The 70’s Are Back – Looking More Stylish This Time!

I was between 15 and 25 years old in the 1970’s – Wonder Years! I was in high school, college, got my first job in the Big City, got (briefly) married, and generally Grew Up. Wow, what a decade.

My own fashion sense was rather unformed, and of course I was pretty broke. I did put together some peasant/hippie looks, and I had a couple of Big Girl suits for my corporate jobs. Bell-bottoms, check. Skinny striped sweaters, check. Big square-toed boots and chunky, clunky heels, oh yeah. Long straight hair, parted down the middle – sob! Never could do it.

So I wasn’t aware then of some of the truly lovely and feminine fashions of the times. Now I am watching a slide show in the New York Times and seeing some pretty gorgeous styles!

Here is the link so you can enjoy if you choose, and here are some of my favorite looks:

My favorite: Marc by Marc Jacobs silk dress. Joanie of Making 50 Fabulous wore a similar dress just a couple of days ago, a trend-setter! Do not like the desert boots with this look.
Gucci silk dress. I’d have to make it more modest, cleavage wise, but I love the lines and the wide sleeves – so 70’s!
Tory Burch velvet suit. The hot pink bow is so fab. I’d probably break up the pieces, but still, a wonderful vintage 70’s vibe, updated nicely.

What do you think? Will you be including any 70’s looks in your Fall/Winter wardrobe? Or is it not your preferred decade for fashion? I’m going to try for some flowy dresses, wider sleeves and maybe a touch of velvet.

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  1. I wore an over-the-top 70s outfit this weekend for Mama Mia, but in general, I do prefer the more toned down 70s looks like these above (sans the velvet suit – I just can't get behind that).  I like how slouchy cool these looks are.  Slouchy isn't an easy look for my shape, but I'll definitely try it if I find something that works.

    Also, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment.  And I agree, Kari is very cool!

  2. Debbie, I love that look too – long dress + tall boots. So Autumn-y.

  3. Your 1970's sound like terrific fun, Ginger! I loved those India-print blouses, and bedspreads too. Though she seemed a gracious lady, Rosalynn Carter was not one of my fashion icons either  : >

  4. I adore Marc jacobs too.
    Thank you for your kind comment.
    I am following and adding you to my blogroll this minute.

  5. I imagine if I'd spent time acting grown-up during the decade I'd remember the fashions more fondly.  Since I spent the decade having fun being a student I'd just as soon stick with those old favorites.

    My idea of 70s style revolved around short-shorts, front-button straight legs Levi that hung off your butt with perfection, khakis from the Army-Navy surplus, down coats, summer tops made from India print bedspreads and Clark's desert boots.
    I could go for an 80s revival but to me the Marc Jacobs dress looks prissy.  Like Ms. Carter who wore an old dress to her husband's inaugural.

  6. I love that the 70's are back, the look is so glam, the colors and textures are wonderful…can't wait to go shopping!

  7. "Awkward" is such a resonant word for me too, Anne. I think the 70's did have a lot of beautiful, feminine silhouettes that we can wear now – adapted, as you say, for our personal style.

  8. You're right, I think we're in the mood for some luxurious fabrics and colors.

  9. The Olsen twins, yes!  Great point about all the fashion diversity in the 70's – not monolithic at all.

  10. The 1970s were awkward years for me (childhood and early adolescence).  It's funny because I always thought I hated 70s style, and when I was in college in the early/mid 1980s, I thought we were so cool by comparison!  Now I see 80s style and cringe, whereas 70s style looks great to me.  I love the 70s trend now, especially the colors, fabrics, and flowy shapes.  (Though I do prefer the slightly more tailored/fitted options).  I love that sunny, relaxed vibe that the clothes have.

  11. Hi  Patti, yes i have 70's vintage dresses in my treasure chest! i will funky it up with bright thights and boots!


  12. Hi there-I love the 70s vibe of velvet, fur and silk, very stylish for Autumn and Winter. Thanks for stopping by too xx

  13. Thank you for linking to me. That was so sweet.

    It's so hard trying to teach my students what the 1970's were really like because it changed so much "No, people did not go to the discos with their mini skirts and tie-dye."

    I am totally on board with that beautiful green Marc Jacobs dress and totally off board with those stupid shoes. I think that's just a practical joke someone's playing to see if people will actually wear that together. They probably will. They meaning the Olsen twins.

  14. Patti, I just ADORE the 70s fashion!  If you ever get a chance, Youtube Wonder Woman with Linda Carter.  I LOVE the clothes she wore!  I'm with you on the Marc Jacobs dress…..great dress….tragic shoes!  Hugs!  ~Serene

  15. In my 20's I loved her cotton summer dresses, with puffy sleeves.

  16. Wow, a velvet suit *with* the vest – too cool. Yes, I had some Granny Dresses, and even have some pictures of same — not sure where they are though. I like tie collar blouses again!

  17. The glamour – yes, I forgot all about that! The red, red nails and lips of the late 70's, and all the furs (I don't care for fur, but I do remember now)  : >

  18. I miss Laura Ashley, although it would have been nice if there had been some blouses that coordinated with business clothes. That's alI can say for the 1970s.

  19. In 1970, I was 19, so I know all about the 70's. I had a really cool polyester jumpsuit that I looked great in. Big collared, patterned polyester blouses.
    I just bought a tie collar blouse at Dillards. I wore it today and as soon as I can I will post a picture.  I also had a vest suit in velvet. The pants were bell bottom. Did I ever think I was cool in that! Do you remember "Granny Dresses"? They were essentially maxi dresses that had lace and country prints.

  20. Being a teen in the eighties the seventies was a big no go area for fashion for me for years, that is until the 90s when there was a bit of revival and we were all bored of the eighties and looking for the next new thing.  Recently the seventies revivals post 2000 onwards have not stopped at the floaty side of those times but really rekindled the smouldering glamour of the era too – this season has to be my favourite reinterpretion yet!

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