And The Results Are In!

A few weeks ago, many of you kindly took part in a Closet Snooping Exploration Survey right here at Not Dead Yet. It was a lot of fun to peek into your wardrobes! I promised to share the results and so I shall.

Here are the survey questions and your responses:

1. What colors rule your wardrobe? Most of you prefer neutrals, and that’s how I answered too. Surprisingly, one-fifth of you stick to a black-and white palette – that’s very chic!

  • 47% Neutrals
  • 33% Bolds
  • 20% Black and white,and that’s that

2. Do you share closet space with your mate (if you have one)? We live in a small condo, so we (have to) share. But almost 60% of you said no to sharing.

  • 59% Heck no!
  • 41% Of course!

3. The tornado is coming! You can only keep one item of clothing/accessory. What is it? It was pretty close between jeans and handbag, so I think you’re a practical group. Only 8% chose a dressy dress – good thinking, unless there’s a post-tornado party.

  • 33% Favorite jeans
  • 27% Beloved handbag
  • 23% Leather boots, all the way
  •   9% Sneakers – a must
  •   8% Dressy dress

4. What famous woman’s closet do you want to raid? You love your own closets, hooray! My own favorite, Ines de la Fressange was the next choice. There were write-in votes for Lady Gaga, Olivia Palermo and Kate Middleton.

  • 26% None – I’ll raid my own closet.
  • 25% Ines de la Fressange
  • 20% Helen Mirren
  • 19% Michelle Obama
  • 10% Jane Birken
The Princess was a write-in.

5. Here’s a check for $5,000. You can only spend it on fashion. What will you choose? Many of you were explicit that you just couldn’t blow this kind of money on a single fashion item. You’re a down-to-earth group, and wanted to spread the loot around.

  • 68% None of the above
  • 13% An Hermes bag, or equivalent
  • 10% An elegant watch
  •   7% A full-length fine leather coat
  •   2% Fabulous evening wear

6. For the brave!: Count up how many pieces of clothing you own. Include what’s hanging in your closet and folded in your dresser drawers. Undies, socks, hose and accessories don’t count. Where do you stand? The diversity here was really interesting to me: I came in at 100-200 pieces, and a full quarter of you admit to owning over 300 pieces. There’s a fair chunk of minimalists among you and I’d love to chat with you about your strategies.

  • 24% 100 – 200 pieces
  • 24% Over 300
  • 20% Under 100 (you minimalist!)
  • 18% 200 – 300 pieces
  • 14% I will never say
Come on, 14%, you can tell me.

Thank you again for playing along. Hope your weekend is fabulous and full of joy. xo

Visible Monday is on its “off” week this week, so we can recharge and refresh, and watch rom-coms with our beloveds. ☺ We’ll be back on Monday, January 13th (actually, the Sunday evening

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  1. Perhaps you would consider asking for pictures of closets from your followers in future Visible Mondays… I just "remodeled" mine but I doubt I could figure out how to post it, but it would be fun to see others. I've got mine arranged by color code and occasions. I've added pretty boxes and shelves for bags. Really had fun. And no, I don't have to share with my spouse.

  2. We are like minded people. I didn't take the survey but I would answear the same way like most of your readers did. Basic colors,favorite handbag, spread the money and own between 200-300 pieces. Happy 2014 to you and your beloved!

  3. I enjoyed the survey. Filling it out was fun and finding out the results was better!

  4. Hmmm, I didn't do the quiz, but I'm thinking about counting up my items of clothing. I'm sure I don't have over 100! I have a really hard time making decisions, so I would never be able to get dressed if I had that many things. As it is, I feel I need to take at least 20 things to consignment or thrift shops.

  5. Enjoyed finding out the results, Patti. I cannot imagine a life of only wearing black and white – that's a life half lived! But good to know so many of us are very happy with our own wardrobes. xxx

  6. Happy New Year! this is a really interesting post. Thank for taking the time to do this and share it with us – it is really insightful!

  7. You genius for doing Tabulation! Thanks for sharing the results, Patti. I'm like you – show me a minimalist black and white closet under 100 pieces. Usually those magazine quizzes give you some kind of character analysis at the end or we get to see the "winners" and "losers". On second thought, I'd I shudder to find out where I stand in the ratings.

  8. Fun survey Patti…I am glad to see I wasn't the only one who would blow the whole amount on one big item…just couldn't go there! These types of surveys are always fun!!

  9. I'm kind of surprised black ONLY got a 20% share. Sometimes I feel like that's all I see.

  10. Patti, this was so much fun. I may not have many clothes but I sure love people who do!

  11. Happy New Year Patti! Tee hee! This was fascinating! I completely missed out having been MIA for some time but here are my answers: 1. Black, 2. Yes but not equally (and in my favour), 3. A black lace Prada runway dress, 4. Some vintage Alexander McQueen from when he was still alive and 5. More than 300, way way more!

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