It’s Always “In” With Me

Certain wardrobe pieces are considered classics, for the ages, never “out.” The usual suspects include the mythic trench coat, black pumps, white shirt, et al. They’re classics for a reason: they are versatile and functional, and look good on many women.

There’s another category that I consider “timeless”, although the fashion mags have likely declared some of these completely dead. That’s okay with me, I am not a fierce enough fashion devotee to notice. ☺

In my world, and closet, these are some of the “always-in” items:

  • Denim jackets. I understand they wax and wane in popularity, but they are rock-solid for me. I wear mine as comfort in the freezing movie theater, and to dress-down a more delicate look.
Yes, I’ll even wear acid-wash! Source.
  • Peasant-style skirts. Wraps, dirndls, I love them all and wear them whenever I like. I did enjoy the 70’s revival of several years back, when eBay was flooded with cool wrap skirts.
This is a favorite look of mine. Source.
  • A pussy-bow blouse. They were huge in the 80’s when I was on the corporate treadmill. Now they look feminine and wearable, and there are tons of them available at vintage shops. I like to wear them with jeans and boots for mild Florida winters.
Source, but sold out, so sad.
  • Wedges. This is how I love to wear a higher heel. I’ve read they’re on their way “out” in favor of slim heels, but I will wear them forever. I can wear them all day, and not fall down.
I will always love you, wedge. Source.
  • Bermuda “shorts”. The only length I like, now that I’m closer to 60 than 50. There are lots of good looks available right now, and I could hardly find a pair five years ago. So yay, I am “in style”, if ever so briefly.
Just add wedges. Source.

What are your “always-in, I don’t care what the runway says” pieces? And do you ever have trouble finding them during the “off” years?

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  1. I'm with you on denim jackets and flowy summer skirts. Otherwise, I guess it's my silver bracelets and maxis of any description. Put in an early link to you in my post because I may not make it to VM. But I'm gonna try. πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend. XXOO

  2. Denim jackets and Bermuda shorts are on my "always in" list, too! They're so classic that they defy trends, anyway–which you could say about everything on this list. None but the hippest and fashion editors will know when they're "out" anyway πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Patti! Great post.
    Love my ballet flats, straight leg jeans and scarves! I never got into the "crisp white shirt" thing, never could find one that fit well!

  4. Hi Patti-so agree with the denim jacket, I couldn't be without mine and also my trusty black leather biker jacket will get worn to death this coming season, hehe! Have a good weekend xx

  5. I love denim jackets and pussy-bow blouses! My husband didn't believe me about pussy-bow blouse at first– that someone would actually name them that lolzzzz

  6. We have the same always-in looks! I don't wear many hippie skirts on my blog, but I wear them around the house and on weekends a lot. There are some cuts of jeans (skinny, boy, very straight) that will never go out of fashion with me personally. Thank goodness for thrift shops, where your favourite things never go out of style!

  7. I am with on you wedges, jean jackets and pussy bow blouses!! I also always love polka dots.And my converse sneakers.

  8. Absolutely to everything on your list! (except the blouse, not my style) I'll also join in on the ballet flat love.

  9. Denim Jacket and Cowboy boots are always with me. OK there are some other pieces as well, but thse two are the most important ones, I just can't do without.

  10. Hippy skirts are always in for me in the summer!!
    I'm with you on wedges–I'll wear mine irregardless if they are in style or not
    I'm gonna wear my cardigans instyle or not
    And I am sticking with straightleg or bootcut jeans/pants. no skinnies for this gal!
    That's the best part of being "old"-wearing what I WANT!!

  11. I suppose it all depends how much you follow trends. If you don't, then you just wear your old favourites regardless, whether they are classic, timeless, or not! For me, a denim jacket is always useful, but then I wouldn't wear a blouson, oversized or very cropped style, so just ANY denim jacket wouldn't do! A vintage maxi dress with a trusty denim jacket is probably a look I will wear for ever! xxxx

  12. I have mixed feelings about this. It's good to know yourself and your style, a closet full of things you don't reach for automatically is a waste. That doesn't mean that the woman who wants to stay in the mainstream of style -a major assumption here- should stick to her 1985 denim jacket until it falls apart. Styles change; the 1985 denim jacket may have a far more oversized shoulder, or a different waistline or collar than what's current. While a 20-something may look vintage and cute in that retro jacket, it may appear ill-fitting or out-of-date on 50+ woman. As was pointed out earlier this week, our bodies change as we mature. The slim-waisted jacket may "fit" but is that roll of tummy that protrudes beneath the waist what you want to show?
    So I think yes, there are "always-in" items in my wardrobe, but I remind myself to update them. As a working woman in a competitive urban area that means re-visiting about every 5 years.

  13. Flat leather riding boots. In my early working years (1980's) I had several pair of boots but the flat ones were the ones I wore for decades. Then fussed and cussed through the 90's and early 2000's, waiting for that style to come back in so I could replace them. Now, with ebay and etsy, its so much easier to find things like that in the off years. They'll be my favorite shoe as long as I can still bend over to pull them on and off!

    I've been thrifting capri length pants and rehemming them at bermuda length. Anybody else? Quick and easy. Hundreds of pairs to choose from at $2.99 or less.

  14. Love this post, Patti! I like your list a lot! What is always in for me? red lipstick, a nice pair of loafers, and ballet flats!

  15. I love jean jackets and feel they are a must have… giving one to my budding fashionista niece for her 11th birthday!

  16. 1970s maxis, battered tan leather boots, a vintage fake fur, skinny-fitting waistcoats, a tooled leather bag with a strap long enough to go across the body, 1960s mini dresses, Indian chappals, floppy felt hats, crochet string bikini, a suede jerkin, over-the-knee socks, kajal, a shed-load of silver jewellery….xxx

  17. Ankle boots are always in for me. It's a "difficult" look according to some people, but I'd wear a pair of ankle boots with anything.

  18. I will never stop loving pencil skirts, especially high-waisted ones. They always feel great on – I feel like a million bucks in them. And frankly, whatever one loves is always "in."

  19. Blazers and jeans work for me anytime (except when it's too hot) and a variety of shoe choices will go with them.

  20. Oh, huge pout that the chicken skirt is sold too, boo! I'm with you on the long shorts, and for me – both pointy shoes and clogs, low-rise flare jeans, big belts and other meaningfully-sized jewelry and accessories, cross-body messenger bags, and all the shapes and colours that have always suited me well. I mostly prefer to avoid what's "in" (juuust in case no one had already guessed that, lol).

  21. Love this post, Patti! One of the great things about getting older is that we listen to our inner voice more and clothes are no exception. I find myself paying less attention to what the fashion industry says I "should" wear and more attention to what I WANT to wear.

    I share many of your "always ins," including denim jackets and wedge shoes. I also love knee-length dresses and skirts, straight-leg pants and jeans, 3/4 length coats, jewel tones, stripes, polka dots, and animal print. While the last few are currently "in," I wear them whether they are on the cutting edge of fashion or not. In truth, only a very small percentage of people even KNOW what's on the cutting edge of fashion. Why not dress in a way that makes me happy?

  22. White Jack Purcell sneakers. I have worn them for ages. I even wear them with dresses. It just wouldn't be my wardrobe without them.

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