What I Wore: Modernizing My Look

It’s not my goal to look young, but I like the word modern for my style. And I for-sure don’t want to dress LOL (little old lady), although I look forward to being a scandalous, radical LOL one day.

My first look here is a little too safe, and looks slightly dated to me. Nothing is glaringly wrong, but the scarf tie is bland. I do love the striped knit skirt from Shabby Apple, and of course, the Doc boots.

Not bad.

For the second go-around, I un-tucked the tee (Zara, similar) and wrapped the scarf (also Zara, similar) as a belt. This looks like more fun, and put a skip in my step.


Do you change your accessories around to get a fresher look?

Have a sensational Thursday, and stay fabulous,

Visible Monday is on its “off” week this week, so we can recharge and refresh, and manifest peace in the world. ☺  We’ll be back on Monday, April 7th (actually, the Sunday evening

“I look good in everything, just ask me.”
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  1. I actually like the first outfit better but I also play around with my accessories. The scarf is very beautiful and goes so good with the stripes.

  2. HI Patti, I like the outfit on you. Looks very patriotic! I like both looks, however, I too have a small waist, and I think a scarf around it, can accentuate in a diferent way. I also like your boots. To change up looks, I might add a jacket, or a unique piece of jewelry.
    jess xx http://www.elegantlydressedandstylish.com
    stop by if you can.

  3. Crazy how one little twist can turn an outfit around. That second look takes years off the outfit. I'm definitely borrowing this look for sure. I'm with you with the scandalous, radical LOL one day. I'll join you on the beach for a photo take.

  4. I'm probably in the minority here, but I like the scarf tied around your neck, but that could be because I can't wear scarves tied at my hip like that. I like the way the pattern on the scarf is more visible against the stripes of the skirt in the first photo.

    Love kitty's little white patches on her belly – the grey part in between just begs to be skritched!

  5. Hello Patti,
    I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a while, but I am just not figuring out how this commenting works… It is a very nice outfit, suits you well. BTW, I have the same scarf…

  6. Okay, I've been working long hours which may explain why I like the first iteration better with the patterns and colours duking it out. But it would be impossible not to like both looks. Kitteh has us all beat, though.

  7. This is a great post Patti – I am really surprise how these little changes make the outfit look so different. Both looks are great but I would probably wear look 1 more since i would never think to tie the scarf around my waist.


  8. I like the second version, but I fear I would spend the entire day adjusting the scarf/belt to stay in the right place. Perhaps it could be woven through a chain belt that would stay put?

    Not every mid-life gal can get away with a tucked-out blouse over a gathered skirt – plus a belt. It's your reward for the treadmill miles.

  9. Wow. This outfit looks that crazy. Yes, I like the second version more, too. Have a good time.

  10. I just love cat belly in the sun!!
    I'm with Val…Both outfits are great but #2 just has a little extra zing!!!
    I'm always looking for something to zing my outfits

  11. I think both outfits look good, but the second one does have more personality. One idea I saw on a blog, and haven't tried yet, is wearing two scarves together. I must try that, but yes, just changing accessories can make the same outfit feel new and exciting!

  12. That we could all be so naked and free as your cat! LOL

    Funny enough I feel like I'm copping out when I don't change more than my accessories! LOL I guess I figure with a closet as big as mine I need to make more of an effort. I am kind of obsessed with not looking like a little old lady though.

    LOVE the boots! Pairing the red with them is great. Also blonds + red = fab.


  13. I like both iterations of the outfit – I don't think one looks more modern than the other!

    Love your fuzzy grey kitty!

  14. She is a complete narcissist and very satisfied with herself. Love that.

  15. no, but you could definitely give her a good scruffing and be rewarded with an epic purr. xo

  16. Your outfit looks great! I like the way you changed it and agree with Une femme, the prints work better in the second incarnation. I do that sort of changing around too and often it's to figure out which belt, scarf or shoes I like best with my outfit. Sometimes I like the way something looks in concept but once I get it on I am not comfortable wearing it that way. Sometimes it's a tuck or untuck issues. So many options!

  17. Love the bright red on you, Patti, and the sweet striped skirt. I always have some sort of accessorising going on but rarely think too much about it actually, there's never a day goes by that I don't pile on bangles and rings, it's just automatic! The scarf is beautifully vibrant. Little Old Lady? Hardly!
    PS. Please may I bury my face in that furry kitty belly? Would he allow it?! xxx

  18. I'm with you! I am not a teen or a young woman any longer but I sure do not want to look like an LOL (love that) and am all about sassing up my outfits to prevent that from happening. Always fun to stop by!

  19. I could never pull off a scarf tied that way in that same spot because of my no-waisted-ness but on you, it looks utterly darling. And very, very modern. I can't articulate it meself, but you're right – the first iteration looks visually messy somehow while the second just sings.

  20. I like the second look better too. For some reason the prints seem to be fighting a bit in the top version; in the second they're more harmonious.

  21. What a fab outfit, love that skirt and scarf! I'll let you into a secret, I've been wearing the same clothes for years, I just change my jewellery, shoes and the way I do my hair and no one seems to notice.
    Kitty cat does look good in everything! xxx

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