What I Wore: A Go-To Outfit and a Hair Update

As I’m reducing my closet, I find outfits that are simple, without being boring. These cropped slim denims are the backbone of lots of looks. They’re not super-casual, like my distressed pair, so they can go to the office. And I can top them with at least ten different shirts, sweaters or tees (not all at the same time!).

Here I chose a cool cotton tunic from MarketPlace of India. I love wearing this – it’s so smooth against my skin, has a great pyramid shape, and pockets. Who doesn’t love pockets for stashing a Caramel Nip? I’m wearing my key necklace (similar) a lot lately too, it’s nice and chunky.

My dancing shoes!

Hair update: Big thanks to all of you who offered dry-hair tips. I am using argan oil on the ends and some deep conditioning treatments all over. I now think some of my thin-ness was caused by trying to get to platinum (hi Mel! we are sisters in hair) and needs to be cut off. I am still thinning from androgenic alopecia (that’s the term for hereditary female hair loss), but a good cut, conditioning, and a mighty mousse will do me wonders.

Have a magnificent Monday and stay fabulous,

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  4. Patti, I have lightened my dark blonde hair for years, and before that I was a bottle redhead. Alas, the years of exposure to coloring chemicals have not been kind. I've developed a sensitivity to the developer, or the peroxide and ammonia in the color. My hair was falling out by the handful! I am now using demi-permanent color that has no peroxide or ammonia, or a rinse (new thing I tried last week) in a darker blonde shade that will blend my darker roots and cover the gray. I miss my light blonde hair, which was what I had as a child, but I prefer to have darker hair rather than nearly none. Have you considered a rinse or some gentler color? It's so hard to give up the color we love but sometimes a necessity. I figure that as my hair becomes more gray i will be able to go back to the lighter blondes…or maybe I'll just rock the natural look! Good luck!

  5. My hair has completely thinned out and after showering I notice LOTS of hair not only in my hand but in the brush. I went on statins early in 2013 and when I spoke to my pharmacist about the hair loss he said to have my doctor put me on a different statin as that could totally be causing the problem for me.. just a heads up to any woman on statins. xox

  6. That is such a gorgeous tunic. The cut and the print are just beautiful!

  7. Patti, you look fantastic! Love the tunic and would love to know what make up you use as you really glow! (I know, good, clean living!) I have not followed the hair discussion, so I hope this comment isn't out of left field. I am sorry for your hair loss–this is a challenge a lot of people face. I see that you also have curly hair and I think the length is flattering for you. I also have curly hair and the best thing I ever did for the health of my hair and my "look" is to buy a hairdryer on a stand with a hard "hat", similar to what you would sit under at the hairdresser. This gently dries my hair and avoids frizz and "big" hair. My hair is shinier and healthier and I love it now instead of hating it every day. My curls are more defined and my style stays in place all day as long as I keep my hands out of it!

  8. P.S. _ a good cut will work wonders, ditch the bleach which will kill off hair at the bottom, and reassess how to colour in a way that might give you a more textured look in your thinning hair. Just a thought that came to me.

  9. This outfit looks great on you!! and I'm simplifying my wardrobe too. Happy New year. Hugs, C. (HHL)

  10. I love the tunic! It looks like it can be very versatile. Play it up or down. Hair is such a sensitive issue for us women. Your hair looks great at the nape of your neck.

  11. Oops, meant to mention that your hair looks great. You have soft colouring and very light hair suits you, but maybe you don't need to fry it going platinum but can find a very soft blonde that works. I'm no expert, that's for sure.

  12. I love this outfit and that blue colour is gorgeous. It looks great on you. I am drawn to this style of dressing but learned the hard way that it doesn't really suit my body shape. The hard way being seeing photos of myself and wondering why I look so much fatter than I really am. I am not at all fat, but I am tall and although I'm not plus sized I am also not skinny like a model and I'm a bit busty with a short neck. Overall I am larger than the average woman. My clothes need some shape or I look like a blob. This has been a challenge as I am not at all attracted to tailored or structured things.

