Visible Monday #121: It’s A Wrap in Black

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Some days I like to dress in all-black. I feel like I might actually be that Manhattan woman I daydream about! I am loving this black knit wrap dress by my favorite dress designer, Karina. This is a Rita, and it wraps me like a custom-made frock. I need more Rita’s in my closet (machine wash and hang to dry, too).

I sometimes wear a colorful camisole with Rita but today I went for all black, save my Doc Marten boots. I think the black offsets my yellow hair nicely. The locket was a find at a vintage store in the East Village, further boosting my New York state of mind.

I always feel confident in my Karina dresses. Rita might be my new favorite.

You can take $30 off any full-price Karina dress at their site, by using coupon code GIBP30. They make all their dresses in Brooklyn. And Karina is an amazing woman, deeply involved in her community and international charities.

Karina sees eye to eye with her Wonder-dog, Bodhi. He’s a little person in a fur suit.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. I love wrap dresses. They are most comfy chic dresses. Yours look great with your boots. Great outfit.

  2. Party time again!! My how time flies!!
    What an elegant dress Patti! Black suits your golden locks!!

    β™₯ carmen

  3. I just love those boots – the juxtaposition against a classic black wrap dress is fantastic. Thanks for the instructions for how to link – it looks easy. I still have my dressings on, so I'll join in a couple of Mondays time πŸ™‚

  4. Hey, Patti! Can't wait to see the new hair … me, too … sort of. Hair is so hard for me! Love you in black and even more with those boots (my faves!) Beautiful dress, and you in it. Thanks again for hosting!

  5. Patti, you look fabulous. I love the short hair. I seem to be wearing a lot of black lately also!


  6. Ow, ow, that's my index finger after scrolling down all these amazing women to make sure I was securely loaded. Hiccup. You are devilishly attractive in that black Rita. And your boots make it all that much more fun. And your locket is at exactly the right spot. Love!

  7. There's something wonderfully timeless about a black dress, and this Karina wrap one is delightful on you, shows off your gorgeous figure!

  8. Oh gosh, Patti, I love this dress on you it is amazing! So pretty! I love wrap dresses, but haven't found a flattering version for myself. You make it look so simple and black is a color that suits you really well!

  9. That dress is so elegant on you, but I love the way you funked it up ( I spelled it right!) with the doc Martens. Very Cool.

  10. Hello Patti, what a great dress…. Verry, verry pretty. And I love the way you wear it with the easy boots. Sorry I wanted to answer you in the morning, but our firefox at work ist that old that I can't use your comment function. Have a good time

  11. I love the look of all black, it's very chic when done well, like this! I know some people don all black outfits to feel invisible, but I feel very visible when wearing a put-together all black outfit.

  12. Beautiful look on you. You look stunning in these pictures.



  13. A lovely dress, Patti. I would shorten your pendant chain just the teeniest bit, so the whole locket is visible.

  14. Fabulous wrap dress, and the pairing with brown is a nice contrast…So funny that there use to be a time when black and brown weren't worn together….

  15. loving the fem dress with the doc martens..totally my kinda vibe. You look very chic my love!
    Sheree xxx

  16. The Rita is a lovely wrap dress. But it is those Doc Marten boots that I love. I really am a shoe/boot girl at heart.

  17. Your wrap LBD is a classic and you wear it so well. I also love the boots. Always a pleasure stopping by here and linking up with Visible Mondays. =)

  18. I love how you have styled the dress with those gorgeous Doc Marten boots. Perfect! xx

  19. Very chic! Very "New York state of mind." The dress fits you perfectly and you look especially vibrant in these photos. Thanks for hosting VM, which has become a well loved event that I look forward to!

  20. You look very pretty in your wrap dress! I can totally see this dress being super versatile…dress it up, dress it down…all good! One day, I hope your New York City dream comes true Patti! And, I love the cat artwork!

  21. What a beautifully fitted dress, Patti! And you, being a fair lady, look gorgeous in black.

  22. Hi Patti, Always nice to see you so lovely on Visible Monday and all the other Wonderful Ladies!

  23. Patti black reeeeeeeally suits you… which is surprising for a blonde – you're not overwhelmed by it at all which is often the case. The brown boots are a lovely unexpected twist πŸ™‚

    Can't wait for you to see my post tomorrow, thanks so much for your input!

    Catherine x

  24. That is really a lovely dress, and it looks just smashing on you! I love how your hair is looking lately, btw. Great colour.

  25. Hi Patti, this dress looks great on you. Very beautiful design and I like the sleeves. The length of your hair is great and such a pretty necklace!

    blue hue wonderland

  26. All black with cognac is one of my favorite color combinations. And I think all black looks so great on blondes, as you have demonstrated here. Lovely look, Patti!

  27. Patti, I don't think we can ever go wrong in all black, especially when it comes to the perfect dress. And, this is just that, at least on you. I love how practical it is as well and I'm so loving how you paired it with your Doc's.

  28. I like the way the softly belted waistline and puffy sleeves contrast with the 'harder' look of the DM boots. Lovely!

  29. You and Rita get on well, I see! Thanks for introducing us to Karina, her wonder dog, and her unique clothing. I can't wait to take a look!

  30. I do love a classic black wrap dress πŸ™‚ This one is beautiful. I love some of the slightly retro elements.

  31. I was *late* getting the post up, having a Sunday afternoon nap that lingered on! Sorry. xo

  32. Patti! You look absolutely beautiful! i really love black dresses and you can work it very well πŸ™‚ the boots are amazing i love them. have a great week! Kisses Beata πŸ™‚

  33. Ah…I must have been too early before for the comments : )

    This dress really shows off your fabulous figure. Just stunning!


  34. You look fabulous in your black Rita!!!
    I've got a Karina dress on my getting to goal weight reward list!!

  35. Patti we don't often see you in black but it really works for you! You look so elegant ! Fabulous dress! I love the balloon sleeves.

  36. This dress is perfect, Patti ! I have a few perfect black dresses and I enjoy wearing them as well ! You're rocking this Rita and yes, you could be a Manhattan woman, why not ? Love those boots, also :)) I linked up to Visible Monday, thank you for this opportunity ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  37. Patti, This dress is fabulous on you! What a great piece to have in your wardrobe! Thank you for hosting…and have a great week ahead!

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