What I Wore: A DIY That Meant Well

I have never claimed to be a skilled wardrobe re-fashioner. I find tucking-in vs. leaving-out a creative effort. I’ve never re-made a tee into anything other than a cleaning cloth. But I still love and read the refashion blogs, hoping that some talent will migrate and stick. (Maybe I should read the cooking blogs with the same wild hopes?)

I saw that you can make a cool infinity scarf by simply tying the fringed ends of a long scarf together. Doh! What could be easier? So I did just that with my long blue-green scarf.

Results below: slightly lumpy but well-intentioned. As I was dashing off to work here, I didn’t take new pics, but trust me: I rearranged the scarf to a more pleasing flow.

I am crazy about the idea of my self-made infinity scarf.
The execution needs polishing.
Skinny G finds more entertainment elsewhere. “I can catch a million squirrels.”

I shall not retreat, though. Next up: a bracelet from duct tape??? (it’s cute!).  Where are you on the spectrum of DIY fashion skills?

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  1. The scarf looks good and I bet you felt even more good when you finished with this simple diy. This even more good feeling is what fuels my love for diy. I read through refashion blogs and some projects are so easy not to try. It's a creative process that I love and a great free time hobby…I bet you will be more crafty in the future.

  2. My sewing machine is old and beat-up.  It does straight seams pretty well but nothing fancy.  I stick to DIY that only takes a straight seam.

  3. Before I even read your post, I saw your first picture and thought your scarf was incredibly beautiful, so I think your DIY went incredibly well 🙂 I make infinity scarves all the time out of regular scarves but depending on the scarf, it can take a bit of creative tying and arranging.

    I guess I'm gonna admit that at 49 years of age I know myself pretty well, and I'm pretty sure neither DIY or cooking blogs will rub off on me…lol.

  4. I am not so sure if my comment made it through, but I want to say you look lovely. I love that skirt and scarf. 🙂

  5. I love the colour combinations here and the patterns together. I'd say this worked great!  I binge when I do DIY fashion, and usually I don't go for another round for quite a while.

  6. I am hopeless at scarf-tying myself and so admire anyone who gives it a go at all, but your scarf is totally beautiful! Any DIY I do takes a lot of time because I'm not very efficient at it, and though I'd enjoy doing some and have a couple of shoe projects lined up, I'm starved for time. I wish I had sewing skills beyond very basic mending. 

  7. I'd call it a success. I love your skirt and pattern mixing. I'm pretty crafty, but when it comes to actual clothing DIY's I won't be showing my work at fashion week any time soon. I'm perpetually learning.

  8.  I learned a new word from you, Kezzie! I had to look up gliss-gliss, and my kitty would like to play with them too, I'm afraid  : o

  9.  LOL at your glitter story, but only because it sounds *just* like me, Barbara!

  10.  Oh yes. Let's just say we find the occasional squirrel suit in the backyard.

  11. fashion diy's can be tricky
    don't want them looking to crafty
    don't know what your scarf looks like in real life, but in photo's it is super!

  12. I think you've done well! It looks nice from here, and the skirt and shoes are great! I can't wait to see the bracelet! If it turns out fine, remember to include a how-to guide!

  13. The cat is hilarious too!  I was camping at the weekend and my friend's cat Minnie was showing off catching and playing with a stack of gliss-glisses and mice!

  14. It's lovely Patti!  I must try this!  A duct-tape bracelet?  I suppose one could use the roll itself as a bangle!!!  Pretty skirt by the way!x

  15. very well done, you are obviously talented! sometimes the most simple things are the most effective. i love your skirt with the marin stripes! 

  16. I'm all good intentions and started projects!

    Did you cut off the fringes first?  I know I would hedge my bets in case I wanted to convert it back!!

  17. The scarf looks fine – one of the nicest things about scarves is that they move from moment to moment, and their shapes change as we go about our lives (really, they have lives of their own!).  I receive the most compliments on my scarves on the days when I have put them on willy-nilly or tied them just to keep them from falling off!  And your colors are such fun.

  18. I love the stripey skirt! I'm a dab hand at DIY and can sew but simply don't have the time these days…

  19. My last DIY was my last DIY!.  I am horrible at it.  I glittered 3 pair of my sandals and had to throw all three away because they looked like I glittered them.  The only fun DIY thing I did recently was learn how to tie a large scarf into a tunic to wear.  So much fun!!!

  20. Looks great Patti.  My DIY is refashioning fashion jewelry, turning a brooch into a pendent and restringing necklaces and bracelets.  Currently, I am working on a charm bracelet using all the replacements buttons I have accumulated. 

  21. I enjoyed your intro, Patti…it really applies to me as well!  

    I really love scarves and I wear them often, but I can never get them to lay as nicely as they do on others!

  22. You are one of THE MOST STYLISH 50-something women that I know. I mean it.

    I love, loooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee your skirt and that scarf. I am a sucker for stripes and even better that the skirt has some assymetry to it. I also think the color and print of the scarf look great and you matched with a beautiful bracelet.

    Wishing You a Lovely Thursday Evening and a Great Weekend!! Ada. =)

  23. Beware the SquirrelMaster Skiiny G!!!
    Love the outfit!!! Insteead of tying the ends together to make the infinity scarf-try using tiny safety pins—no lumps!!
    I'm pretty much fearless in DIY–since I thrift most everything if it's a disaster-no biggie!!!

  24. "I can catch a million squirrels."– LOL! CAN the kitteh catch squirrels? I don't think FitzRoy would ever manage that. He's so not athletic.

  25. I think you've done a brilliant job! I love refashioning stuff (but many do end up as dusters, too). Get Skinny G photo-bombing at every opportunity! x

  26. I think it looks great Patti!  I do this all the time…advantages of hair that covers a knot!  I also have a money saving DIY coming up in a post…it is fun to figure out how to do these things…but I am so NOT artsy/craftsy!  You look great in this!

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