Closet Confessions: A Poll, Please

I love polls, just love them. When I was involved in politics I tracked them like they were my blood. I am still a political animal, but days will go by without me knowing how low “X” congressperson has fallen in public esteem. It’s more peaceful this way.

I still love a poll, a quiz or a survey. My good-natured nosiness helps me be a better psychotherapist. Now, I’d like to know more about your closet. Would you answer these questions? And I’ll write a post about the results in a couple of weeks.

What colors rule your wardrobe?
  • Bolds
  • Neutrals
  • Black and white,and that’s that
A neutral palette: soothing, or dull?
  • Favorite jeans
  • Dressy dress
  • Leather boots, all the way
  • Sneakers – a must
  • Beloved handbag
  • Ines de la Fressange
  • Michelle Obama
  • Helen Mirren
  • Jane Birken
  • None – I’ll raid my own closet.
It’s Ines’ closet for me – I love her cool casual style
  • An elegant watch
  • An Hermes bag, or equivalent
  • Fabulous evening wear
  • A full-length fine leather coat
  • None of the above
It’s OK to round numbers. Not my closet.

Thanks for playing along. Please leave your addenda in the comments – I know some of these answer choices are incomplete. And have a wonderful Tuesday, dear fashionista friends.

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  1. Hahaha! Ihad fun while doing the poll! I also love them an can't wait try them when I spot them. Would you like to check out my blog? I follow back!

  2. Patti, that picture of the neutral closet is beautiful. My wardrobe looks similar, but my actual closet is not that spacious and lovely. A neutral palette does make me feel relaxed and alive:). Now the $5000 question:). I couldn't answer because the option of purchasing garments from Rick Owens wasn't available…but know you know what I would spend it on :). Great survey.

  3. A very fun poll, Patti! I remember my mental health 'detective' days and appreciated your comment about 'nosiness.'

  4. Thank you, Patti. It's fun to answer these Qs! I would spend my 5.000 on jewelry 🙂 (some beautiful vintage pieces from Tiffany :))

  5. So the funny thing is if you asked me what piece of clothing I would take – it would be my running shoes which are never featured on the blog!!! I used them to run and they are so comfy – I guess if there's an emergency comfort comes first.


  6. That was a fun questionnaire. But I have to admit I am practical – we do
    get tornadoes in Georgia and my purse is ready with both my French and US Passports
    as I don’t want to lose either one – so my purse was the answer…

  7. Really, Patti? You want me to know how many articles of clothing I have? It's IMPOSSIBLE. Even to guess. I just know how tightly things are packed. Answer: VERY. I'd like Lady Gaga's closet.

  8. Fun poll! I chose to raid my own closet, only because I was unfamiliar with the signature styles of some of the other names. Then I saw Ines, and thought 'I like that'. I might like Jane too, must google her.

  9. Had to laugh at myself a lot … I wanted one more category for each except the first. I'm so difficult.

    1. Lots of black, but not much white … so, the answer is black with little bright spots of color. I learned something here.
    2. Yup … gotta share. Grudgingly. I gotta be a better partner about this.
    3. Tornado time? My good jewelry! Much more difficult to replace and boots just don't usually carry as much sentiment as heirloom pins from Granny or little gems I've wheedled out of Dan. Lots of invested effort there …
    4. Couldn't choose. All are among my most admired, but all are at least half a foot taller than I am, and all are way skinnier. Perhaps handbags? Then it would be Inez, hands down.

    5. I'd go into a coma from the stress of having to choose!
    6. Seriously, Patti? You are clearly a super organized woman. If I had to go count, I'd also have to tackle the disorganized messes that are my closets. Last choice by default!

    Excellent poll, Patti, all kidding aside!

  10. Vix – you and the others are right, of course — I should've added a "none of the above" option, sorry! I may try my hand at the software, but I shall put you down for that answer regardless. xox

  11. I love polls and questionnaires, too. I'll drop everything to fill in the blanks. You're a therapist. What does that say about me? Anyway, I digress. I had trouble with the $5000 question, too. I chose the bag because it would be the easiest thing to sell on Ebay. I'm also proud to say that I scored the lowest on every single question except that one. You're a fashion expert. What does THAT say about me?? Patti, this was awesome fun!

  12. I have a high number of clothing and accessory items in my wardrobe, but they are all well cared for an organized. Because I separate by season and donate unused items at the end of the season, I end up wearing most everything in my closet.

  13. Got as far as the $5000 question and gave up, there's no way I'd care for an item of clothing enough to spend that much cash! x

  14. I'm echoing the other women for whom the notion of spending a huge amount of cash on just one item, however luxurious, isn't something they would ever do. I couldn't do it, even if I had the money! xxx

  15. Very fun! I have actually considered doing a post on my closet – it could be interesting. Maybe next year. Thanks!

  16. I'm with Pam and Suzanne – if I had $5,000 I would spread it around, not buy just one item! I could buy a few pairs of Fluevogs, and still have a major second-hand/thrift binge (for me and all my friends, of course!).

  17. I answered the $5,000 question but in reality I wouldn't use it on any of those. I would never spend $5,000 on one item. Unless I win the lottery I just couldn't do it.


  18. Enjoyed the poll, Patti! I could not answer the $5000 question, because I would not use it on any of those. But, rest assured, I would use it!

  19. This was such fun!!! I would take my fav jeans, definitely can't share my closet; black and white with neutrals is the way I'm rolling. Jane Birken's closet would be amazing and an elegant watch – is a must! xo C. (HHL)

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