Visible Monday #10: Not Sheepish About Mutton-as-Lamb

Welcome to Visible Monday #10! If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the simple how-to.

I don’t wear dresses too often, and here’s my second in three days. I also don’t own much pink – this might be my only piece. But we are trying new things on Visible Monday and bending old rules, right?

This is a much girlier look than I’m accustomed to. With my not-sophisticated hair (I love it, but I know it’s not a “polished” do) and pale skin, not to mention my chronological age (!) I usually avoid pastels and girlish silhouettes, lest I achieve the much feared mutton-as-lamb.

But I gave this Liz Claiborne sundress a chance, because of its simple lines and lack of embellishments. I do like the seamed waist and flared skirt, with its 50’s vibe. The length is perfect. I tied on a scarf as belt to brighten the soft pink, and make the waistline more defined. Then I just added a Forever21 cuff, no other jewelry, and nude shoes. I wanted to let the dress stand alone.

Key mutton/lamb avoidance tactics:

  • Simple silhouette – figure skimming
  • Skirt length – here, to the knee
  • Grown-up accessories

The results: Not bad. The color still skews a bit young for my liking, but it’s a nice step outside the norm. I would absolutely love this dress in (you guessed it ) gray or navy. But since I bought it at a thrift store for less than $5, I had to forgo the usual buyer’s options! It’s fun to play with fashion, that’s the idea. Hope you are having a great time with it today, and please leave your links below for all to see.

Did you ever wonder, How would I look with my head replaced by the portrait of
my favorite old kitty?  No? Me neither  : >

The guidelines to participate in Visible Monday are so simple!

  1. Any Monday, whoever wants to can join in! Just compose a post that includes any outfit, accessory, piece of jewelry, hairstyle, cosmetic or other adornment that makes you feel more confident, alive and visible that day.
  2. Include a link to Not Dead Yet Style somewhere in your post.
  3. Go to the bottom of this post and click on this cute little link:

In the “Next Step”, you crop the pic (easy tool) you want to display, and you’re done!

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  1. To me, mutton-as-lamb involves clothing that is either tastelessly revealing or is trendy to the point of being adolescent. I don't think a color by itself could ever steer you into that territory. Moreover this dress is flattering, fits you well, and is the perfect length. You could've added fairly bold accessories and still not veered into mutton-land, but I love that you kept it simple anyway.

  2. wow! I love that dress, it looks fabulous on you! So vintage chic, totally a good buy! You always know what works for you and wear stuff that's feminine, stylish and chic.


  3. Hi there!! You look lovely in this dress, the colour and cut really do suit you!! xx

  4. I want this dress!!!  I never wear dresses, but I am feeling inspired and lately I am all about trying new things.  lol   This looks so flattering on you and the lenth is just right!  The shoes are a great accent without taking over the show.  nice.

  5. Thanks Amy Jo. I love visiting your blog, and thanks for coming by here!

  6. Tammy, I like your compact advice: stick with dresses. I might just do that for a while, they are so simple. Thanks so much for coming by and posting a pic.

  7. Thanks Anne, you are such a faithful reader and I appreciate you so much. I think you're right about the neckline;  it's not a girly look. Nor a mutton-y look, I might add   : >

  8. Thanks Joanie. She *was* a very adorable kitty, my Nola. Then again, she didn't wear a dress very well . . .   : >

  9. Thank you Marsha – we are all trying to look modern and not girlish, I agree.

  10. Oh, you so get a pass, Amber! Maybe that scarf does not want to be photographed  : >  Come back soon tho.

  11. I think you look fantastic.  Sometimes the things we fear the most are really our friends.  Stick with dresses.  Very cute

  12. I love your mutton/lamb tips!  No fear with this outfit.  I think there's something about the sophisticated, elegant neckline, as well as how it sets off the shoulders, that makes it more sophisticated than we might expect from a pink pastel.   And the scarf is genius — genius, I tell ya!  The saturated color there really changes the whole look.

     I can't believe this is the 10th Visible Monday!  I wish I could manage to participate more often, but I'll continue to enjoy reading!.

