Photo-A-Day: A Self-Portrait, Makes You Happy

I decided to combine two Photos-A-Day today: A Self-Portrait, and Makes You Happy. This is my beloved Dad and me, on my wedding day in 2001. He died just two years later, but I think about him every day, and still miss him. Thanks for everything, Dad.

Oh, and one more photo that Makes Me Happy — Stuff on my cat, Skinny G. She sleeps the sleep of the innocent:

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  1. I love these pictures. Your cat is so sweet.

    My own dad died 6 months after my wedding – it's so good to have that memory of him.

  2. I love the photo of you and your dad.You both look so happy and beautiful. I will try to post something for Monday.

  3. I love that photo of you and your dad – you are both beaming. Thanks for sharing that. Your cat photo is priceless, it's so, um, like a cat. They are such fun, loving, independent companions. I miss mine.

  4. You and your father look so happy here. I am sorry to learn that he passed. He looks like a lovely man. And you look gorgeous in your wedding gown. 

    What a sweet and tolerant kitty you have. I doubt mine would let me do that. 

  5. Awwwww! Those are nice pics! You and your Dad!
    Lucky you i have weird parents.

    And the cat! OMG! How cute is that?



  6. A lovely photograph with your father, you have the same nose and smile! You must miss him so much x  And a cute, yet funny photo of Skinny G (great name), very similar to my cat.

  7. I can see where you got that beautiful smile!  My father passed in 2004 and I still talk out loud to him at times.  The cat is such a beautiful color of grey.  Imagine the cat awoke when you tried to place a stapler on him.

  8. What a lovely picture of you and your father. You both look so happy.
    The kitty photo is so cute. That is one sleepin' kitty to let you put all that stuff on her.  She is such a beautiful color.

  9. Love the picture of you and your Dad–it's wonderful he was able to see you so beautiful and happy on your wedding day!
    The cat pic is hilarious–I could do that to NONE of our cats (and live to tell it)

  10. The photo of you and your Dad….with matching smiles, I see….is pricelss.  Thanks for sharing.
    Our kitty looks just like Skinny G., but no way would he stay still and pose as a secretary!  We love him, though and he has his own affectionate personality.
    Have a nice weekend.

  11. I love the picture of you and your father. It's wonderful. I also love your cat as a desktop accessory. Meow! I love cats. Have a great weekend! XO, Jill

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