What Would You Wear Every Day?

I’m watching a brilliant series on Netflix, Sense8. It’s about eight (young, gorgeous) people who are psychically connected and being hunted by the usual nefarious Big Medical Corporation. It’s eye candy and exciting, but what inspired me to write this was the prison uniform. One of the characters serves time in prison (she’s innocent, of course). She wears a blue cotton jumpsuit which on her, looks rather fetching.

Sun Bak always looks tranquil. But she is a fearsome Tae Kwon Do master.

What if we had to wear the same thing every day? Unless you’re in the active military you probably have a lot of freedom in your wardrobe choices. And even if you wear a sort-of uniform to work, you likely have a lot of leeway in your free hours.

For a mind game, play along with me, and describe what your hypothetical every-day outfit would be. Imagine standing in front of your closet, looking at a row of . . . the same things. A nightmare, or would it be freeing in some ways, to never think about what you wear? This exercise helps us define our core style.

My uniform would be as below. But I’d insist on the freedom to color my hair pastel and wear crimson lipstick and big peace-sign earrings.

  • A flowy full skirt. Either a black or white one. The white one below is faux leather, so that’s for winter – all six weeks of it.
  • A body-skimming but not tight knit top.
  • Oxfords or booties.

Here’s an example:

Untitled #53

I could do everything I need to do in this outfit (read, bike, sing, travel, sweep the floor and drink Tequila). It expresses my easy, feminine style. I’m sure I’d be praying for the end of time after a couple of weeks, but this is what I’d pick right now.

How about you? If you can get past the barbarism ( : > ), what would you wear every day?

Stay fabulous,

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