My Bad Hair Day Solutions

I have more frequent bad-hair days, as my hair continues to thin. I can still style it nice and fluffy several days a week, with mousse, clips and luck. I’ve had success using a dry shampoo on days two and three post-wash. The dry shampoo has the added benefit of giving extra body, and it smells nice. Right now I’m using TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Dry Shampoo, purchased on sale for about $8 at Ulta.

As the curls flatten out, and the thin spots show more, I often call on my hair helpers:

  • Knit beret. This is a brilliant hairdo saver, in cool-to-cold weather. It’s cute, stylish and allows just my bangs to peek out. I have a gray and a cream one, both knitted by a dear friend. Machine washable too.
Cute, yes? This one’s from Charlotte Russe, but mine are hand-knitted.
  • Scarf with messy up-do. This is a great one for the office, where I don’t choose to wear a beret all day. I pull my hair back into a knot and slip on an elasticated scarf. Then I tease and spray the top of my hair to achieve a slightly punky bad-ass look.
It’s like this, but with less hair. Image via Pinterest.
  • Fake hair! I finally succumbed and bought a hairpiece, the Mid Top Extension by Tabatha Coffey. (She is the assertive hair stylist who starred in the Tabatha Takes Over television series.) The “topper” is synthetic hair that clips on to my crown, blends in with my real hair, covers the holes, and gives me more body. It doesn’t look all wiggy or too poofy, just like more hair. And it can be curled or straightened, like real hair. Boss.
I could not order the lips but I got the hairpiece for under $100.

I haven’t ruled out Rogaine, or a super-short haircut, but for now I am having fun with my work-arounds. When my head looks better, I feel better, it’s a fact.

What are your (including you thick-haired ladies) tricks for a B.H.D? I love to hear all ideas. Have a fabulous Thursday.

Visible Monday is on its “off” week this week, so we can recharge and refresh, and do last-minute shopping? ☺ We’ll be back on Monday, December 30th (actually, the Sunday evening

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  1. I was trying to find someone who would be able to clearly navigate me with this problem and was fortunate enough to locate you.
    Thank you a lot for your detailed explanation, you drew attention to a very common matter!
    Although I share your opinion for the most part, I believe that a few
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  2. i have been using rogaine for about 3 months now. no results yet, but i hear it can take 6 months. biotin supplements may be helpful, too. unfortunately, i now have alopecia, too….that takes some very clever styling, i can tell you!!

  3. I may have to try one of those clip in hair pieces. I have a thin very cowlicky spot at the back right side of the crown and have to tease and fluff a bit to cover. This might be a really good alternative if I could find one to match closely enough.
    I bought a can of dry shampoo, but haven't worked with it yet. I'm sure I'll still have to tease that stubborn spot.

  4. These days I cover pretty much all my hair all the time, but before, I used to tie a long scarf around my head, and braid the ends in with my hair. It was a pretty good disguise for needs-to-be-washed hair. (Otherwise, my hair is too long and fine to be too unruly, just tangled.)

  5. My hair is very long and quite straight, so I go for a pony tail or just clip it behind my ears. I love to wear a headband, every now and then, which is something I often wonder if it's still "age appropriate". Merry Christmas, Patti!

  6. I started Nioxin a little over a year ago and it's made a huge difference for my hair density and smoothness. The kits have a 30 day money-back guarantee!

  7. First off, I Can't believe you ever have bad hair days. Those soft wavy curls of yours are the best.
    As for myself, I also accessorize with a hat on those bad hair days, but I'm really liking the fun up -do with the scarf, in fact I'm thinking I'll try that tomorrow. When I'm on the road, well even when I'm home, I use a little baby powder on off days instead of dry shampoo.

  8. I was given/sold shampoo and conditioner by my stylist called Fast
    and it really does make my hair grow!

  9. Ooh, I'm interested in those hair pieces! I've been plagued with thin hair all my life (as a child hair clips would just slip out 'cos my hair was so fine). I blow dry upside down with lots of mousse and a metal-cored brush. Then use lots of hairspray.

  10. I do love a good hat. I haven't really dragged any out as yet but I am sure I will be.

    X x

  11. I found a wig kind of by accident at and really find I like it. I'd needed a cut for ages, and just got it done, and with shorter hair (I wear a bob just above the shoulders) I rarely have real bad hair days. My complaint is that my hair has not thinned, so much as the individual strands are finer. My head of hair is still thick, but the mane really doesn't fall the way my hair used to. No cure for that, at least as far as I know, so I'm just trying to adjust my expectations! LOVE that scarf look!

  12. Check out the wig videos on Godiva's Secret Those gals know how to have fun! I have thin, fine hair and watching those videos convinced me to take the plunge and try a wig. At 50 I'm loving not having to style my hair and finally having that thick hair and beautiful style I've always wanted.

  13. I have curly hair and stopped having bad hair days after I read a book called, Curly Girl. Very helpful info and the author, Lorainne Massey?, doesn't try to sell you anything. Saved my life. Or my hair life!

  14. I mist my hair ever so slightly. Bend over and "mush up" my hair. Massage it and see if I can bring some life into it. If that doesn't work, I get out my hairspray and tease my areas that are flat and spray them slightly. This technique is under so your hair fluffs up in the wind, well… It will help to plump it up but head bands are a nice accessory for me, as well

  15. It stays in like a charm in my fine, thin hair. It's tricky to get the curls to match my own, I have to play a lot. Your color is so fab, it could be tricky to match.

  16. I've got a lot of hair but I'm terribly lazy with regards to styling it so I resort to clip in hair pieces. Can you get Batiste dry shampoo in the States? It's been going for years and is about a third of the price of TiGi – it comes in colours, too. Perfect for cheating whenmy roots need doing. x

  17. I often do a scarf or big headband with a low ponytail! Since I started working out, I have to resort to this more often. The beret is cute!

  18. I always admire ladies who spend time on their hair. I have absolutely no idea how to go about it, nor could I tell one hair product from another. I've noticed my hair thinning in my thirties and I should start doing research!

    My solution for non-cooperative hair days is always hats. I love hats.

  19. I'm a big hat gal, but this clip in hair has me intrigued. I would worry that because I have such fine/thin hair that the clips or combs wouldn't hold. Does it stay in really well? Also were you able to curl it to look like yours? I of course don't see a colour that would match my hair. I'm still thinking about extensions…but I haven't succumb yet.


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