  13. Nips are for people! I love the peanut butter flavor too. My cats get plenty of treats as well : >

  14. Hi Patti, I love items that you can mix and match and these denims look perfect for doing just that. I am in love with your necklace; very cute. I am a fan of Argan Oil, I use it once a week on my hair and it has made it much softer. Enjoy the rest of your day xx

  15. Ha ha, Mighty Mousse, super hero for the hair challenged set, and just in time for us, the victims of platinumization. A snip did me wonders and an assortment of oils and unguents and mousses. You hair still manages to look very Meg Ryan-ish. The tunic is fantastic!
    Caramel nips, are they for cats or middle aged kittehs? Who cares? I'd eat them anyway if there's caramel in them.

  16. The entire look today? Awesome from top of head to toes! And, by the way … who makes those dancing shoes you are wearing? I must find me a pair. They look comfy and my feet are pretty-shoes challenged.

  17. Those shades of blue are gorgeous are suit you very, very well. You look beautiful and classy and, most of all, radiant.
    My doctor prescribed me Zinc Citrate for my hair loss, and it's been doing wonders to me. I've got really long hair, but I had surgery 2 months ago and a major loss was promised to me… Nothing happened so far, so I'd say the Zinc is working out just fine.

  18. Suzanne, one of my sisters has incredibly thick, curly hair, and the other has fine, thin curly hair like mine. I will keep you up to date on the Rogaine. I believe it only "works" while you're using it, so yes, it would be a commitment. Your hair always looks beautiful to me. xo

  19. Hi Patti! I really love that look, one of your best outfits, the style and colors are the best!
    About hair – I use huile prodigieuse of Nuxe – Good stuff, good for the hair, skin, nails, a bit pricey but it lasts for a long time – I also use Argan oil- It 's so good, works wonders!

    I went to platinum blond and my hair is still ok, no damage so far, my hairdresser does excellent work –

    Take care



  20. It's WINTER. You are waering sandals…. hihi.
    I think, it isn't that cold where you live, is it.
    Nice smile, nice hair and a great tunic. Have a good time. Sunny

  21. Happy New Year Patti!

    Your hair has always looked full in your photos. It looks even fuller here.

    I have noticed lately that I'm losing way more hair than I normally do and it is quite frankly freaking me out. I don't have enough hair to lose any of it. My Mom hardly has any hair left. I thought about Rogaine but once you start you have to be on it the rest of your life. Are you still considering that? Does your sister have this problem as well?

    Your tunic looks great. You have the perfect body shape for this.

    I was thinking about you when we were in Florida.


  22. I have several tunics and tend to wear them when I wear pants which is not that often. I feel that they help to maintain a modest look!

  23. Your hair looks great and the tunic is gorgeous. The fabric is just made for you.
    Have a wonderful monday too.
    Roswitha from Germany

  24. You look radiant, Patti! Your hair looks great, I like the length. I use a Macadamia Nut Oil Mask that smells wonderful and makes my hair soft. Wish I could send you a scoop or two to try…

  25. Patti, have you ever tried a Biotin supplement? I take 1 7500 mcg tablet a day . I used to lose several hairs every time I washed my hair in the shower and now maybe just 1 ! It does not work overnight ( what does, actually?)…… but you can tell a difference after a while. I feel my hair may be a bit thicker, but more importantly I am not losing what I have. ( and cherish!). My hair is fine and straight and a little past my shoulders.
    Another interesting fact is that I have been taking chemotherapy for more than a year and my hair looks fine! (The medicine I am taking does not make your hair fall out. Grateful for that!
    Hope this helps you a bit……and I do love your blog and your perspective on life. Thanks.

  26. Sometimes the basics are best. Now that I've been experimenting more since blogging, I find that I really prefer certain things and I wear them over and over.

    This outfit looks great – the deep blue adds a classy look. And I like your hair shorter.

  27. I really love this tunic…it is such a wonderful, casual look. And your hair looks great, Patti. Have a wonderful Monday!

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