A Fabulous Meet-Up With Paula of Fashion Over Fifty!

What a terrific way to spend a Tuesday: I had the privilege of meeting Paula, creator of the blog Fashion Over Fifty. We met for lunch and did a little shopping, and fashion commentary.

Paula is completely delightful: funny, authentic, super-smart and creative (she has a degree in Fine Arts). We chatted about everything women over 50 might have in common, and then some. We decided that although we take our work seriously, we aren’t taking ourselves too terribly seriously, and that laughter is a great coping skill. Then we shared a brownie sundae.

As we browsed through the racks of clothing at Dillards, it was fun to observe our different personal styles at work. Paula loves “neon brights” and gravitates to color, color, color. She’s an artist and has a great eye for combining colors and patterns. I was drawn to more muted pieces, but there were several items we both reached for, like a gorgeous feminine blouse:

This one’s similar – I couldn’t find the exact blouse online.

And a black chiffon-y skirt:

Again, this one’s similar, but not identical.

We both also loved these Jessica Simpson shoes, but moaned about the foot-pain that would follow:

And here we are, after lunch, dessert, and one adult beverage each:

I can’t wait to meet up with Paula again, she is a treat. This is the best part about blogging – forming relationships that I’d never otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy.

I have fallen behind in my Photo-A-Day project, but here is today’s entry, “a button”:

I had, and wore, one just like this, circa 1975. We are still three states short!
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  1. What fun! Love that chiffon skirt! and I love your button. ūüôā I wish I had known about the photo a day (I might have been able to keep up with my blog a bit better if I had something simple to focus on … hope that doesn't sound bad. ).¬†

  2. Hi Patti РI love that top and those shoes really CAUGHT MY EYE!!! You guys look like you had a blast!  If you get a chance, stop by and link up with me today for my Eye Candy of the Week!

  3. I love the photo of you two.¬† Is so great that you met up!!!¬† I can't wait for my next blogger meet up….hopefully soon.¬† The pleated skirt is so pretty and versitile.¬† I know you had fun!¬† Dawn Suitase Vignettes xo

  4. how cute do you both look!!! Those shoes–I could just buy them and fondle them–they are STUNNING!!
    I've been seeing a lot of knife-pleated soft skirts for spring–I may need to put one on my list!!

  5. I'm so jealous of all 3 of you getting to meet!  I agree with Serene, seems that us O40 crowd seem like a community of support not outdo!
    Stop by for the new Trending link up!

  6. Love the ERA button. I marched in the little Pennsylvania town where we were living, circa 1978. My husband held up the rear in a red Fiat 124 Spider with the top down. We chanted, "Hey, hey, whaddya say, ratify the ERA!"

  7. HOW FUN!!!  I really wish we could all get together in person.  I think there's a different dynamic with bloggers over 40 (not to exclude anyone).  It feels more like it's about the community and less about making a name.  We simply have to put our heads together and see how we could make a meet up work!  Hugs!  ~Serene

  8. Hooray!  Oh, what fun!  Shopping, brownies, AND an adult beverage?  Sounds like a day to remember.  Glad you had fun.

  9. So fun to see you and Paula together.  Looks like you had a radiant day together. I wore the same button in 1975!!!!

  10. So jealous that you and Serene got to meet up with Paula…I hope some day she heads toward Texas…looks like you girls had a great time!!

  11. LOVE this picture of you and Paula.  Aren't blogger meetups just the best?? It sounds like you had a marvelous time.

  12. Aww Patti! ¬†You are so good to post so quickly! ¬†I just sent you and email never expecting to see a post! ¬†That was so much fun and I really enjoyed the company–and the brownie, the adult drinks and our little shopping¬†expedition! ¬†Hope we can meet again soon~Love, Paula

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