What I Wore: At The Zoo

We had a wonderful time cruising to the Bahamas over Christmas. I stayed off the internet (at $3 to $6 per minute I couldn’t afford to browse the way I like!), read a great book*, stared at the sea, and ate quite a heap of delicious food. It was a recharging/relaxing kind of vacation, very different from our trips to NYC where we are go-go all the time.

The Port of Nassau from our ship. Colorful and charming.

For our day in Nassau, we tried to avoid the tourist traps and took a bus to the west end of the island. There we relaxed at the Cricket Club, and strolled over to the Ardastra Gardens and Zoo. We’ve visited this zoo before – it’s small and intimate and they do care about the animals.

Never, ever adopt a Trumpeter Hornbill. It’s cute and friendly but screams like a toddler.

Only the jaguar exhibit disturbed me: this magnificent animal, who is endangered in the wild because he’s hunted for his coat (!) seemed anxious in his enclosure. To be fair, it was large and well-equipped, but he needs more room to roam. I don’t know enough about big cat conservation to make judgments but I am going to study the subject further this year.

What a beautiful cat! I was not allowed to pet him.
The temps were in the low 80’s, so I wore a light print dress by Modcloth and my faithful khaki sunhat.
The macaw is more colorfully dressed, and what a tail feather!

* The book was Staring at the Sun, by my psychotherapy guru Irvin Yalom. He writes about our fear of death. Sounds morbid, but it was actually uplifting and positive.

Although this hat is humble, I’m pleased to be able to link up to the fabulous Hat Attack hosted by the Style Crone. Please go see the truly special head-wear!

I am wishing you all the best as we start a new year. Stay fabulous and enjoy all your moments.

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  1. Thank you for Staring at the Sun. I love your blog for so many reasons and would never have predicted this one. Grateful!

  2. Wow! Sounds like a great vacation. I'd love to get some warmth and sun! Your hat and dress are perfect. I like seeing the birds. They seem to have room. the Jaguar is beautiful, but I agree that he looks depressed all cooped up. I don't like seeing animals in cages, but I understand some have been rescued and need protection. More space would be nice though. I can't believe people would wear a jaguar coat!

  3. Sounds like a warm, relaxing time. But then, you get warm weather all the time! The relaxation part, though, is priceless.

  4. What a lovely holiday, Patti. Hat, dress and happy face all look great together! I feel uneasy about zoos, they seem a bit like being in jail, I'm much happier about safari parks where animals are able to lead a more natural life in spacious surroundings. The jaguar is simply beautiful but your photo of him behind bars makes me feel sad.

  5. How fun! What a great place to get away to. I have never been but it's on our list.
    You look as chic as ever in your cute dress and darling hat!

  6. Your hat is the perfect companion to your Modcloth print dress, Patti, as you dwell next to the beauty of the macaw. Your vacation to the Bahamas sounds very relaxing and a way to feel renewed for the new year. I was living in the moment in NYC, and found that I missed your last VM. But eager to catch you next time!

  7. Hi Patti!

    Nice to see you in another setting! Lucky you the Bahamas!
    I'm not a big fan of zoos, but they are needed to rescue endangered species i guess-
    Tks about the book, i will have a closer look – Seems interesting, as you aged the concept of our own death can get scary at times –

    Have a wonderful New Year!

    Will see you soon


  8. Sounds like a marvelous trip!! You're lookin' gorgeous out there in the sun.

    Also poor jag. Hope he did have more opportunity to run. Even our wee little house cats need lots and lots of stimulation. We've even given in to demands to walk them on leashes!

  9. Nice photos ! You look great; to disconnect from Internet for a few days isn't so bad !

  10. I love this simple dress on you!! Really elegant and easy to wear, I imagine. Glad you had a chance to relax in a lovely setting. XXOO

  11. Somehow a humble hat seems perfect for the zoo …. Sounds like you had a great trip!

  12. yes! he wrote the "bible" on group therapy. I still have it and re-read it. xox

  13. What a brilliant trip, I am envious! You look gorgeous, relaxed and happy and in true holiday mode, Patti. Like you, I have concerns over some animals in zoos, but I think many of them have been rescued from dire circumstances and cannot be re-established in the wild. Still, wildlife parks where the animals that need it have bigger areas to roam seem kinder. But also like you, I don't really know enough to pontificate. Doesn't usually stop me though!
    Yalom – didn't he write some great stuff about the therapeutic values of groups, I seem to remember? xxxx

  14. I'm LMAO over this comment: "Never, ever adopt a Trumpeter Hornbill. It's cute and friendly but screams like a toddler."

  15. I love the dress! That pattern and colour combination is very pretty and despite the gorgeous surroundings my eye goes right to the dress. Then to the parrot.

  16. Looks like so much fun, Patti! I bet it was good to be off the computer for awhile…true vacations are always beneficial. You look pretty stylish at the zoo!!

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