Cobalt is HUGE! But Is It For Me?

If you’ve read any fashion mags or fashion-forward blogs, you’ve seen that cobalt is The Big Color for Fall/Winter. And it’s a lovely color, the color of the sky at times, the ocean some days, Paul Newman’s eyes.

And the color of gorgeous gems. I wouldn’t mind a vintage necklace like this, for example:

Via Etsy, a gorgeous 1920’s stone necklace. I wouldn’t care about cobalt being on-trend; I’d wear
this beauty any time.

Cobalt does my skin tone no favors, though, when worn near my face. I have low-contrast coloring, and vivid colors overwhelm me. So I’ll add cobalt to my closet via pieces like this:

This is so my style, via Bloomies (sold out now). I’d add a neutral or maybe a plum knit top.
Awesome knit skinnies from ASOS. I’d wear these a lot.

Or these smart cotton blend trousers from Banana Republic:

I already have awesome blue suede shoes from Sofft:

And I’d like a sparkly bracelet; I wear bracelets every day.

I like the pretty-but-rugged look of this Etsy bracelet.

So I think I am nearly complete with my cobalt-ness. And you? Is it a color you like to wear? Do you care very much which colors are of-the-moment?

Happy, happy Monday,

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  1. Being more or less Snow White colouring, cobalt blue suits me nicely – in fact I'm wearing it in a cardie as we speak, with dark jade green trousers.

  2. Love that necklace and bracelet! Bright blue is not a color that's in my closet… yet. I'm a little timid when it comes to color, except if it's a small accessory, but I'm trying to break out of my black/white/grey shell. s.l.o.w.l.y. I still have time, right?
    xo ~kim

  3. Cobalt is one of my perfect colors, so I'm excited! I have lots of cobalt blue necklaces and an awesome dress, but I think I need to be on the lookout for some affordable pants and a jacket.

  4. I'm in love with all jewel tones…the richer the better! Your cobalt suggestions are lovely…the sandals, especially! I have one piece…a Free People trapeze slip, but I have only worn it once, so far. I don't usually care what colors are "in," I just wear what I like…

  5. Totally coveting that necklace.

    I mostly get my shots of color in my jewelry and my nail polish, so a good cobalt blue nail polish would be a nice addition to these options. I know it's more "beauty" than "fashion," but the line gets a bit blurry sometimes.

  6. I love cobalt blue; especially in glass. I don't really care what colors are "in fashion" at any time. If I like it, I wear it.

  7. Cobalt is one of those colors that's just not my color. Go a smidge greenwards to Atlantic blue, Moroccan blue, whatever they're caling it these days and yes but cobalt itself no. Just a slight gradation in color makes a huge difference to me on this for some reason.

  8. since I've gone silver I've become a huge cobalt fan!! Definitely works with my coloring now!!
    I LOVE your cobalt shoes–!!!!

  9. You know, I don't believe I have anything in that shade (like Vix, I can't help calling it electric blue!) Not because I don't like it, because I really do! I love your sandals, and the bracelet perfectly Patti-esque!

    Naturally, whether a colour is deemed fashionable or not is of no consequence to me at all! xxxx

  10. I really like the jewelry you found on Etsy. It is funny how colors get renamed…I have royal blue that I love to wear and it looks just like cobalt….there are colors I just cannot wear like you…but this is a pretty color to enjoy on others if you can't wear it. I might have to co pull out some of those old pieces we called royal blue!!

  11. I love this colour having got over its 80's association (at least in the UK, I think because Princess Diana was so fond of it in her clothes and accessories). It's a great colour for you! I really don't care about trends in colour, I wear what I like and what suits me.

  12. Actually I like all shades of blue and I love cobalt blue. Depending on the material, it is sometimes difficult to wash, because the color washes out sometimes. But that is probably because of my washing skills :-). And I think cobalt blue is beautiful only when it is properly intense. The pants from Asos is beautiful. I wish a wonderful week, Conny
    Pants and Tops

  13. Actually I like all shades of blue and I love cobalt blue. Depending on the material, it is sometimes difficult to wash, because the color washes out sometimes (But perhaps this is because of my washing skills :-)). And I think cobalt blue is beautiful only when it is properly intense. The pants from Asos is beautiful. I wish a wonderful week,

    Pants and Tops

  14. I've never met anyone who didn't look a goddess in cobalt (or, as we called it in the 1980s, electric) blue! Give it another chance. xxx

  15. I love cobalt blue but for me it is better on my top half and that includes jewellery than my bottom half.

  16. I am totally smitten with this color and have pants,tops, blazer and pumps in this shade.

  17. I love the colour but lately I have found myself building a wardrobe of neutrals. This is a bit odd for someone who has always loved colour. I have a cobalt blouse and as far as I know it looks good on me but I tend to layer a charcoal or black cardigan on top of it. I don't feel the need to wear or use whatever the latest trend colour is. I am only interested in colours I like and which suit me. Not everything I like does suit me and some seasons the in colours don't appeal to me much. I think that's why I am gravitating towards neutrals.

  18. Cobalt is one of my colors and I can wear it close to my face; it's a great color on me. I have lots of cobalt. You are correct tho, if a color is not in your palette, to save it for things farther away from your face~ xoxo

  19. I love cobalt but I love any fully saturated colour. The jewel tones are my favourites.

    I'm the opposite of you. I never want neutrals or pastels by my face.


  20. There are some colors that no matter how 'in' they are, they simply don't work for my kin tone. Love that bracelet and would wear it a lot too!

  21. I love cobalt, but can't bring myself to wear anything so brightly coloured as those pants. I'd be all over that necklace or bracelet though, with matching eyeshadow.

  22. I love cobalt but only because it's close enough to TARDIS blue. I'm a huge Doctor Who fan who can't wear the kitschy/costume-y stuff at work so I try to infuse my wardrobe with as many referential items as I can. Sadly, even though it's the color of the season, I can't seem to find pieces I really love. Am currently looking for a flowy, rayon button up, a smart blazer and some oxfords in cobalt. Here's hoping I find them eventually. ;p

    M @

  23. I love cobalt. I think it's a good color for me. I don't really care about color trends….unless it's a color I like!

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