Miracle Makeovers

I have enjoyed every style book written by Brenda Kinsel. She is witty, warm, and usually spot-on in her style advice.

A quick, fun read.

Her little book Brenda’s Bible is a collection of advice, encouragement, affirmation and humor. Today I wanted a “Miracle Makeover”, particularly a “Ten Minute” version. (She calls it the “Ten Minute Makeover to Look Ten Pounds Thinner,” but many of us are fine looking however many pounds we are  : > )

Brenda’s ten-minute tips:

  • Fill in your eyebrows. I love this one, although I often forget to do it.
  • Lift your bra straps and loosen your belt.
  • Wear a size bigger to look a size smaller. I like the looser feel of sizing up, so I do this a lot.
  • Add a pretty lipstick color. Of course!

Here’s a couple I thought of, not miraculous but helpful, and I’d love to know yours:

  • Brush on some highlighter or rosy blush.
  • Toss on a scarf that flirts with pattern-mixing. Yes, just throw it on, you can fuss with it later.
  • Run some styling cream or mousse through your hair to freshen the style.
  • Spritz on a scent. I just sampled Lady Gaga’s Fame yesterday and loved it. It didn’t smell slutty to me at all!
Really, just toss it on. Source.

What do you do if you feel the urge for a ten-minute makeover?

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  1. Hi Patti,
    This sounds like a great book! I love to toss a scarf on a LARGE white shirt… to look thinner and more elegant. As for the two color lipstick…. not sure I will try. As everything tends to head "south", lifting the bra straps seem almost mandatory!Fun post. Thanks :-)))xo,

  2. Lipstick, comb hair differently, and a quick manicure.  I'm amazed at how more put-together I feel if I have a coat of sheer pink on my newly filed nails.

  3. Fun!  I do like a spritz of my favorite scent.  Dangly earrings.  Shimmer just under the brow, shadow or liner in the same peridot-ish color as my eyes.  Olive oil on clean, short-clipped nails.  I will also gently curl my lashes but here's my extra trick – first I condition them with the same natural balm I use on my lips (Eye Butter from Keys).  Finally, a deep breath and posture!  Such a difference.

  4. Great tips! (Brenda's, yours, and the comments). I agree that lipstick is a quick and helpful fix. Add a coat of mascara, killer shoes, and I can do anything 🙂 It's a quick way to freshen up. I agree with filling in eyebrows. I do that a lot but with a blonde pencil so it's subtle.

  5. Oh man, even 10 minutes of extra sleep would do me a world of good this week! Failing that, a couple of minutes sorting accessories, and safety pins / fashion tape / loose threads / lint-rolling can spiff things up a notch. 

  6. "it didn't smell slutty at all" hahaha
    Yes, lipstick, earrings, and pull my hair up its it's a mess.

  7. So true about the bra straps – it's amazing when you try on a new bra then go back to your stretched out old one and see how much more flumpy and flobberly you look. (Well, I look, can't speak for you guys).


  8. I usually smear on a little eyeliner or flat iron my hair. I like two-tone lipstick. It can really look great as an IRL thing. I will often just put a tinted lipbalm on my top lip (Burt's bees in plum! Very dark and luscious!)

  9. i used to never fill in my eyebrows when i was younger, i don't think anyone ever told me too
    it is one of my such do things now, makes such a difference

  10. Only in the past few years have I worn lipstick. I just wish I could keep it on for more than 5 minutes.

    I miss wearing scents. Since I developed asthma I cannot tolerate any scent. But I do remember how it made me feel.

  11. Polish my nails, use a little more eye makeup, pick a lush lip color, and grab an accessory that hasn't been worn in a while. Brenda sounds extremely cool 🙂

  12. in winter a lipstick and in summer a lip gloss, khol to accent the eyes and a brushing the hair over the head, that's what my quick makeover. my eyebrows mostly are dyed by the barber light brown. because they are so flimsy – a fad of the 80s – i ponder about permanent tatooed eyebrows to fill them up. i like it to get tipps, thank you! 

  13. I completely agree with filling in your eyebrows. My whole face changes when I take the time to do it. I also love highlighter to look "dewy" now that my skin isn't quite as youthful looking. 🙂

  14. I just started last June to do some kind of exercise for 29 minutes after I get up and it has been a miracle makeover for me!  And of course, smile, smile, smile!!!

  15. I like all your suggestions, Patti, and usually I do the same, but sometimes I mess up my hair on purpose for a last-minute style change, or switching into a pair of unexpected heels always makes me feel last-minute fresh. I never thought of the two lipstick colours together. I'm intrigued by that…

  16. I love the advices,
    I would fill out my eyebrows and lift my bra straps for sure! so funny!
    I like the 2 tone lipstick, i might try it!


  17. Lipstick, with a little color, a spritz of scent, a scarf.  Check, check and check! And maybe a pair of leopard print shoes… 😉

  18. Those ten minutes you should take each day. Maybe I can find this book in Germany?
    I´ll try!
    Regards from Rana

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