What I Wore: Rumpled Cool . . .

. . . AND I tried to steal an idea from Suzanne: lighten up my pics to give the glow of youth. But my hair still looked peevish, so off with my head. I do want to show you how I’m dressing for many of these 90 degree days, though.

I’m loving my linen separates. This look is covered-up, but it’s still light and breezy. Part of the trick is to not confine any body part: so no defined waist, bustline, neck or hip. Everything’s over-sized, but not too baggy. I felt good all day, both in the icy office and the steamy street.

The tunic (similar) is by Ralph Lauren, several years old and thrifted for about $5. The linen skirt (similar) is via ThredUp, an online consignment shop. It’s originally from CP Shades, a Sundance-y kind of company that features natural fabrics and is made in the US. It’s getting a lot of wear already, with this kind of top for work, and a tee for weekends.

Doesn’t this look all spooky: headless model encounters fog bank?

The black tunic is a good backdrop for my lucky leaf necklace. The comfortable wedge sandals are by Bernardo, via eBay last year. You can’t see my gorgeous Egyptian bracelet from Bella’s Etsy shop, so here’s a better look:

A birthday present from Sandy. xoxo to him.

What’s your formula for staying cool and looking office-appropriate?

Have a splendid day and stay fabulous,

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  1. Hi Patti, I'm loving the rumpled cool look! Nothing like linen in the summer.

  2. You have the right figure for loose clothing. Your outfit looks great! Fortunately I don't have to deal with much heat where I live; there will be a summer heatwave of around 85 degrees at most which lasts a couple of weeks and I will survive it with all my windows open letting in the ocean breeze. When all else fails I have a cool shower and stand in front of the fan naked and damp. It's very sexy.

  3. You look effortlessly floaty and cool, if slightly other-worldly, Patti!
    Dresses for me in warm weather, but then I don't have to worry about being office-appropriate at all.
    Love that lucky leaf (but tell us why it's lucky!) xxx

  4. Nice outfit. I usually hold those dark colored summer-weight fabrics for August-October. Once shops clear out Spring/Summer items, which they're doing right now, they'll be full of lightweight dark clothing. If I have my own dark colored items in mind it's easier to shop my closet.

  5. I love this look, so flowy and cool. I think my head ran into your head on the set of Duck Dynasty.

  6. I run hot and mind the heat – double whammy – so I try to wear no sleeves or very short ones, and tops with no collars – it's surprising how that little extra bare skin helps keep life tolerable.

  7. Oh no, I hope you're not going permanently headless! I do love this soft flowy outfit. If I had an office to go to that wasn't just my down stairs I would wear just this.

  8. That photo is a bit spooky! LOL Cool that you are trying the higher exposure. I did find that it can "blow out" my hair though so that it looks white.

    I love the skirt. Especially the colour of it. I'm sure it is very comfy and cool.

    Well since I'm at the office currently wearing shorts and a tank top my boss is pretty lenient. Zoe hasn't gotten on my case yet about wearing an office appropriate outfit. She is pretty easy to bribe though. ; ) A few doggie treats and all is forgiven.


  9. Linen is my warm weather BFF! Today wearing a linen 3/4 sleeve sweater. Gorgeous bracelet!!

  10. Goodness, that looks very covered up for the summer heat (but then you do have air-con to contend with). Our office gets the morning sun, has very little ventilation and no aircon so we're just very warm. It being England, it's probably only about 26 degrees C, but still it feels uncomfortably hot to work in.

    I wore a knee-length pleated navy skirt and a little polyester top/blouse in cream with navy polka dots. Pearl jewellery (as the round beads repeat the polka-dot motif) and taupe heels.

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