  13. I think this color looks really pretty on you. And you don't need a cat face to be adorable. 🙂

  14. I don't believe that you could go wrong with that color – and the dress is wonderful in style as well.  Fresh, vivid – very nice.  I too worry about some colors being too girly/babyish, but as you have proven, it all depends on how it looks on the wearer!

  15. Ok, non-participation award goes to me… I tried to wear my lovely mother's day scarf again (the one that failed before) and before I managed to take a picture, my friend's baby puked on it….. LOL! Sooooooo, I think it's the scarf 🙂 Happy Monday! 

  16. I personally think that shade of pink looks fabulous on you – very fresh!

  17. Thanks Kari – I've never seen you even close to the line either! Maybe we worry too much  : >

  18. Five dollars?!?!  You should give thrifting lessons!  I love the color on you as well as the nude shoes.  Nude shoes are the best!  Thank you for hosting! xoxo kiki

  19. YOu're not even close to mutton masquerading as lamb! I understand your worry though — that is one of my biggest fears. I really like this dress, and the way you styled it — the belt is perfect with it! Very pretty.

  20. Yes, Angie – styled with black would be chic. And a brooch would be a stunning idea, very retro. Thanks for coming by!

  21. Thank you Pam – I too prefer the saturated colors; they are more flattering to almost every over-40 complexion, I think.

  22. Hi Amber – I agree, it's not one of my "best" colors. I like the deeper, more muted tones best.  LOL at the "three B's"!

  23. Why, thank you Ginger! Cool and collected is a good way to be in Florida in August  : >

  24. Thank you Debbi – so you have been thinking about Mutton/Lamb too? Maybe you'll write about it? We want to be youthful looking but not trying too hard, I think that's the essence.

  25. All my favourite people are in it.
    You are sooooooooooo pretty in pink.

  26. Pink is an aquired taste after 40 I would say but it can definitely be worn . I wear it with black a lot as I think it's a mature sophisticated combination. I would love to see this dress with a brooch.

  27. You look great in this dress and the color works for you!  I personally have stopped pastels and go for the more saturated colors, but I am brunette and might feel differently if I were blonde!  Have a Marvelous Monday, everyone!

  28. Patti, I like the dress but have to agree on the colour, but not for it's age-appropriateness but more because I've seen you in lovelier colours.  However, onwards and upwards through experimentation!

    You forgot the golden rule of mutton-dressed-as-lamb avoidance…. No boobs, butts or botox visible (they're all there, just discreet and classy!)

    Back to your dress, have you thought of trying to dye it, for fun? If it doesn't work out, you won't be out a fortune!


  29. That's a very nice looking dress.  It's bare without spilling your chest to the world and a super length.  You look cool and collected and not a day over 30.

  30. The title of this is so timely. I have been having that saying go through my mind all the time here lately. Not sure why–and now you use it in your post!!
    You look absolutely radiant in this dress. I would not call it a pastel at all, it is a vibrant pink.  You underestimate yourself. Your hair is gorgeous. I for one would love to have your curls.
    In no way is this mutton as lamb. It is a lovely lady in a really pretty dress.

  31. Hello Susan! I should have written more about "mutton dressed as lamb". It's an old British expression for a woman of a certain age who tries to dress too young (like a lamb) and doesn't quite pull it off. Very short skirts, very high heels, loads of make-up, etc.

    Of course some over-40 women do adopt a very fun, even eccentric style and they have the confidence/skills to do it well. I am not one of them, but I do like to look!  Thanks so much for coming by.

  32. Hey Paula – great to see you! Looking very colorful and pretty, of course.

  33. Hi Patti, I've never heard of the "much feared mutton-as-lamb" situation. I guess I should search your blog for an explanation :-). Anyway, you look wonderful in the dress and also look adorable with a kitty head.

  34. Patti, I love that dress…………….You are much cuter than the cat!

  35. Patti~Love you in Dresses, Gf!  And this pink looks great on you.  I know what you mean about pastels as we age, but this pink is not a pastel and really is a good color on you.  You know I love color, so Kudos to you for trying a new one! 
    Can you believe 2 weeks in a row now????

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