What I Wore: Simple Dressing

A dress is so easy! I am mostly a separates kind of woman. My closet holds only a couple of dresses, but here is a new (to me) one that I like. I bought it at a wonderful consignment store just around the corner, Cottage Rose. It is filled with pretty clothing, jewelry, housewares, china and more. I have consigned some of my own “treasures” there.

This Max and Cleo dress was on sale for less than $10, and it’s one of “my” colors, a saturated purple. I often find an under-bust tie a little young for me, but this one is OK to my eye. So easy to get dressed today – I just layered some necklaces (thank you, Debbi from She Accessorizes Well for inspiration), and a new peacock cuff from Forever 21. The shoes are new too, Anne Kleins that I picked up at Macy’s at one of their super-sales.

Some days a dress just says it all
Two necklaces that look like more?
The lower one was a gift from Lise at Southern Comfort
I love my new peacock from Forever21 – under $9!
I’m linking it to Visual FBFF at Ashley Getting Dressed

I’m linking up to Thursdays are for Thrifting over at Spunky Chateau. Go have a look at the thrifty finds, if you have a moment.

Do you wear dresses, a little or a lot?

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  1. I live in dresses. My cupboard is overflowing with them. I totally agree with you – a good dress can carry your whole outfit, it can be all you need. Having said that – I do love the peacock cuff!

  2. simple but chic. I love the forever 21 peacock cuff, so pretty. 


  3. I hardly ever wear dresses. I think I've worn them four times over the past year, and three of those times were for weddings!

  4. the dress is a beautiful color and drape…I'm making a note to self to spend more time in consignment stores if you're finding prices like that.

  5. I'll usually wear a dress at least once a week.
    A few years ago I would not have been caught dead wearing a dress, now I find myself reaching out for them more and more. I think it has a lot to do about how simple it is…. 
    I am totally loving that gorgeous peacock cuff! Well done 🙂

  6. Dresses are a must for me. Especially during Summer in San Diego. I have roughly 30 dresses and I wear them all, lol.
    That dress is adorable, and the color is great on you. I can see why it's one of "your colors". Very nice. The peacock bracelet (cuff?) is too cute for words.

    Jess. 🙂

  7. I can see why you like that color, it looks lovely on you. The peacock cuff is perfect.

  8. I am always on the lookout for dresses.  I have some fit issues so some styles never make it into the dressing room.  They eliminate the issue of finding a top and bottom that can be worn together at 7:30 a.m.

    One of my immediate managers is plus-sized but has a well proportioned figure and a closet full of great looking dresses to show it off.  That kind of sets the dressed-up quotient in the office and I like to keep with it in my own dresses.

    We're in an overly air conditioned area, what kind of jacket do you wear with your outfit?

  9. I love the colour of the dress – I do know what you mean about empire line busts – they can be a bit baby doll – this however is a lovely style on you.  Love the peacock cuff too. Both bargains!

  10. That is a really cute dress & what a great price too! I agree, your peacock is adorable. I might just have to scour Forever 21 for one of those!!!

  11. Patti — you look great in this (and it's a great picture!). Love everything about it — the color and the accessories. Really like that peacock cuff and especially the shoes. I know what you mean about the under bust ties … But maybe the sleeves, which I really like, makes the under bust work?

  12. This is my absolute favorite color…PURPLE!  IT looks beautiful on you!!  I also have a favorite resale shop around the corner…isn't that fun!?  Mine doesn't have dishes though and that is probably good or I might bring them home with me!!  Empire waist is NOT too young….good for any age I think!

  13. Patti, I ADORE dresses and this one is just gorgeous on you!  You're right, that is definitely your color!  Hope to see you in more dresses…I'm thinking you may be a convert!  Hugs!  ~Serene

  14. That dress looks adorable on you!  The colour is  great but the waist is a nice level and the sleeve details are cute! I'm in love with your cuff too! Very nice touch!  And you could really change this up with a wide belt instead of the tie…..  two dresses for the price of (less than) one!

    I personally love dresses because it's over the head and I'm out the door! So lazy and look like I've put in more effort than I have! LOL

  15. That dress is super cute and that peacock dress is gorgeous!

  16. Your dress is just perfect with all the accessories! I love that peacock bracelet. I have always been fascinated with the colors in peacock feathers.
    The purple color is beautiful on you.
    As you know, I don't do much in the way of dresses. I would like to, but the shape of most dresses is just not right for me. I see so many that I would love to be able to wear–just need them to fit right.

  17. Patti~Love that purple dress on you!  And I dont think an empire waist is too young at all!
    I've gotten lucky this year with dresses!  And yes, they are simple to dress!

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