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I am so not a party person. I am a true introvert, much preferring the company of my husband and a couple of close friends to a Group of People. But every December my boss hosts a Christmas party that must not be missed. We mental-health types let our hair down, drink some punch and get jiggy, as only the over-45 set can do.

The dress code is decidedly casual. There will be lots of jeans and relaxed shirts, a fair number of fun holiday jewels, and one or two fab dresses. I like to follow one of the following formulas to make my look a little more party than work-day. I call them my Party Pairs.

  • Festive trousers with a simple top. Velvet, lace or metallic pants are perfect for this kind of event. I might try a pair of sparkly trousers like these, by Michael Michael Kors:

With a simple solid top, in velvet or silk knit:

Silk knit tee by Seven for All Mankind. Simple on top, party on the bottom!
  • My other Party Pair is a sparkly top with dark denim jeans. If I go this route, I wear classic skinny denims and add a glittery top. Maybe a sequined or embellished tee, like this pretty one from DKNY:
Or a shot of hot color to go along with the sequins.

That’s about it for my collection of party-wear! What about you? Do you have lots of festive options, or a favorite LBD?

I forgot to add earlier: the winner of the Blue Nile silver necklace is . . . Curtise! of The Secondhand Years (She was random #17). I am sending her notification this evening. And thanks so much to all who entered.

Visible Monday is on its “off” week this week, so we can recharge and refresh. ☺ We’ll be back on Monday, December 2nd (actually, the Sunday evening

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  1. It's a suggested dress! i really like the colors.And nice designing your dresses.I really like little ruffles on some aspects, however most ruffles at a little too much on aspect of me, and that i like single-edged ruffles over unclear, thus i might most likely keep these off too.Women Party Dress

  2. I've been thinking lots about party outfits lately and made a couple Polyvore outfits I'd love to have for parties yesterday.

    I love the sparkly pants. I think anything that sparkles or has high sheen is great for this time of year.


  3. Patti, Love these ideas. I usually don't have any holiday parties that require an all out dress-up type of night so these are extremely beneficial to me. I think its kind of fun to add just a little touch of sparkle during the holiday season. it will be fun to see what others are going to be wearing this next month.

  4. Yay to Curtise bagging the prize! i love dressing up but hate it when I'm expected to do it, not that I go to places like that, give me a rough back street pub or dinner with friends any day of the week! x

  5. Yay to Curtise!! I go to decidedly casual parties so I just bling up my usual stuff with more rhinestones!!

  6. I actually love the metallic pants you featured and matching it up with a simple black top is perfect! I usually buy one fancy outfit a year, whether I have an event to go to, or not…and it's always a dress. This year, I bought a lace slip from Free People that I will wear as a layering piece…it helps to make these parties more enjoyable! I'm with you, a few close friends and family are way more fun!

  7. You can't go wrong with some sparkle for a party, either on the top or the bottom! I like pairing a luxurious fabric with something plainer, I've seen some brocade trousers which would work too (not for me, you know me and trousers aren't best friends, but they look wonderful on other people!) Let us know what you choose to wear in the end -better still, show us! xxxx

  8. The pants are super cool! I think you would look great in them. My husband's company has a huge party. I don't know what I am wearing yet…but I would love a festive pair of pants! Can't wait to see what you select, Patti!

  9. I would love to see your party outfit. These look so lovely and festive mixed in with your usual classic style.

  10. That outfit Natalie wore was FABULOUS. It won Best Dressed on Fashion Police last night.

  11. Like you I am essentially an introvert though I do like to get dressed up. There are next to zero opportunities in my life for dressing up in an LBD or any sort of heels and glitter. In most cases if I am at a party it will be at someone's house where most are wearing pants or jeans and everyone takes shoes off. I host my own party every year for Winter Solstice and this year I have some fine corduroy Calvin Klein pants that seem almost like velvet, in black of course. I have a slightly sparkly top in black, silver and a coppery colour which my mother bought for me at a thrift shop. I will wear some black ballet flats with it all and probably some big silver earrings. This will probably surprise my friends as I am known for wearing skirts frequently.

  12. IM thinking that dior outfit that natalie portman wore last week would be perfect for your holiday soiree!! Me? I would NEVER wear pants to a party! Not because i dont think they look the part, i am uncomfortable in them. Looking forward to see what you choose! Xoxo

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