Visible Monday #133: Mixing Old and New

Welcome to Visible Monday #133! If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Please be kind and leave a link to Not Dead Yet Style in your post.

This look is a good mix of vintage and modern – and my favorite colors and shapes, too. The cotton lightweight sweater is from ASOS (similar), on deep clearance. The cotton full skirt is vintage 50’s via Etsy (similar), and I love to wear it. It’s that rare 50’s skirt that didn’t used to belong to a woman with a 24″ waist.

I usually wear a more fitted top over a big skirt, but this felt right. The asymmetrical hemline of the sweater keeps it from looking too bulky.Β  I’m wearing a stone bracelet from Zara (similar), and my Kenneth Cole wedge sandals, to keep the outfit summery. Oh, hello, guitar hat.

Mixing vintage with modern pieces is my preference. Although a 50’s peter pan collared blouse would
also be fab.

Now, show us what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

The guidelines to participate in the Visible Monday Link-Up are so simple!

  1. Whoever wants to can join in! Just compose a post that includes any outfit, accessory, piece of jewelry, hairstyle, cosmetic or other adornment that makes you feel more confident, alive and visible that day.
  2. Include a link to Not Dead Yet Style somewhere in your post. Please leave a comment, too, so we know you had a good time.
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  1. Lovely outfit πŸ™‚ the colours look great on you..

    Thanks for hosting…

  2. A glorious turn-out of visibles! I frequently use your formula of mixing old and new, which you have done with perfection. The silhouette is interesting and harmonious.

  3. You look beyond charming in this combination … I'm so envious of women who can wear sleeves in the summer. Sweet shirt and especially cute with your so cute skirt.
    Thanks again and as always for hosting, and so sorry I'm so late. I hate to miss VisMon!

  4. I do love a mash-up, mixing different eras is far more interesting than slavishly following any fashion – this years or one from three decades ago – plus you're never going to look like anybody else – always a bonus. Love the skirt on you. xxx

  5. You balanced this vintage piece well, Patti.. from the 50s?? Wow, now that is vintage πŸ™‚

  6. I too would not usually pair a flouncy skirt with a looser top and would go for a fitter top. It looks good on you as the top somehow skims the figure but not too much.

    Thank you for hosting Patti, glad I was able to participate this week! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  7. Blue is so pretty on you, Patti. Love your hair — so carefree and flirtatious!

  8. I like your cardi / skirt combo. Very relaxed and 50's at the same time.
    I'm also loving your Visible Monday -challenge, which I just found via Pull your socks up-blog. Great idea! Since I'm a vintage-lover, I most often feel very visible. Something that stands out in the crowd is definitely visible where I live. Picture that I chose for the link is off an outfit that I got loads of compliments!

  9. Yikes, I am on vacation brain time – I will be there tomorrow when I do a big long weekend write-up!

  10. I love mixing vintage/classic styles with modern/updated ones! The best of both worlds :). Thanks for hosting the link up!

  11. How cool you look Patti. The dots on your sweater are so fun and unexpected too. A great ensemble that looks comfortable as well. I like your sandals, birthday girl.

  12. Gorgeous skirt, Patti, and well done for finding a 50s original that isn't teeny-tiny! You look beautiful in blue, and I love the sandals too. Thanks as always for being a delightful hostess! xxxx

  13. Mixing old and new is something I am very familiar with. Love this Patti, you look fabulous!
    Sheree xxx

  14. Love your skirt! Thanks for hosting Visible Monday I'm participating for the first time.

  15. So glad to join you another week, dear patty

  16. Thanks for having me again Patti, Visible Monday is so much fun:) Patti this outfit is very cool. I particularly like that it's quite unexpected in terms of the pieces you have mixed. I would suggest this is a very 2014 look. Gorgeous.

  17. I am like you that way, Patti – prefer to mix up vintage and modern, it gives the outfit such a dynamic feel! Full skirts look wonderful on your figure, great find! Thank you for the link-up – I missed one, seems like ages. πŸ™‚

  18. Love that kind of skirt, especially when they come beautifully patterned. Beautiful selection those you linked up, I'd wear them all. And deepclearance is my favorite section in any online shop (come to think of it, also in brick&mortar sales)

    Alex – Funky Jungle

    P.S. Fab guitar hat! πŸ˜‰

  19. Vintage and new is always a great combination. The asymmetry adds fantastic visual interest. Thanks for hosting Visible Monday, always a good time here.

