What I’m Loving Now, And a Fab Giveaway

I just got my first ever Boden catalog in the mail. I had the impression Boden was a shop for conservative, middle-aged women (I am one of those things). I was tickled to find some very frisky and funky items that I would like to have in my closet. Lesson to self: don’t be a pre-judger, Missy.

This dress drew me in with the Peter Pan collar – it’s unexpected and girly, but the rest of the dress is classic. I love the full, full skirt. It comes in black, too, and a really pretty citron. The downside is that it must be dry-cleaned – it’s all wool – and I am a lazy sloth about such things.

Pretty dress

The stripes are kind of wonky on this dress – and I love that. The sleeve length is just perfect and the neckline is made for pretty jewelry. This one is a wool/cotton blend, and it’s washable. Perfect for my office or date night.

I have a crush on these silver booties. Since I dress in simple neutrals on a regular basis, I am drawn to personality-shoes like these. Love the low heel (under 2″) and brogue details.


I’m pleased to host a giveaway by Dawn, owner and curator of the online shop Tea Stained Lace. I was a winner in her giveaway a couple of months ago, and received a very cool vintage 80’s midi skirt. She has good taste, this one!

I need this tea towel.

Dawn is offering a $20 gift certificate to the winner of today’s giveaway. The certificate can be applied to any of the fab items up for sale at her shop. Dawn asks only that you “admire” her shop on Etsy, how easy is that?

All you need to do to have a chance to win is:

  1. “Heart” Dawn’s shop on Etsy
  2. Follow Not Dead Yet Style on Bloglovin‘, Facebook, or Google Friend Connect, and
  3. Leave a comment below, with your email address

That’s it! The winner will be chosen and notified next Tuesday, January 21st.

Have a glorious day – sit in the front row!

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  1. I hearted her shop as Stephanie Gossett.

    Like you on FB

    beachmommy915 at gmail dot com

  2. I could totally see you in the striped dress with the silver booties!!

  3. I love the pink dress and the whole pink trend this winter, for that matter. Thanks for sharing. Sara

  4. Boden makes some great pieces and the catalog is cool! I haven't ordered anything but I've heard the quality is great. Nice choices.

    blue hue wonderland

  5. Found your blog (and love it!) by following a comment thread on Flattering 50–Oh our connected lives! I also love Etsy so this chance at a giveaway fro Dawn's shop is sheer providence.

  6. Boden and I go way way back. It was my little secret. I didn't know that they had a bit of a rep. I don't care. And as for Dawn's etsy shop, you weren't kidding. Such cute things. There are so many awesome people out there, aren't there? Like you for example. <3

  7. Now, Boden. It's interesting to read what you wrote about pre-judging. I have all manner of associations (oh, Ok then – judgments!) about Boden, mainly based on their typical UK customer base. A friend of mine was laughing about going on holiday to a solidly middle class resort on the Med, and calling it Boden Beach, as she saw so many "yummy mummies" (a phrase I loathe, btw!) and their kids dressed in Boden! I have only bought kids' stuff from them before (heavily discounted as it is expensive clothing for kids who grow out of things) and wasn't especially impressed with the quality. There are nice pieces, sure (the dresses you selected are pretty and the boots are cool) but it's all too pricey and a smidge too safe for my tastes. £99 for a viscose dress, £49 for a t-shirt dress is way more than I would ever spend.
    I miss Dawn's blog! I won't enter as I guess the international postage will be prohibitive, but tell her I said hello! xxxx

  8. Patti, I'm joining you on having a major crush on those boots. I would wear them daily and with about everything I own. I'm kind of really super tempted to also pull up the pink dress and check it out. I make a dry cleaning run once a week for hubby so, there you go. Thanks for the new inspirations.

  9. I want that pink Boden dress! I think there are some dry-cleaning options out there. My washing machine has different wash cycles, and I've successfully washed many dry-clean only items. Or course, you need to have a healthy appetite for risk to start washing your dry-clean only clothes. 🙂

  10. Followed on Bloglovin' and Favorited on Etsy (both under "Nikki McCain."

    Thanks for the giveaway! Adorable site!

    Nikki – nikleigh(at)bellsouth(dot)net

  11. Patti, thank you for such a great plug and for your generosity in hosting the giveaway! I need those silver boots…fantastic! good luck, everyone!

  12. I highly recommend Boden, even though I am not shopping there right now. They have excellent outerwear and blazers, and I've also got quite a few of their dresses lurking in my other closet, which I should figure out how to wear more often.

  13. Some great picks there, Patti. You have some of the same criteria I do – no dry cleaning, and short heels (those boots are fantastic!).

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