Sunday, Funday, Dress Like a Hip Retired Person Day

I love Sundays! We sleep in, make the “best” Keurig coffee flavors, like Mocha Latte, read the New York Times, discuss the Big Issues, eat full-fat blueberry muffins. That takes till noon.

Then we go out to a pub for some salads, sandwiches, beer and wine, and a basketball game on the tube. Followed by a bike ride, beach walk and nap. Oh man, life is good. If this is what retirement is going to be like, I anticipate the days with glee.

You’ll never catch me dressed up on a Sunday, unless someone’s getting married. Here’s a favorite Sunday look, and I’d like to hear about yours:

Sunday Funday, Florida Winter


Comfort is the centerpiece, but I still like to look like I care. So I wear easy jeans, and not the premium brands. I like Gap and Old Navy skinnies or straights. A soft tee that doesn’t tuck in, and comfortable booties with a low heel. The style elements are the scarf, sometimes worn as a head wrap, my dolphin earrings and if the weather calls for it, a topper in a pretty color.

For Florida summers I change the dark jeans to lightweight white ones, or a knee-length knit skirt. Sandals for my feet and no jacket needed. I might wear a lightweight linen shirt instead of a knit tee. That’s it! More Sundays, please.

Have the most peaceful day, and stay fabulous,


Visible Monday is on its “off” week this week, so we can recharge, refresh, and live it up. ☺  We’ll be back on Monday, April 7th (actually, the Sunday evening

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  1. Sounds like the perfect day!

    We too enjoy reading the paper. Our big paper is on Saturdays though. How I wish we lived near a beach.

    Love the wine in the pic : )

    That pink leather jacket is quite something.


  2. Your Sundays sound divine – especially the eating and beaching. I know you still look dressed up even in your dressed down look, Patti.

  3. Sunday if I am able to go to church is the only day I'm dressing up anymore!!! Otherwise I'm all about casual these days!!

  4. You triggered me… I still wear tight shoes and tight trousers because I love the look. But I hate the "pain". Perhaps it is time to make a change.

  5. Lovely choices here, Patti, and your Sunday schedule sounds even better!
    My Sundays are no different, sartorially speaking, than any other day – whatever takes my fancy is what I end up wearing! xxx

  6. I love Sundays too Patti. Sometimes we go out for a delicious brunch with my yummy peach beliini, other times, we too sleep in, I make the coffee press and we hang out with our little shih tzus in bed!

  7. Not sure if I prefer the light roséjacket or the dark redwine, Patti 😉
    I'll have both!

    Have a great week, we are enjoyng fantastic spring weather here (too bad I have to go to work…)
    Annette | Lady of Style

  8. Your Sunday sounds lovely! Ours is never the same, sometimes we work, sometimes we don't so its either 6 inch platforms, a feather boa and something psychedelic or something with lower heels for car booting, sewing or gardening! x

  9. That looks like a great outfit for a lazy Sunday, and your Sunday sounded delightful!

  10. That's a great outfit and I love how it includes a glass of wine! I suppose I am already living the retired life, a bit earlier than planned, so days of the week are rather interchangeable for me. I definitely combine dressing to please myself with dressing to suit the situation or the company I will keep. Tomorrow, Monday, I am meeting a friend for coffee and this friend is very very casual. She wears old baggy jeans and sweatshirts or plaid flannel shirts and men's team jacket. So I will do my version of your Sunday clothes tomorrow, for getting a few boring errands done and then sitting down to a coffee with my friend.

  11. Yay for Sundays! My typical Sunday is church then a pub lunch with friends and possibly a wander round the shops or the harbour. Today was a beautiful warm spring day so I wore a floral t shirt with a floral cardigan (in a different but complimentary pattern) and we did lots of walking around outside soaking up the sunshine!

  12. I think that ensemble looks pretty stylish for laid back…I actually have a typical Sunday outfit just posted on what we did today…but I have to say a walk on the beach sounds pretty wonderful!!

  13. Your Sundays sound so good, Patti ! I want to join you ! Actually, I also love dressing up in your same way on Sundays <3 I prefer dressing up fancy on saturday night, Sundays are made for casual, casual chic that is ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

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