What I Wore: Black and Blue and Paisley Too

Edited to add: The fabulous Sally from Already Pretty listed my post about gray/graying hair on her Lovely Links today! Thanks so much Sal. Please go have a look at all the Lovely Links when you can.

 I just picked up this little black knit top at a local charity thrift and I think I like it. It’s more girly than my usual look, with the peek-a-boo keyhole neckline and flutter hem. But I like the smooth silk knit (August Silk brand) and the fit – it’s actually a Large, but I enjoy the roominess! Nobody likes tugging at their sleeves and hems all day, right?

The Grace Elements skirt is an old favorite, frequently worn in the cooler months with tights and boots. It has a wonderful swing to it, and a nice fat paisley right in front. I went light on accessories today; it’s still in the low 90’s outside and I didn’t feel like adding much. Come on, coolness, do your thing!

A slightly goofy grin? It’s almost Friday.
The top has pretty details

The camera issues of yesterday were solved  with a switch to “Smart Portrait” mode from “Party/Indoor”(?) mode. I am not making that up. Perhaps it’s the camera setting used in Animal House??


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  1. Patti, did you noticed we were mentioned at http://style.lifegoesstrong.com/what-are-you-wearing

  2. I am trying to figure this out! I know Blogger itself has a problem with "Followers" and they say they are working on it. Please hang with me, Ms. P.  : >

  3. Goodwill, girlfriend! I tossed them in my basket without even *looking* at the size!   : >

  4. Well aren´t you looking fabulous Patti ?
    The paisley print and the shoes make a beautiful contrast.
    Have a wonderful weekend !

  5. Love, love your skirt.
    I  click on followers nothing happens.

  6. Wow. I love those shoes. Very nice outfit, overall, with the curves of the paisley print, oval belt buckle and key hole nicely complimenting each other.

  7. I like that blouse, too; and I love the skirt!  

    Ah, camera settings.  In my one self-timed experiment to date, I switched back and forth between the indoor/low light/no flash setting and the "automatic," smart setting (camera switches automatically to the setting it wants).  I have NO idea what actual setting created the ONE non blurry photo.

  8. Okay, you look GREAT!  But seriously, where did you get those shoes?!?!?!  They are FABULOUS!!!!

  9. Those shoes are just great with the skirt.  You're doing far better than I with the timed camera settings. Still can't get mine to chew gum and walk at the same time, or rather delay AND focus.

  10. Your stunning shoes pull it all together.  I love the details of the black knit top.

  11. I LOVE fat paisleys and the goofy grin looks like the one I wear when I'm sipping a glass of chardonnay after a day of hauling wheelchairs around in the heat.  I think the top is perfect with the skirt.  Too cute!

  12. Really cute top–its cool the way it has a cut out and the little swirly thing on the side.  and love the shoes!

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