Do You Ever Change Clothes On The Way Out The Door? Me Too.

I did it today (changed clothes) after viewing my pictures! Thank you, blog routines, for helping me look more presentable on a regular basis.

This wasn’t a horrible outfit. Just a little frumpy and shapeless, and with no focal point. Even my smile looks kind of tired. Although the clock was ticking, I decided the main issue was the trousers. They look dated in their wide-legged-ness, they’re too long, and the, um, rise area looks bunchy. Also, they completely cover my personality booties by Cydwoq.

The reversible topper is by MarketPlace of India.
I jogged to the closet and grabbed one of my GAP knit maxi skirts. I felt better immediately. Although it’s still not a cover-girl look, it’s more streamlined, it points to the cute pendant (from Bella’s shop) as an accent piece and it lets my cool shoes peek out. Much more comfortable too. The trousers are going to the Cat Thrift, for a taller woman to enjoy.
Also in gray today, Skinny G. “I look good in everything.”

Have you done the switcheroo thing on the way out the door?

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  1. Awesome. Yes, yes, yes. I change clothes half way out the door all the time. But your before and after the change is really amazing. What proof of how it matters – and such a seemingly simple thing too. uhuh, listen to your inner whatever. Thanks for showing us the way, Patti.

  2. Yes I do do that. But in this case I prefer your first (trouser) outfit to the skirt outfit. I cannot see much wrong with it, quite the contrary. But whatever makes us tick, is best.

  3. Yes! Sometimes an idea just doesn't work in practice and I have to keep changing things 'till it improves. In your case, I think the skirt is an improvement, but I think a bit more definition of your petite figure would be good. You seem to favour oversized, loose clothes which usually looks great on you, but can just swamp you if it's not handled carefully.

  4. Good call! And taking outfit pics certainly keeps us on our toes:). The pants created an almost seasonally confused look as they appear long, wide and too heavy for the top half. The skirt is a much lighter look and creates better balance. Mind you, outfit one is still well put together. You look lovely.

  5. I'll join the discussion and say I also like the skirt better. Just a thought: You might also up the fashionabiltity (don't think that's a real word) quotient and as well as show off your trim figure by belting the jacket, especially since both the skirt and jacket are flowy..

  6. Just popping back, because I had a further thought. Maybe those particular trousers aren't destined to remain in your wardrobe, but what about trying a similar wide-legged style but with a fitted top? It struck me that the frumpy-shapeless feeling you had might have been caused by wearing a flowy over-sized top over flowy over-sized trousers. Perhaps if there is flow on one half and structure/closer fit on the other, the two balance out? Like I said, just a thought! Hope your weekend is proving to be a delightful one, lovely Patti! xxxx

  7. Oh, yes, I do that too. And Mr. Sparkle rolls his eyes and just has to make a comment. But if it doesn't feel right, you have to fix it. However, I think the pants look okay on you. Just think Palazzo Pants and wear them with pizazz!

  8. I haven't been photographing things until later in the day, but I sure have used those photos to help me determine what pieces I'll be giving away.
    Love your skirt, by the way!

  9. I liked both outfits actually and think you look very elegant in both. I think I know what you mean about the trousers but I didn't notice any of that frumpiness you allude to because the lovely bold pattern on the top draws your eye up. How great that it is reversible too!

  10. Oh yes, I've done that, and often it's that "oh-my-god-I'm-late-but-I-can't-go-out-in-this-hideousness" that has resulted in some of my fave combos. The quick disconnect of rationality from the process, grabbing SOMETHING, works for me sometimes (key last word). Glad you found a resolution to your trouser angst. You look great!

  11. I need one of those reversible toppers! Didn't know it till now 🙂 looks great!

  12. The second look is better but the first one wasn't terrible. How's that for a compliment? "Gee you don't look too terrible today." Yes, I do sometimes make a last minute change though I think mostly it is more a matter of trying out two or three pairs of shoes or boots before deciding which ones work best. Sometimes it is the weather that causes a change. I don't want to drag the hems of my maxi skirts along rain soaked pavement.

  13. I try not to change at the last second, because it makes me insane, but every now and then I have to. One of the things I dislike about taking outfit photos is that sometimes outfits that look fabulous in the mirror and in motion don't quite come across, and, well, my photo setup is not sophisticated, so I tend to blame the camera and go with my gut. Like today's outfit for instance.

  14. Yep! Been there done that and had many regrets. But, you shined thru and your second choice really worked for you. Happy Healthy 2014.

  15. I understand about dashing off to change clothes. Sometimes I wait around for husband to give me a ride and end up switching things up.
    I do like the color and sheen of the pants. Maybe a trip to the tailor is in order?

  16. You could never, ever look horrible, Patti, not even if you tried! I know what you mean though – photos and the mirror can tell a very different story, which is why taking pics for the blog is such an interesting process. And yes, I have been known to do a hasty last minute change! I don't think the trousers are so bad, they just seem a little too big for your petitie frame. And the skirt does allow a peak at your fabulous boots, so that's a bonus!
    Skinny G rocks grey too! xxxx

  17. I'm lovin' the second look, as well, because it's a sin to ever cover up cydwoqs!

  18. Good instincts! Love the second look. I don't often get to see my outfit pictures until after work or the next day, but yes, sometimes seeing the picture tells me what's not working. And then it's like, "OMG, I walked around like that ALL DAY!!" :-O

  19. Since I began to work out in the morning, I have to put my outfits together the night before …that has helped me immensely because I used to change my mind often out the door. I think this jacket would look great with a skinny pant or legging!! Have a wonderful Friday!

  20. I usually take my photos but don't look at them for a few days, therefore there have been some days I have gone outside looking less than stellar.

    What is it with seeing yourself in a photo as compared to a mirror that makes such the difference?

    I do prefer the skirt by far.

    Also that is one lucky cat : )


  21. Patti–i have to agree with you! Love the second look. Thank goodness for blogging, lol. Xoxo

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