I Might Be (Am) Older, But I Can Still Enjoy . . .

. . . so many things. Turning 59 last month was a pre-trauma for me. The next birthday sounds old. I realize 60 is not terrifically old, and I have about 24 years ahead of me, statistically.

Therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee. – John Donne. But not yet!

So I focus on the positive. Here are a few of the things I can still revel in:

  • Rock concerts, and current music. I rock out and listen to one current artist’s album per week (easy via YouTube). “Our” music (The Who, Led, Creedence) is still the best, but these youngsters are pretty good too.
  • Travel. When we’re in NYC, I’m a teenager. Well, a 40-something at most.
  • Politics, science, and current affairs. I like to be able to talk to most anyone, about something relevant to the world at large. And not talk like, “These young kids are taking our country to hell in a hay basket.”
  • Manicures and pedicures, strange ones if I like.
A caviar manicure if we want one. Source
  • Sex. Not Dead Yet.
  • Wine, and delicious cocktails, from the finest restaurants and sketchiest dive bars.

And a few I no longer have to cope with:

  • Pointy-haired bosses.
  • Skin breakouts.
  • Being in or out of the in-crowd.
  • Watching my bank account approach zero, a week before payday.
I was broke, but now I’m not, usually.

Most of you are younger than I, but what do you intend to enjoy for the next 50 years?

Have the very best day, and stay fabulous,

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  1. I wouldn't have thought you were approaching 60, but I think after 40 it gets very difficult to guess ages – there are some very old looking 45 year olds and some very young looking 70 year olds (ie. Judith). Suzanne is right, your health is a big factor, and if you are active and feeling good, you can enjoy whatever decade you're in. I'm hoping I can still enjoy the things you've listed when I'm in my 60's and 70's!

  2. Great post. I'm a little bit younger. But I love Hendrix too. And on the 8th of July we a so happy to visit a Fogerty Concert here in Munich.
    Have a good time and enjoy your life

  3. You truly do look so great for your years of wisdom. I intend to enjoy becoming a grandmother, being a crazy old coot, dressing younger than a should, however not mutton dressed as lamb, pension discounts, reduced fees – and please dear God, may I have enough of the greenbacks to live well each month πŸ™‚

  4. I suppose there are certain milestones which can seem significant. Turning 50 has had me thinking about that, and working out whether I feel any concern about it, or whether in fact the issues are all external to me, other people's associations and assumptions and fears. I don't feel any different for entering a new decade, and I don't think you will next year, Patti! Because as you say, there are plenty of things which continue to delight and sustain us at all ages through our lives. xxxx

  5. Happy Belated. We slightly older gals get better with age just like fine wine. Turning 50 was more traumatic for me than 60, it was just like that. Now that I will be 63 this year birthdays are of no importance. Just Love yourself and the one you're with! Enjoy your Life Patti!!

  6. Happy belated birthday Patti! My 60th year was one of my very best. Your lists are inspiring and fun. You are definitely Not Dead Yet!

  7. happy birthday! I have always had a hangup about the years ending in '9', not so fond of them!! Now, at 66, I can tell you, 59 is good, 60 is good, 61 is…well, it's all good! You are a beautiful woman, so young and pretty, stylish, sharp and chic, a trendsetter for us all.

  8. I envy your energy level. And, being 60 myself, I agree with all the things you say. I wish I could say that for not having any bosses too. Alas, I have to work full time for another 6 years. Oh well, keeps me busy.
    You are so good in listening to new music every week. Living very much in the NOW.
    PS, the rest has said it before me: you definitely look younger.

  9. Well, I just turned 49 a couple of weeks ago and it freaks me out a bit… But I am glad to have role models like you to show me that getting older is OK. So, you getting closer to 60, looking so fab and enjoying life is very comforting for me, and a lot of people younger than me, because it tells us that we'll be allright, too…

  10. You look fabulous. Good that you'll never break out again ( are you sure about that?) and I'm thrilled that you'll never worry about finances again! Really!
    Those of us who have surpassed the 60 mark by a long way welcome you to the club. I read a thing somewhere the other day ( can't get more specific than that because I'm ancient and the memory slips with us old ones) that 80 is now the age that is considered old. Clearly, they canvassed only a bunch of 60 somethings. Ahem.

