What I Wore: Loving a Full Skirt, and Photo-A-Day

It’s no secret: I favor full, swingy skirts. Make it an olive green, all-silk full skirt and I might be in love. This skirt was snagged from Ann Taylor on clearance, for just $30. It’s actually pretty neutral, and I can wear it with a great variety of tops, winter and summer.

The Style and Co. paisley top is thrifted and it blends nicely with lots of other pieces too. I added a two-tone leather belt by Diesel, a thrifted bangle, and some Clark’s booties for a simple casual office look.

Our February Photo-A-Day word today is “front door”. This is the front door of the house I lived in the first eleven years of my life. I have such fond memories of growing up here, with my mother, grandmother and grandfather. My sweet husband sought this house out on a business trip in 2000, and took this picture to surprise me:

I thought it was so big when I was ten!
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  1. I love the feel of silk skirts…so that is a great find.  I know as an adult I've sought out all of the homes I ever lived in and like you, I'm impressed by the house has seeming changed.

  2. Ooh..I love the skirt! Exactly what I would get. What a find for $30! You're right about the versatility…paisley shirt looks perfect with it! So pretty!

  3. That's a great skirt colour.  Goes with practically anything, and it's just slightly full without being puffy.  A great buy.

  4. Patti, I love your outfit and that color skirt is tough to find but Ann Taylor is awesome and so is the color of your skirt..  I find a lot of her items while thrifting…way more than anyone would expect.  How thoughtful of your husband to snap that photo for you.  Cute house.  Have a great weekend…I may be in NYC tomorrow.  Your favorite city. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  5. Patti, you look great. I love how your accessories snap this look to attention. Your nail polish colour is perfect, too. Great score on the skirt. Anything that twirls…!

  6. That skirt is great- truly can go with anything. Paisley is the unsung hero for spring, as is your sweet hubby for taking that picture! 

  7. Such an interesting color combination and looks great with the booties.  I love 'sweet husband' surprise stories!

  8. That skirt is wonderful!!!  I'm always looking for something similar to that!  They just feel so girly!!  Hugs to you and your new (vintage) leather skirt is on it's way! ~Serene

  9. Oh…I love this skirt!  In fact, I love the complete outfit…great job!!  Your booties always look so cute!

  10. This skirt is a fabulous find!  The full swingy style is so flattering and it is a great color.  Do you want to twirl when you wear these types of skirts? I always do, ha ha!  Heather

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