A Woman Can Change Her Mind

Talented, gorgeous blogger and jewelry designer extraordinaire, Wendy Brandes, has trademarked the phrase “Never Is The Next New ThingTM.” Wendy’s NITNNT’s have  included: knickers, double denim, high/low dresses, maxi skirts and cameltoe shoes. Styles that once gave us the willies are the ones we later embrace.

Once in the category of never, I now consider the following pieces attractive, stylish, and “me”. A woman can change her mind. ☺

  • Bomber jackets. I said they were too mannish for me, but I’ve seen some pretty, feminine styles that I’d definitely wear for Spring. I’ll avoid the heavy leathers, and go for this:
Pretty! From ASOS.
  • Open toe booties. I used to scoff at these: “Why cut toes into boots, when boots are supposed to keep you warm??” Now my eye has gotten used to them, and I’ve become more adventurous in my footwear, as well.
Love these with a full skirt. From Franco Sarto.
  • Cropped pants. I’ve associated these with the pants my mother’s friends wear at the Independent Living Facility. I thought, “Why not just add a couple inches to the hem, and call it a real pair of pants?” But I am changing my mind as I see sleek new versions of the cropped trouser.
From GAP. Only $20, and 30% off right now!
  • Wild and crazy tights. I still get a bit of a Colorforms vibe from these, but I like them as a way to spice up an otherwise neutral look. I love the ways the artists Anne, and  Melanie incorporate colorful legwear into their looks.
Yes, I would. From Stylecaster.

Still on the NO list for me, but never say never, are: jeans shorts (OK, never), harem pants, ankle length denim skirts, cropped tops (trending hard this season, but not on my 58 year-old torso), flat “bedroom sandal” shoes, and twin sweater sets. How about you? Changed your mind about any looks?

Happy happy weekend, and stay fabulous,

Visible Monday is on its “off” week this week, so we can recharge, refresh, and manifest peace in the world. ☺  We’ll be back on Monday, April 7th (actually, the Sunday evening

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  1. Still on the NO list for me, but never say never, are: jeans shorts (OK, never), harem pants, ankle length denim skirts, cropped tops (trending hard this season, but not on my 58 year-old torso), flat “bedroom sandal” shoes, and twin sweater sets. How about you? Changed your mind about any looks? http://qr.net/stx3

  2. We used to call pants that were too short "high waters," not capris, and it was not a compliment to have them acknowledged. Capris were made to show off great footwear or pedicures or ride around Europe on Vespas. With few exceptions, shorts of any kind are off my list. Thank you for the mention of my colourful legs!

  3. OMG! I just saw this. So cool! Thanks for the love. I like all your "new things," especially the bomber jacket! I realllly dislike twin sweater sets on me, I feel so dowdy. I'm sure someone could sex them up, but I haven't seen an example of that yet. Maybe now that I'm putting it out there in the universe, a brilliant designer will find a way to make those hot.

  4. Haha, I was so curious about your "never" list and have to agree to almost everything you mentioned.
    Never: corduroy trousers, knitted reindeer or any other "funny" animal sweaters, crocs and shorts (except for gardening), ties for women (or any other boyish looks), dungarees.

  5. Love your post – and the blog. I've been reading for a while and really enjoy it. I agree with you on the cropped tops – my belly isn't getting out any time soon! I'll leave that to the younger and flatter of middle. Shorter skirts only in weather that allows tights (and not very short at that).

    I wear cropped pants all summer long, and have for several years. They are a great compromise for the summer work wardrobe here in the sweltering south. It's too hot outside and too cold inside from July through September. Add a tee or cami and a light cardigan and I can make it through the day. How long my legs look is less important than whether or not I melt. Skirts are nice as well, if I can find the right length. You will never see me in gaucho pants though. They were big here a few years ago, briefly.

    I really like the floral bomber jacket! It looks like you.

  6. Obviously I like the cropped pants and would wear a colored tight…I also think if it was comfortable I would do the open toed bootie. But the floral jacket…don't think so. I try to say NEVER…I have learned my lesson often! Biggest one is I can remember saying after college that I would NEVER be a teacher…after teaching for 14 years, I guess I know better now.

  7. Word on the flat bedroom slipper looking shoes. That's what I think of every time I see them worn out on the street.

    I changed my mind about skinny jeans. I wear them under dresses and tunics as leggings, where before I avoided them unilaterally because of my large upper to lower leg ratio.

