What I Wore: Stripes and Curves

I am not a curvy woman. I’m not straight-up-and-down, but I have a slightly rectangular shape. No complaints, although I’d love to spend a week with curvy-ness, fill out a sweater, that kind of thing. ☺

Wearing a shirt tucked in or nipped at the waist, with a slightly fitted bottom, gives me more curve. This striped shirt was thrifted in NYC, at Monk Vintage for $10 (similar pickings here). It’s not very vintage, maybe 1980’s, but really slinky and fun to wear.

The trousers have become reliable friends, and I wasn’t sure about them at first. They’re knit pegged-leg pants from ASOS, bought on sale for about $30. Cost-per-wear is plummeting! Hot pink bangles and hot-coral animal print sandals add spark to a neutral outfit.

Zebra attack on top!

I hope you’re saying nice things about your body all the time. And dressing it however you like, whether to accentuate, downplay, or flaunt!

Have a terrific Thursday,

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  1. I absolutely love this look and you wear very, very well. To me, is a perfect example of fabulous and trendy, but still comfortable. Well done!

  2. I adore this look. Fabulous. Both blouse and trousers (you know I love your sandals).
    As for wanting to be curvy…. I never was …. until my 32nd birthday. Then all of a sudden those things at the top started growing. Believe me.. I wish they had not. Be careful what you wish for. Fashion and big breasts do not go together.

  3. Very sexy look Patti, very flattering for your shape! I love this pattern, so versatile! You look FAB!! Hugs, Beata

  4. Looking good Patti! You have a fabulous figure and the blouse is great! $10 is a real bargain! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  5. It's the only one I'm getting…so I'd best be happy with it right?

    That blouse is wild. It kind of reminds me of a zebra print and then you are wearing snakeskin sandals. Very animal of you : )


  6. I love how you've styled that gorgeous shirt with the pants–plus the pops of pink/coral are wonderful

  7. Great look on you, Patti! That blouse was a steal.
    I agree – we must say nice things about our bodies. I spend way too much time doing the opposite. Not good!

  8. Hot stuff! This is one of the best body-flattering looks I've ever seen. And it adds stylistic panache as well. Brilliant.

  9. Oh that outfit works perfectly on you, Patti! It does add a certain curvaceous sexiness, you know – and I love it! Like the splashes of colour and the knotted shirt very much. have a curvy hourglass shape, and while the boobage is sometimes a pain (it often won't fit into vintage frocks and makes button-front items tricky!) I must admit I am happy to make the most of it, and maybe flaunt it a little!

    And I agree – say nice things about your body, it's the only one you've got! xxx

  10. Such a sexy, flattering look…you got the curves, so work it girl. This is a great look!!

  11. That shirt is dead sexy on you with the knotted waist and the hint of decolletage. Loving the hot pink bangle and soles, too. After two days of hiding in wooly socks and Jon's jumpers I'm dressing mine in slinky satin and loving every minute. x

  12. Love how tying the shirt produces a lovely curvaceous waist. Looking fab hun

    X x

  13. Oh, pink and black and white, the irresistible Good 'n Plenty colour combination that's pretty much my all-time favourite, even though I'm not wearing it much these days.

  14. Very nice Patti! Love the zebra attack with the colorful sandals! It's a bit of a 'flaunt!'

  15. The pants are definitely a great find!

    I'd be saying nicer things to my body if it were being less painful, but I am at least pampering it with comfy clothes.

  16. I don't think there is anything that doesn't look amazing on you. Although, you do seem to find the right type of clothing for your tiny little frame. You are right on the money with the blouse.

  17. The pattern on that shirt gives you a nice curvaceous look. I really think the waist-tied shirt is due for a resurgence! It's a great way to create a waistline.

  18. I got the curves and, yeah, I'd love to trade places with you for awhile…like when I go to aerobics class. Interestingly that tied up blouse looks fab on my figure, too.

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