What We Already Knew: Skirts Are Great!


I think we’ve been out in front of the New York Times on this one, my friends: skirts are versatile, fashionable, and fun to wear. There’s a lengthy article here about the many joys of skirts. Go through the slide show too, if you can; the offerings are beautiful to see, if rather pricey.

As the article points out, and I heartily agree: a skirt is “a lively way to recharge a wardrobe and give a vigorous kick-start to spring.”

Fortunately, the length of our skirts is not a huge issue anymore: “We spent so much time wondering which length or trend would dominate,” [trend forecaster Catherine] Moellering said. “Would mid-calf skirts mean anything? Would the maxi gain traction? Would it be a high waist or low, a pencil or an A-line?” Such questions, in retrospect, seem meaningless, she said. “The answer is yes, to all of the above.” Yay!

Skirts do take more thought and care to style, says young fashionista Miranda Berman: “You can’t throw on a skirt the way you do a dress,” she said. “You have to really think about putting together an outfit. When you get it right, it looks like you’ve made an effort, like you care about fashion,” she said. “Skirts are a statement for sure.”

I couldn’t imagine my closet without at least a half-dozen great skirts, from my beat-up denim to the silky floral to my pleated maxi. Are you also a cutting edge fashionista, who’s discovered the wonders of the humble skirt?  : >

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  1. I love skirts and always have. They look much better on my curvy slightly short legged frame thN pants. I like dresses and jeans too, but I adore skirts!

  2.  I do a lot of Dr. Scholl's inexpensive insoles in the warm weather, for comfort. I also use talcum powder in my shoes and that helps a lot. Pantyhose in the warm weather = never!  : >

  3. I am definitely a skirt wearer and lover.  I started wearing them very casually in the summer a couple of years ago as an alternative to shorts–so much cooler.  Thanks for sharing this!

  4. I still struggle with skirts. I am not affluent at wearing them with an untucked blouse, I still struggle to keep the shapes right. I do know I like either pencil or full skirt on myself falling somewhere between the top of my knee and the bottom of it.  I do think the one thing that has lost it's staying power is the micro-mini and I can say I'm glad to see fewer of them. I suppose that comes from being a teen in the 90s… ;P

  5. I love the profile of the skirt pictured on the pattern.  I tend to gravitate toward pencil skirts and A-lines, so it has been fun to experiment with different sorts of skirts.  Personally, maxis are the most challenging for me.

  6. These days I live in trousers but I do have quite a few skirts that I used to wear when I had to look smarter at work. That's true though, it's easy to throw on a dress, much harder to put separates together.

  7. Love skirts. Maxis mostly, but knee or midi length too. As with all items, getting it right is all in the styling and proportions. Short isn't good on me but any other length, and I'm in! xxx

  8. I love skirts, too! Glad that lengths are more forgiving because I just picked up a full, floaty skirt from a consignment store, and the length is a slightly different one for me. I already know I'll have to do some shoe research!  (Wondering if the "top of boot must show" rule still applies…)

  9. "stockings and garters?"  50 years ago they were the norm, these days it brings a lady of the night to mind!

  10. After I started buying women's clothes, I quickly discovered the allure of skirts.  Not only are they beautiful, they're versatile in creating outfits.  I'm a big fan!

  11. What I want most for summer weather are more skirts!  And I want to look for a flattering, maxi…so far the maxis I have tried on made me feel fat, frumpy and old…I am still searching!  But I want more shorter skirts to battle the heat and still look great for work!  I need to find them for a VERY reasonsable price!

  12. I love skirts, and I spent much of my life wearing them exclusively – long ones, to the ankle, which made it easy to wear trouser socks and shoes beneath.  But short of wearing sandals all the time or suffocating in pantihose or worse, stockings and garters, how to avoid the bare-feet-in-shoes problem, and the stickiness and discomfort that comes with it?  Your thoughts would be helpful.

  13. Great post!  Skirts are a great addition to any wardrobe, no matter what length you prefer.  They are the best in the warmer months, because you can wear them in place of shorts and look so stylish and pulled together without much effort.

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