattern and the shape (how have you made a wide, loose top look so stylish????) I've linked up again – hope you don't mind – with the post I meant to link in the first place… I was a bit gung-ho and forgot I had my pastels post ready to go. So I've added a picture of my hairdo and accessories for a bit of variety (can't hide my face with that 'do, very visible)!!!

    Catherine x

  3. Love the sandals! I am looking for a pair of nice wedges for summer. Thank you for hosting the party.

  4. As of 10 PM, there are no less than FIFTY gorgeous, visible ladies here! So amazing!

    Patti, you're such an inspiration that I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award.

    Stop by when you have a moment!

  5. You look good and yes I do love the skirt and the shoes. 🙂 It is funny how people from my country loves to have fair or white complexion and here in the USA, tanning is a big thing. 🙂 

  6. I love your shoes and that lacy top, Patti!

    Thanks, as always, for doing Visible Monday – I find so many awesome bloggers through you!

  7. Gorgeous blouse! I think it looks great with the army green silk skirt. How cute about the earrings. I think the memories associated the jewelry is often the best part.

  8. Hear, hear to enjoying one's natural complexion! Though I still use self-tanner on my legs to help hide the veins…a gift from my two 9-lb babies!

    I just love your top, and it looks really pretty & romantic with the skirt and sandals. Happy Monday!

  9. Oh, spring lace and sandals sounds so grand! You look lovely in yours. Thanks, as always, for hosting!

  10. The lacy top looks perfect with your hair!  From boots to sandals – I don't know if I'm ready.  But the lilacs are blooming, so you're right, it's time.

  11. It's been a while since I played Visible Monday – so glad you are still here.  Love the lace, it looks so refreshing after a long winter!

  12. Beautiful as always, Patti! The ladies are all looking stunning–can't wait till after work so I can check out everyone's posts.  It's been a few weeks since I participated!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  13. Hi Patti
    Hope you had a marvelous Easter 🙂
    I am all for that pretty top – and it looks like a tablecloth, in the best of ways !

  14. I love this combination and everything just seems to balance each other perfectly, fun and pretty.  It is great to wear sandals again and yours look really fun.  I've learned to love my pale legs as well and am thrilled to see young girls who embrace their paleness better than my generation did.

  15. Such a pretty blouse — you look great all ready for spring! It's not warm enough here for leg-baring yet, and I'm not sure I'll be as brave as you to show off my pale, pale skin. I agree with you in principle, though, and will try to work my way towards that. Looking forward to my first pedi, sometime in the next week or so.

  16. Great shoes! And that blouse is so feminine – love lace. It would look great with jeans, too. Thank you for hosting VM! You make Mondays fun 🙂 

  17. I love pale  porcelain  like skin, perphaps because i am dark, lol.
    Lovely skirt and top, patti.

  18. This very morning I heard on the news that in my country the number of deaths caused by skin cancer have doubled over past two decades. Pale skin has been in fashion before, centuries ago, so isn't it about time we recycled that trend? Anyway, I love your sandals – sadly it will be a while before spring comes to Scandinavia, we still have frost and snow!

  19. great springtime outfit Patti, I like the neutral color scheme. This is a wonderful outfit for summer as well. I love sandals, I have been waiting for more sandals to appear in this blogsphere. Bye bye boots! I like your light color skin tone, you rock pastels! I don't look nice in pastels because of my warm dark skin tone. 


  20. Could you please give me every single thing you're wearing? I LOVE the top, and I've been wanting to make one just like that. The sandals are SO cute! And I adore the silk skirt but I just realized I have one a bit like it, so you don't have to give me that after all. ;).
    Have a wonder ful Monday!

  21. You look absolutely gorgeous in green & lace! Your best accessory? Your beautiful smile!  Have a wonderful week!

  22. Your shoes are my favourite part of the outfit!  I think they are so fun!

  23. I love this outfit!  And I wonder if the skirt is silk…it looks like it to me!  I'll be back with something to link up.  I have the photos, but I haven't yet thought of anything to say!  Yikes!

  24. Hi Patti

    I wish you would have a close up of the sandals, they look so nice
    I love your top
    I will link up tomorrow, right now having a look at all your fabulous blogs Ladies!

    Welcome to the fair skin club!

    Ariane xxxxx

  25. I love your outfit–especially the blouse!! I am so wanting to wear sandals but we are getting anopther cold spell thbis week. The world will have to wait to see my transparent white fishbelly legs!!
    thanks for hosting Visible Monday!! Miss KaeKae is being visible this week, too!!

  26. Your top and shoes are perfection!!!  I would wear them today if I could!!  For me, a longer skirt would be preferable, but I love your choice of skirt for you.  A wonderful stylish summer look!!

  27. Patti, I love this entire look.  The top is wonderful…a great piece to have in your wardrobe!  Have a great week!

  28. I think you were right about the browser for being able to comment…interesting.

    I love your skirt…very feminine and lovely.  I hope I can gain the same confidence with sporting my "milky" legs this summer in skirts…I love nylons. 

    As for my outfit this week….does it look familiar?  I warned you!  Have a great Monday, Patti. 

  29. BEAUTIFUL blouse!  Isn't it wonderful to wear sandals again!!??  You look lovely!  Hugs!  ~Serene

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