What I Wore: Floral, Thanks To You!

I have been a solid, neutrals gal. My insides aren’t neutral – I’m opinionated and, well, colorful at times. But until recently, my outfits rarely strayed from my greys, blacks, navys and ivories. And I did wear a black knit top today . . . but with flowers on it! (What’s next – a spangled tube top and leather hot pants?)

The shoes, skirt, and top all have floral designs!
Skirt and top are thrift store finds.
Well, you can almost see the flowers here, right?
I do love color and pattern in my house. Baby steps.

Many thanks to my fellow bloggers and generous commenters who keep pushing me (nicely) out of my neutrals comfort zone into more color. I love what you do.

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  1. Thanks Amber – hello, your blog is mighty cool, too. I have to go find your Angry Anemones. : >

  2. You are beautiful in florals.  Living on the edge of our comfort zone is exhilarating!.

  3. I believe there are varying degrees of floral…. My Angry Anemone dress is a floral I like…. something a bit tamer in a soft pastel tone, not my style…

    You are a classy floral lady.  Not too small (I believe it's called ditsy print which if definitely NOT you), not too tame (Because you are far from boring), not too uncool (Hello, your blog rocks) and not too loud (unless it's how you wanted to style it!)

  4. Hi Reva – your latest post about fall fashions is the bomb! It is fun to start with neutrals, you're right – and you're very inspiring for how to "kick them up" with color.

  5. Thank you Debbi – it has been a journey to "come out". And thanks for remarking on the wild curtains – I found them at a charity thrift shop – six panels, unused, for $15! I guess they don't suit the "general" taste, but I like them so much.

  6. Thank you Susan. It's not easy coming out of the shell, I agree! Baby steps.

  7. You llok great! LOVE the skirt!
    I too have been in a neutral kick, but i go round with different looks.
    I cannot pass over a rose-floral parrerned anything! ( I even have rose covered pants!)
    It's cool that you admit to being a neutrals gal ! It's so much easier to go with what everyone else is liking/wearing!
    I believe there's room for all the colors 🙂
    Thanks for being such a great blog-buddy!

  8. you're so pretty! I love the skirt and belt! The floral details are so lovely too.


  9. You look wonderful. The floral looks so 'you'. I think you would look wonderful in color. I love the color of your walls. I  would love to see more picures of your house. Those curtains in your dining room are just too cool. 
    Love the "pose" on your sofa. It looks so natural. I would like to figure out how to look more natural and less stiff posed. You have come a long way from your first posts where you didn't want to show all of the beautiful you!

  10. Isn't is fun how fashion blogging (or following fashion bloggers) leads you to try new things? I know I'm much braver than I have ever been, with (mostly) great results. I enjoy your blog!

  11. You look fabulous in florals and your home is beautiful. 

    Bloggers have inspired me too :-). But I have far more work to do in coming out of my shell.

  12. I can't imagine you before beautiful prints, Serene! Thanks for coming by and sharing   xoxoxo – Patti

  13. Yes, we should have that second cocktail every now and then  : >

  14. This is beautiful Patti!  I used to NEVER buy patterns and now I just can't stay away!  This may be one of my favorite looks on you!  Hugs and happy weekend!  ~Serene

  15. You look fabulous in prints…glad to see they are now in your wardrobe!  happy Friday!

  16. Thank you Terri. You in turn have inspired many others. the manni's name is Dolly. She has no head, but she has a rockin' shape. ; )

  17. Yes, fellow bloggers inspired my year long experiment with color.  You have a lovely home.  I'm wondering about the name of your mannequin.

  18. So,so true about how things become more obvious when blogging. Thanks for the kind words – I think the skirt is vintage 80's.

  19. I'm the first to comment! Cue the confetti cannon! It's good to get out of our comfort zones. They become glaringly obvious when you start blogging, right? I really like that skirt, especially. Maybe florals are becoming your neutral. 🙂

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