What I Wore: Honey, You Look Country

My husband is nearly always complimentary when it comes to my appearance. He is a gentleman and a sweetheart. So imagine my surprise when he made this pronouncement about my outfit: “Honey, you look country.”

He’s well aware that as a wanna-be New Yorker, I don’t find “country” a compliment. I powered on to the office where I asked my friend Travis, an actual New Yorker, what he thought. “Country,” he said.

I admit the skirt (made by a friend) is long, the boots (Dr. Martens) are rugged, and the shirt is denim. But can this outfit be saved? Be honest; I can’t be any more downtrodden than “country.” Is it OK for the barbeque joint? The rodeo? A Honey Boo-Boo marathon?

Hey y’all, watch this.

Have a wonderful weekend, and stay fabulous,

Visible Monday is on its “off” week this week, so we can recharge and refresh, or chase them greased pigs at the county fair. ☺  We’ll be back on Monday, March 24th (actually, the Sunday evening

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  1. Based on other comments, yes, perhaps the blouse is a bit busy with the pattern of the skirt (maybe a solid blue chambray); full slip; and if boots a must, something not quite as heavy looking. I would prefer some nice wedge sandals for warm weather. Even though I was born and raised in the country and later became a city girl, I kinda hate to see country get a bad rap. If Ralph Lauren can present a country look, it can't be all bad.

  2. Happy to see one of my obi belts about! Hey, looks perfect to go out for BBQ. I could go for a pulled pork sandwich about now!

  3. I definitely see it as country…but I'm not super opposed to country, probably not as much as you are. 😉 Maybe different shoes with the skirt?

  4. Personally I like it just this way, but country at times is fun to me. For a NYC twist, I would glamour up the top, even a tank with some sequins or bold polka dots. If you went with sequins, the boots would act as a funky element of surprise. Or swtich to sandals or some open toe booties and a tee shirt with a print (yes, great excuse to go grab that jcrew tee). Oh, I'm a bad influence.

  5. Hi Patti, your belt (made out of ties, isn't it?) is great. …. not only the belt. I really like the whole outfit.
    Have a good time

  6. Hi Patti,

    I'm a bit new around here, and don't usually comment. I do love your blog. Today though I have to say that while each piece you are wearing is great on its own, there's too much going on when you put them all together. The skirt is a standout, and I think you should let it shine. Go sleek and simple with the rest of the outfit. That will take it from country to "wow, look at that skirt"! Do try some other combinations and post them – I'd love to see what you come up with.

  7. Country or not I love this outfit and would happily steal every bit of you especially that skirt and those bad ass boots! xxx

  8. Just tell him, so I look serene, like a beautiful countryside.I think your look has some nice trend to it, blue is the color of the season, as is blush, and I liked the crochet skirt.

  9. Yes, the obi tie-belt is awesome, thanks, and thanks to Megan who makes them!

  10. Be very glad you've not heard of Honey. She's got her own "reality" show on US TV.

  11. I like Connie's Urban Country idea. The crochet skirt is amazing, I don't think it needs to be shorter, it's a great piece. Maybe a slip underneath, yes. But I like the whole rustic, casual, hippy vibe, it feels very you, and as you know, I like a bit of pattern mixing so it doesn't look too busy to me. I'd add a cowboy hat and really go for it! But as with all things, if you're not feeling it, then mix it up and try the suggestions others have made.
    Who/what is Honey Boo-Boo, btw?! xxx

  12. love the skirt, love the shirt just not together. They seem to be fighting each other for attention. The boots are fantastic. AS ever Megan Mae's obi/ cumberbund is wonderful.

  13. She has crazy good skillz and can knit you a sweater in a day.

  14. lol! I use STAR for "Stop, Think and Act Right". That wouldn't be bad advice for me either. Thanks, Maricel. xo

  15. The votes are for a simpler top, and your idea of the beaded necklaces sounds great, Ginger.

  16. yes, I have been there and had a great time! thanks for the reminder – yeah, that's the ticket.

  17. yes! I forgot to mention Megan Mae, sorry! I love this cumberbund.

  18. I love the skirt! I think if you were to take either the boots or the shirt away you would de-country it. Woo-hoo! Xoxo

  19. I agree…it is the shirt that takes it into ho-down territory. Switch that up for something tailored or solid in colour and I think you might find yourself closer to the city : )


  20. Hmmmm… Maybe a little country for lack of a better description. What style would you describe it as?

  21. I have to agree with Ginger, Annette, and SE. It's the combination of the individual pieces along with the color scheme that give it the country look. I would love to see a future blog where you restyle the individual pieces, particularly the skirt, with their suggestions. Beautiful skirt, by the way. How fortunate you are to have such a talented and generous friend!

  22. That's far too dressed up for a Honey Boo Boo marathon. I LOVE that skirt, especially with the belt and those great textures. If you want to change the adjectives, I'd throw on some wedge sandals.

  23. hahaha…You may be lookin' country, but no can see you chasing greased pigs! For me, the shirt is the tipping point. The other elements could be boho chic. Having said that, I'd love to see the skirt styled as a few of the ladies have suggested; summery tanks and sandals! Imagine yourself in some Florida sunshine…hee hee.

  24. You look great, but yes, it does read urban country at first glance. That's not a bad thing but I get that it's not what you want. All the individual pieces are great. I think a tee shirt and denim moto ( do they make such a thing?) or other light weight but biker/rock 'n roll sort of jacket would be good. My impression of a New York look would be a dash of tender with the tough or a dash of tough with the tender.

  25. I once wore slouchy boots with a midi skirt and got the same reaction, so that's part of it. Add in denim and you've crossed the county line! I think the same skirt and top with sandals, or your dancing shoes, and you'd fit in any of the boroughs of the Big Apple.

  26. Kind of Ralph Lauren "country." I might prefer a simpler top with a jean jacket instead. Ralph would probably load it up with beaded necklaces. When I think of country I think of calico and ruffled pinafores. This is really bordering on Southwestern, but for the Doc Matrens.

  27. Okay, I was raised in Texas, and I think I've got the "country" part of this outfit figured out. All the pieces, taken by themselves, would be fine. But the combination of denim, long cream skirt and tan boots tips it over. Denim with a long "sweet" skirt is a country staple. And a big country trademark is red, white and blue. I wonder how this look would've been with a different belt. Anyway, Patti, you still look great as far as I'm concerned!

  28. Country is a Good Thing. Have you ever been to the Farmer's Market in Union Square in NYC? It is all about country. Urban country. That's what I would call this look. Cute!

  29. I like the contrast in patterns, but perhaps with a slip the full length of the skirt, you would reduce the amount of busyness. The see through parts of the skirt add an extra layer of detail. Just a guess. Bravo on your friend making that skirt. It's a lot of work and very pretty. The home made quality of the skirt is what looks country to me.

  30. I really love this outfit! I love the mix of patterns, colors, textures (lace, leather, denim, necktie…..). I am not a cowgirl, but I do live in Idaho, raised in SF. I think it's wonderful, and feel you are very talented at putting things together!

  31. I love the shirt but think it would look better with skinny jeans. The skirt I would pair with a plain solid tank top and sandals. But that's just me. I think the problem is the texture of the skirt is like a print and fights with the pattern in the top.

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