What I Wore: Lace In The Garden

Sounds romantic. I did go out to dinner with my husband, wearing this black lace tunic (thrifted) over a black tank. The striped skirt is from Target, and also suitable for the office.

My lucky leaf pendant and suede dancing shoes (Goodwill) finish the look. I’m not sure I love black lace on me – matronly? – so I’m glad I only squeaked out $4 for this top.

We finally sold/gave away the abundant porch furniture left by the previous owner of our apartment. We’re slowly building the area back up with painted Adirondack chairs and pots of plants. It’s much simpler and feels like us.

I’ve been missing the vast garden we had at our cottage, so this greenery helps. The Atlantic Ocean is just beyond the dunes at the right, and that does not suck either.

I ran back into the air-conditioning four seconds after we took this pic.

Have the best day, and stay fabulous,

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  1. Dan girl, you look amazing!! So pretty! I am a fan of black lace, but I think you have to sort of bring a witchy attitude when u wear it lolzzzz Are you wearing a t-shirt under it? You said a tank, but it looks like it's short sleeved. I like to wear nude colored tanks under black lace…

  2. Lovely, but I live where you do, and I'm puzzled how you stay comfortable on these 95 degree days in sweaters and tights? While layering is great for my overall "look", sweltering in these high temps and humidity is not comfortable or becoming.

  3. You look gorgeous and not at all matronly. I think I have the same fear with lace … I love it but am afraid of how easily it can age a woman. Your garden looks awesome and the ocean that close for me is a dream.

  4. Black lace feels so elegant. Not in the least matronly. I hope you can hear the surf at night – there's no better lullaby than that.

  5. I think black lace is sexy and chic, not in the least matronly, Patti! You look gorgeous, your hair is looking beautiful.
    I love my garden, but I think I would trade it for living by the sea! xxx

  6. Sweet of you to answer my question. And you are right, bothe have their charms. With me, it is usually the neighbours that make or break my pleasure. But I am used to living in streets where you live very close to eachother.

  7. I don't think the lace top looks matronly at all – it looks cool with the wide stripes of the skirt. And besides, I don't think you could look matronly if you tried!

  8. Love the hair! I like the lace on you – I think a blue tank or even a red one would look pretty under it, to really play it up.

  9. I love this look and I don't think there is anything matronly about it. I don't think you could look matronly if you tried! You look very pretty and I would absolutely steal your look. What a beautiful place you live in and such a treat to see you do an outside photo. Have a lovely weekend, Patti!

  10. We moved at the end of 2012, from an old cottage to an apartment on the ocean. Both have their charms!

  11. You look gorgeous, Patti! I am sure your husband flipped out when he saw you!

  12. First, may I just say that your hair looks A.Mazing here. Very cute!! Love the outfit too and wow, you're really close to the ocean. Does not suck, indeed!

  13. I remember picking up that Target skirt then returning it because I just wasn't feeling the stripes. On you, however, it's just brilliant! Loving the new backdrop too!

  14. Looking bloody good Patti. Love the skirt. It is great. And the black is good on you too. Don't worry. What is this with another garden? Did you move? Haven't I visited your blog often enough ? (I know the answer to that… no I haven't). I probably missed a move announcement.

  15. Black lace s absolutely positively not matronly at all. I do agree with Debbie though, a contrasting color would be nice,

  16. Patti,
    Try a bright blue under the lace tunic. I think it would look fab and add more color near you face. You look lovely as always

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