  11. Happy Birthday Patti, enjoy all the good things of life

    Joly Look

  12. Patti, your amazing beautiful and simply ageless. Totally agree with the others, you certainly hide your age well.
    For the next 50 years, I pray daily for continued good health. I plan on taking lots of beautiful walks in lovely places all over the world, this means I must travel a bit. Watching my grand child and hopefully lots more grandchildren grow and playing right along side of them. Savoring friendships both old and new. Reading new books and rereading old classics. Rocking out to great music and still singing some at the top of my lungs. And holding hands with my best friend everywhere we go.

  13. Now I must have ready that wrong because I can't believe in a million years that is your age hun. If it is you must bottle up and share your secret, you'd make a fortune because you look A…Ma…Zing! Please let me look as stunning as you now, let alone at 59.

    X x

  14. Sixty sounds old, but with role models like you and Judith and Pam, it just sounds like getting closer to having more freedom! You made some good points, and I especially should try to listen to more new music. It's tough when the hubs doesn't like the same stuff I like!

  15. Love your list of things to revel in, and being positive is always the best! Happy birthday – you look amazing!

  16. What a lovely post! Loving the caviar fingernails! Just for the possibility, not really for having πŸ˜‰ I think, like Pao said, there is a time where you have to come to terms with your ageing where wrinkles start, and grey hair appears. But then you just get on with enjoying the time left! We attach so much importance to a number when in this day and age we are more likely to defy it than not! Paradoxical! Lots of exclamation marks!! Wishing you all the best for your penultimate year :-)XO

  17. I'm recently retired after 30 years. After those years of being to busy running after our children or being to tired after long days of work and travel for work I've been having an enormous amount of fun renewing my old friendships with my cousins and their children. We've had so many get togethers (backyard picnics), parties, attending traveling broadway shows, shopping, etc. The years have melted away…these are the "girls nd boys" I've known all my life. We look forward to spending the next 25 or so years together again.

  18. Here are a few things to consider:
    > It's better to be a young old person than an old young person (been using that philosophy for years).
    > YOU (baby boomers) are setting the standard for "old" for everyone following you. Sounds like you've got the right role model in place.
    > I've started telling people I'm ten years older than I really am. It makes me feel younger, and everyone can't get over how young I look for 82!

  19. Patti, happy belated birthday … having spent most of my fab 40s recovering from my accident I sometimes feel like the best years have been lost … than I come across blogs like yours and and other women over 50 ..and I think WOW I can't wait to turn 50 they are having so much fun !!! and they have a flare for fashion too!!! You rock my friend and are an inspiration for women like me who walking up to the door of 50… I still have a couple years to go ….but I can't wait to begin life again…and I hear 50 is the new 30's so 60 must be the new 40s ….thanks for being you..hugs, Celia M. (HHL)

  20. Ha! I turn 62 this weekend. I think I was traumatized during my 50's sometime. That's when I seriously started to look O.L.D. Now, I just am. Whatayagonnado? I swear finding Advanced Style blog saved my life, then the Style Crone, and then YOU, Patti. I got a new lease on my life, getting dressed and having fun with it again – even while being old and getting older. Amazing. So Happy Birthday to you, youngster. Enjoy every moment of it.

  21. Belated happy birthday, Patti! I will turn 61 soon and I still have not for one moment felt that old. Yeah! I will tell you sixty isn't bad at all! What I want to do going forward is continue to enjoy each moment of each day with family and activity and purpose. Hopefully, I will stay healthy to do so. You do not look 59…and keep smiling!

  22. You're kicking 59's a$$, Patti! I still look forward to all of it, especially new experiences, travel, meeting new and interesting people. I think that enthusiasm and open-mindedness help keep life full.

  23. You are a wizard at hiding your age woman.

    The one thing I find that ages more than anything else is illness. I hope to enjoy my health to the full extent while I still have it.


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