  8. I'm with you on the pointy toe shoes and ballet flats. Looks horrible with my long, narrow feet.

  9. I love floral bomber jackets (I have one) .. but the open toe boots are a big no. I don't even like open toe pumps. I find the style really uncomfortable and it's like my toes are jammed into the shoes. Definitely going to explore ankle pants this year though 😉


  10. I like Wendy's Never is the Next New Thing idea – though I'd have to rule out baseball caps!

  11. Yes I have changed my mind a couple of times. For exactly the reasons you mention. I had an old (fashioned) idea of the item in my mind, but fashion came up wth a new version which was better. And…. my eyes got used to it.
    PS i have neglected you with my comments. Unfortunately I will do the same in future. Not because I don't see your posts, but because I have too little time left next ot my more than full time job and my blog. I hardly have a real life any,ore. Which can never be good. So I have to cut down on some blogging stuff. So sorry.

  12. Love cropped tops, love harem pants, love peep toe boots and have been wearing coloured tights since I was a baby! I'll never like pointy toe shoes, ballet flats, pencil skirts or neutral colours …ever! xxx

  13. No crop tops, no shorts over my knee, no halter or strapless tops, no jumpsuits. Aside from that I consider just about anything these days.

  14. Still on the NO list for me, but never say never, are: jeans shorts (OK, never), harem pants, ankle length denim skirts, cropped tops (trending hard this season, but not on my 58 year-old torso), flat “bedroom sandal” shoes, and twin sweater sets. How about you? Changed your mind about any looks? http://qr.net/rtcX

  15. I'm like you and have grown to like the peep toe booties. I asoociated coloured tights with childhood but I'm coming around to the idea. Last night I was looking at a dress I have and thinking, I need some purple tights to go with it. I'm not going to be wearing any cropped tops unless I find a way to layer it. I would possible wear cut off denim short at the beach, possibly maybe, but not sure. I Won't be wearing boxy shapes ever and onsies, jumpsuits or overalls do nothing for me and rarely fit properly anyhow. I have always said no to palazzo pants but am beginning to reconsider.

  16. Culottes! They creeped me out in the 70s (gaucho pants?) and again in the early 2000s when they were made of stretchy knit. But I've been starting to like some of the soft flowy culottes I've seen recently, so I'm rationalizing that it's just a merger of the long flared skirts and palazzo pants I've always worn.
    I went through the same thing with cropped pants, but years of exposure to them finally wore me down. That and realizing I was not ever planning on wearing shorts again!

  17. Open toed booties are so perfect for Florida! I have a couple of pairs. It was a way for me to get that boot style with sandal coolness—like, to be literally cooler, because it's hot.

  18. Ha! Crop tops seem to be the hot topic these days! Am writing about it in tomorrow's post, in fact. Because I have a practically non-existent torso, I used to think crop tops were not for me either. But I like the idea of a crop top as a layering piece and have experimented with wearing tees over my myriad button up shirts. It works and now I just need to find the courage to take scissors to those tees. (I'm wretched with scissors!)

    My NITNNT used to be graphic tees with words on them. The whole "stare at my chest while pretending to read" vibe has always made me feel uncomfortable. But then I buy this (http://myclosetcatalogue.com/2014/01/02/ootd-of-three-things-and-thursday/) and love it so I guess I have to find a new NITNNT. 😀

  19. nothing bad about them, just not for me — they make me look a bit of a frump. I can def. see them on others!

  20. Never say never. . but I will never bare my flabby torso in a crop top and I just cannot wear short skirts ever again. But I have changed my mind about floral capris and just love them now, so this too will pass.

  21. My never say never is skirted swimsuits. It's better to be there in a suit than not.

  22. I like the look of a cropped top over a longer layer, but not with torso exposed. I don't like the sandals that look like shower shoes, but wore Birkenstocks "back in the day" and some similar sandals more recently, so those aren't too much of a stretch for me. Twinsets…not for me.

  23. Ok patti, i am making crop tops as we speak–only to be worn with high waisted bottoms, of course!
    Denim skirts? I have SEVERAL. A staple. Think modern styling–these are not your mother's style denim!
    I never say never–and while i can see the sandals and twin sets, I know there is a way for them to be modern–even on us! Xoxo

  24. I get most of the NO list, but what is the negative association with long denim skirts and twin sets?

  25. I know I will not be wearing any cropped tops. I honestly don't care for the look on anyone. It's like they ran out of fabric.

    I have tried the harem pants (with mixed results), I love my cut-offs, and I adore sweater sets if I am dressing vintage style.

    I have a post coming up about over-alls ; ) The question is…am I wearing some in the post?


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