I May Have Found The Grail For My Nails

It’s not enough to have thin, fine, floofy hair. I have thin, fragile nails too. I have tried acrylics and gel nails over the years, but I don’t possess the discipline to keep up with them.

I usually paint some nail hardener on, then finish with a super-shiny topcoat. (Current favorite: Revlon Quick-Dry Top Coat). But I have just discovered a nail booster/pale polish in one bottle that seems to be strengthening my nails, at least a smidge.

I present to you: Sally Hansen Nail Rehab Strengthener. It’s a pretty Blush color, dries quickly and, so-far-so-good, makes my nails feel hard. I still top it with my Revlon Quick-Dry and I am good for three or four days.

My holy grail, at the moment.

I’m also a fan of Gelous, available at Sally’s Beauty. It was my previous HG, but it tends to peel off my nails in a day or two, especially if I’ve been doing a lot of housework. (Solution: less housework).

Life is challenging, and it’s lovely to have the small problems sorted out, isn’t it?

What do you prefer for your nails? Have you ever tried the nail polish strips, that come in all sorts of fab designs? Those really tempt me. Are you disciplined enough to do gels/acrylics? Share your secrets with us in the comments, please.

Have a fantastic Tuesday, and stay fabulous,

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  1. Thanks so much! This gives me a suggested target. I checked my multi-vitamins and they only contain about 10% of the RDA for Biotin.

  2. I usually paint them red and renew the polish every few days.Every now and then I go for one week off so my nails can breath.

  3. Great review and fun post. Nails are my downfall when it comes to style and fashion. I actually have wonderfully strong, healthy nails that grow like weeds, yet I don't do anything with them except keep them well clipped and naturally buffed. I blame it on all the cleaning, crafting, and gardening I enjoy doing which is an enemy of nail polish keep up so I just don't bother painting them. It's probably more on laziness bu I just don't like waisting the time it takes and upkeep. I do, however love and enjoy looking at well manicured beautifully colored nails. I'm with Suzanne when it comes to my toes, I seldom go out without them nicely pedicured and polished.
    Oh, I have found that the sephora Xbrand is a wonder.

  4. It took about 2 months for me to see a change and I was taking 1000 mcg. I'm still taking it. It's also helped my hair any my eyelashes. My eyelashes were getting pretty sparse. There are more of them too.

  5. It does leave a residue on bare nails that can interfere with base coat and polish, though. I just try to rub it in as much as possible (very sticky) and leave it there as long as possible before washing my hands http://num.to/834920855150

  6. How long did it take to see results? And if you don't mind, what strength did you try? I have heard this before and am interested.

  7. Scored some Nail Rehab today and am sporting 2 coats. Color-wise, it behaves a lot like Essie Mademoiselle. And despite its sheerness/translucency it does seem to camouflage the rough surface of peeling nails. I am encouraged!

  8. I do Solar Nails every 2-3 weeks and have for probably 20 years. I love them and just slot them into my schedule. It's well worth the time to me.

    I always enjoy stopping by!

  9. Yes yes yes! After ripping off my acrylics, my nails were a mess. The manicurist suggested Nailtiques and NO POLISH. After a month Nailtiques did nothing. Then I discovered that Sally Hansen Nail Rehab, and I'm amazed. My nails are noticeably better plus they look pretty— the pale pink looks like a nail polish. As you must have noticed, the consistency is thicker than regular polish so it covers cracks, peels and ridges. Patti— you nailed it!

  10. Have you tried taking biotin? That has really helped my nails. Mine were incredibly weak and split constantly. Now they are quite strong! You can find biotin with the other vitamins.

  11. Not a nail polish gal as I'm always messing them up with some project or another. The toes are another matter!!! Sporting a lovely minty green right now!!!

  12. Yes, that's the OPI base coat I've been using. It's not bad but I still need additional heavy-duty moisturizing around nails and cuticles.

  13. I used to have really hard, strong nails, but this winter mine have gone seriously downhill with peeling, splitting, etc. I blame the unusually cold weather. Lately I've been using OPI's moisturizing base coat, but I'm going to give this Sally Hansen stuff a try.

    Another thing that helps is to use pure lanolin from the health food store on my nails and cuticles once a day. It does leave a residue on bare nails that can interfere with base coat and polish, though. I just try to rub it in as much as possible (very sticky) and leave it there as long as possible before washing my hands.

    Am also trying a DIY moisturizing exfoliant. I dump some baking soda in the palm of my hand and mix it with a teaspoon or so of coconut oil. Massage into hands, cuticles, and nails for 30 seconds to one minute, rinse off, pat hands dry, and run in the residue. Then I wait as long as possible before washing my hands again or wiping my nails to prep for polish.

  14. Mine aren't bad. Obviously with a career spent in hospitality nail varnish was forbidden so I make up for lost time now. I don't think "normal" colours like pink, orange and red suit me at all so it's blue and green and yellow all the way. I've never had a manicure or a pedicure…ever! xxx

  15. A tip I have is to moisturize like crazy and to use a cuticle balm or oil. I've been using Burt's Bees Lemon Butter cuticle cream every night and any other time I remember. It's supposed to 'nourish brittle nails'.

  16. I'm so hugely lazy when it comes to my nails – I usually wear them short and natural. Half of the year it's for Ultimate frisbee (you have to have short nails), but the rest of the year is just because I don't have any inclination to paint them! I actually just tried one nail (the thumb) with those nail strips. I like it so far! It's way less messy than polish.

  17. I am pretty fortunate with my nails; they are hard as, well, nails, rarely split, grow fast, and I just use regular nail varnish. So old school! I've never had a manicure and I think false nails are a bit horrid, if I'm honest… xxx

  18. I would like to try the second one. I don't have strong nails. My husband has nice nails. I could use something to stregthen them. I tried gel nails, bought the dryer, the whole shebang, but they didn't even last a week for me. Since I play guitar,I can't have long nails so no acrylics either.Just a good ole bottle of Essie or OPI in a pretty color

  19. I have nails like yours. I have to keep them very short and I generally don't wear polish on them. I buff then instead and save the polish for my toes. Some times I use one of those whitening pencils under the nails for a bit of a fast french manicure look. I like Sally Hanson products and that one sounds intriguing so thanks for sharing your success with it.

  20. Patti, I have the same hair and nail problems 🙁 I've recently found my HG nail product and after 2 months, I'm totally sold! The CND line of Vinylux polishes dry in 8.5 minutes and the color lasts for a week. No peeling or chipping. I bought mine on Amazon. You have to use the polish and their topcoat but the prep is basically alcohol and acetone so no need to buy theirs.

  21. I did acrylics twice. That was enough for me. It took some time before my nails went back to being healthy. Now I simply don't both with anything on them. It is far too much maintenance. My toes however…that is another story. They last forever and I love getting a good pedicure.


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