How Not To Get Bored

Does your clothing excite you?

Or at least not bore you?

Some wardrobe pieces are inherently dull for me. They’re just born that way. But what bores me may thrill you and vice versa. So this is my personal manifesto, and of course I am nosy about what’s boring-to-you.

Here are a couple of boring-to-me pieces, and how I give my creatures life! ☺

  • A plain white button down. It’s on all the must-have, ten-essentials lists. But it makes me snooze. Solution: A mens shirt, or over-sized slouchy shirt, or one with a wee ruffle.
  • A plain white shell. You know, the kind we used to wear under our suits in the 80’s. Snore! But a white “shell” can be versatile and a terrific layering piece. To keep me interested, make it a micro-fabric, fitted tank, like the ones from Adea. Smooth, slim fitting and with a scooped neck, it’s the New White Shell for me.
Looks like me in the 80’s, wearing a safe shell under my pinstripe suits. Gack! On the right, an Adea tank, ahhh.
  • A khaki A-line skirt. This screams “uniform” to me. As in, “Ladies, we want you all in khaki A-line skirts and white shells for the concert.” But shorten it to knee length and add my over-sized mens shirt, a belt and cool shoes, it’s a Whole New Thing.
Over here, community chorus uniform. On the right, shorten it up and add funky footwear.
(Brooks Brothers skirt)

That’s how I work with potentially snooze-y pieces. Do you have any revival techniques to share?

Have a fabulous Tuesday,

P.S. Please take a moment to check out Judith’s Hat Attack link-up. There are some fab head-pieces to be seen. My black straw sunhat is not in that fab category is but I am sending it over anyway!

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  1. Loved this post. I also find the basic white button down quite boring but I know its a must have for any women. Can't wait to try some new versions. By the way, you look adorable in hats.

  2. I struggle to make myself buy the boring things like a plain black t shirt, but I do get a lot of wear out of them. I find I need some boring bits so I can wear the more interesting bits – no point in a wardrobe full of crazy skirts and no tops to go with them.

  3. Actually I have a lot of white shirts/tees/blouse although I am a colorful girl. But often those basic are fun to play with. There was an outfit I wore last month which was very boring. It was all blah beige. It was just too much beige for my liking. When I looked at the pics all I saw was beige. My hair, my skin, the background, the clothes. Blah.
    Patti I do love your gorgeous hat.

    Have a lovely day

  4. It's funny, after I read this I had to sort of laugh. Whenever I wear colorful tops and clothing in an attempt to step out of my boring rut of black, I feel a little uncomfortable. I feel so much better wearing my simple black tee. I guess I am just a minimalist at heart.

  5. Patti, this is such a great post! You are such a great blogger. Seriously, love it! xoxo

  6. Patti, I am honored that you donned that large brimmed black hat and took it over to Hat Attack. And excuse me. You and the hat are totally in the fab category! Thank you for linking up with Hat Attack.

  7. Awww!! You look so cute in a hat, Patti!

    I always look for basics with quirky details. My white shirt has little pleats up the front, same with my Little Red Dress. My plain black jeans are actually men's skinny jeans, but the way they're cut? Fits me in a way that makes ME feel good.

    Overall I don't have a lot of "basics" but the ones I do have, I try to keep it exciting.

  8. Loving all the hats I'm seeing on everyone today! I'm kind of a stickler about the white shirts–love a bit of detail in mine and always, the oversized men's shirt. I don't think I own the khaki skirt anymore or the white shell. I think black slacks are my most boring necessity.

  9. It seems to me the things you mention are more classics whose styling needs a refresh. Classics may have longer style archs than their jazzy accompaniments, but eventually most need an update.

  10. Conversely, I love a white blouse of any description. πŸ™‚ I find jeans quite boring and wear them more out of necessity. Xx

  11. Great notes, Patti … perfect thoughts for this time of year and the wardrobe blahs. Hope you are having the best time at the end of summer! Couldn't let the first part of a week pass without stopping by to say howdy … see you Monday!

  12. How gorgeous do you look in that hat? Very!
    There's no place in my life for a khaki knee length skirt, white vest (unless it's thermal underwear) or a white shirt (my days of waitressing are hopefully long gone!) xxx

  13. never thought of it this way but now that u have mentioned it:) I guess its the mid calf skirt thats the most boring, and there is no rescue:) Sabina Styleblog Only in Frankfurt

  14. great post. Some of those must have pieces I either don't have or rarely wear, like the white shirt because yes it's boring.

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