Good Deals On Transitional Pieces

Unless you live in a very chilly locale, there’s still time to wear transitional pieces. And here in Florida “transitional” items are terrific through the whole (warmish) winter.

Yes, I’ll be breaking my shopping hiatus for a couple of fresh items. Here are some goodies that can be worn now and layered up later:

A lightweight striped tee is lovely under a denim jacket
and over a pencil skirt. $40, but now it’s 30% off.
I love these layering tanks in bunches of colors. Only
 $7 and $8, plus 30% off now.
It’s always time in my universe for colorful flats. In a slew of colors, $40.
This all season scarf looks like the perfect finisher. In three colors, $44.

Visible Monday is taking a vacation due to the U.S.
holiday, so there will be no Vis Monday linkup today.
We’ll be back on Monday, September 9th (actually, the Sunday evening

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  1. I can see you working all of these into your stylish wardrobe, Patti. Hope you have had a great long weekend. xxxx

  2. Hope you have a great time. The summer packing list always included a Navy Blue an White striped Breton top, it's an essential!

  3. Enjoy the holiday!! I love the striped top–I could totally picture you wearing it with the scarf!!

  4. well, here in Boston, we have a whole wardrobe of transitional pieces! And I wlll hold out until the last moment till I wear mine. It will come all too soon I'm afraid! xoxo

  5. you can click the links in the captions, and they'll take you directly to the buying site/s.

  6. Nice bits! It's just starting to get cooler here in England – I was in a cotton cardigan and scarf today with a light jacket this evening. I'd definitely use the stripy top and the scarf (in fact I have similar of both…)

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