  20. You have the most successful party in the joint! I google + this post too!
    Thanks for having us, if I can bring some appetizers next time do let me know. πŸ˜‰

  21. Bravo on findin 50's items! I always long to find something decent and affordable! I love the combo- the sweater is super pretty too! Hope you are well and I am always happy to see the Guitar hat!;-)

  22. Oh how I LOVE that you are wearing a 1950's vintage skirt! : ) Those ladies in the 1950's apparently never ate. 24" waist is like what an 11 year old has.

    The way you've styled this the skirt doesn't look vintage at all. I may need to reference this for an upcoming post…

    As usual the blue is such a wonderful colour on you.


  23. I like your outfit, Patti. The colours really suit you and I always love a sweater and skirt together. I think you are right about the interest at them hem making it work and sometimes a more relaxed silhouette is just prefect.

  24. I think that color blue is so pretty on you. Such a great combination, and you look fantastic. Thanks for hosting the link up – my favorite!

  25. Love the combination Patti! I almost think the Asos sweater with its pearly sleeves looks more vintage than the 50s skirt here. The skirt looks very modern with that print – just goes to show that vintage garments can look just as relevant today as they did when they were first in fashion.

  26. Pretty skirt! I agree, an asymmetrical hem top works in a lot of places a straight hem wouldn't.

  27. You look fabulous as always Patti, I really like your ASOS top and great colour on you. ASOS had a large fire in their main warehouse here in the UK last weekend, but I hear they plan to return to business with a sale. Thanks for hosting.

  28. Patti I love the detail on the sweater – I have a very similar sweatshirt with a US flag on the front as well, no less! Asos always come up trumps in the sales…!

    Thanks for hosting & have a lovely week,

    Catherine x

  29. Your skirt is lovely! Mixing old with new is fun, refreshing and economical πŸ™‚
    I would like to add my favorite post were I am wearing my mother's vintage Chanel coat with HM X Maison Martin Margiella skirt… πŸ™‚

    x Nina

  30. What an amazing outfit, love the color and shape of your sweater and the print of your skirt is amazing!

  31. Hi Patti, I love mixing old and new together, experimenting with patterns, fabrics and so on, it makes dressing up more fun ! Love your look, the skirt is fabulous ! I joined Visible Monday of course, it's a pleasure to share my outfits here with you πŸ™‚ Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  32. Huzzah for blue! You look striking in it, m'dear. And that skirt is a veritable find, especially since it defies the waspish waist status quo of the time. See you tomorrow for my link! πŸ˜€

  33. You look lovely in that shade of blue! Thanks for hosting Visible Monday!

  34. What a pretty look! You always manage to look effortless and elegant in things I wouldn't have thought of. Maybe it's because you're so slim that this drapey style looks so good on you.

  35. Love that fun Summer sweater, but truly the skirt is my favorite piece. The one you linked up I love as well, especially the blue floral. Speaking of, I linked up today YOUR Favorite color – Blue. I think it's one of your favorites no?

    Happy Sunday Evening Patti!!

  36. That skirt is magnificent. 24inch waists I KNOW!!!! What was up with that? Girdles perhaps. I feel like such a heifer whenever I try on a 50's skirt or dress.

  37. exactly, Val – it's frigid at my office, and when I leave for the day, my toes are frozen : >

  38. What a cute sweater – I love the dots on the shoulders. But isn't it too hot for Florida at the end of June? I suppose you need it for the AC inside. Pretty skirt, too!

  39. Favorite colors, indeed, and a great combination. I really like the asymmetrical fit of your sweater, it goes perfectly with this '50's' vibe skirt. We just need to have a glimpse of the back of this fun sweater as well.

  40. Blue really must be your favourite colour… The sweater is great, must look fab with jeans, too. I will treat my jet-lagged brain to some sleep now, just got back to Britain today… But I will make sure to check out all the Visible bloggers tomorrow morning.

  41. Love that sweater! You're right, it's not too bulky and pairs really well with that skirt. It's an unusual but really complimentary outfit, Patti πŸ˜‰


  42. Hi Patti, I think this kind of combination, a longer and wide shirt to a wide skirt fits airy figures like yours very well. Very nice and female. Have a good time. Sunny

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