What I Wore: Big-Trousers Friday

No, not a new link-up – just a personal trend I’ve been following. ☺

I think it was Melanie who got me started loving the big pants (trousers, not underwear). She always looks so graceful as she skates around the city in hers. And she has great artistic flare. I am able to produce less creative, but still good-looking, combinations with my B.P.s.

Today I chose a graphic print top from GAP to go along with over-sized flowy trousers from Soft Surroundings (similar). A couple of pretty bracelets and my White Mountain sandals finish off the outfit.

I’ve been playing around with PicMonkey and liked the look of black-and-white for this outfit.

I hope you all have a glorious weekend!

Visible Monday is taking a vacation due to the U.S. holiday, so there will be no Vis Monday linkup this coming weekend. We’ll be back on Monday, September 9th (actually, the Sunday evening before)!

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  1. Giant Pants! Being English, I mean trousers really but it doesn't sound as good! Whatever you call them, these flowy trousers look really good on you, Patti, especially with the soft print top, and the stylish black and white photo! xxxx

  2. Lerve big pants, I used to wear them constantly back in the day, the feeling is so free!!!! xo

  3. What a lovely outft! Love the soft flowing lines of the top and trousers. I love wide legged trousers too (even if I'm probably too short to wear them) – love the ribbon trim on the trouser hem of these.

  4. Trends, I don't care a bit about them. If I like something, I like it and no amount of trend dictating can affect that. Giant pants I like.

  5. Your post reminds me of an embarrassing experience a friend had. He, an American, was visiting England where they call pants "trousers" and use "pants" as a term for underwear. Like me, he's a motorcyclist and wanted to buy leather pants. So he went into a fancy shop and asked if they sell "leather pants." They looked at him funny and directed him to the city's red-light district.

  6. Ooo, Patti, you look really grown up in your big pants. Love this. And the black and white. And I love Fisher's illustration. I don't skate around town – I usually stumble and oof my way down the street. Thanks for the mention. (awkward wink)

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