What To Wear To A Mammogram?

I believe it’s wise to dress up a little for medical appointments. For one, it makes me feel better in general. And for two, it elevates the expectations of the front desk people. “Here is a woman who knows what she’s about,” they’re thinking. (Everyone deserves good treatment at a medical clinic, regardless of appearance, but we know it doesn’t always work that way.)
I feel radiant as I prepare to be radiated! Bracelets from Bella‘s and Becky‘s shops.
So for my annual mammogram screening, I chose this fabulous Karina Penelope maxi dress. The print is cheery and Pucci-esque. It feels like wearing your most comfortable sleepwear in the day. And bonus! it folds down easily from the top, so I didn’t even have to remove it for my mammo ☺.
Just kidding! Mammograms don’t steal your boobs!
I hope you get mammograms as recommended for your age and personal history. Mammos aren’t perfect, but they do find cancers when they are small and treatable. So do that for yourself, fabulous women. xoxo

Because of Labor Day Holiday in the U.S., we are skipping Visible Monday for next week, September 3rd. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you some more.

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  1. Smashing dress. Totally your colours.
    I once "accused" the women of the mammograms that my boobs were drooping after their squashing, while they were very perky before that. The nurse looked at me, smiled and said: "if we could achieve that, we could also do the opposite and we'd be swarmed with customers". She had me in stitches.

  2. You look great and you are so right, I always dress up for doctors appointments as well. Just not the gynecologist, then I dress comfortable with a long shirt and pretty underwear, so they won't think I wear those granny briefs or something πŸ™‚ Hope all went well at the doctor!!

  3. I agree completely! If anything dressing up for a medical appointment is a great mood lifter if you aren't particularly looking forward to the procedure! Love the last pic!

  4. I'm there with you Patti any occasion is good excuse to dress up especially a mammo!
    Hopemitmgoes well!

  5. That is a stunning dress on you, Patti – fabulous colours and a wonderful print. And how cool do you look in a maxi? Very! Loving the cheeky second pic! xxxx

  6. I completely agree about dressing up for a doc visit– I do the same thing. I know it shouldn't matter, but appearances do make a difference in how people treat you and I want the upmost respect and attention from my doctors/nurses.

  7. Ha! For me I always wear a separate top and jeans. Super easy to undress and I can leave my pants on. You do look way more fashionable than my normal attire.

  8. Oh Patti! Great minds think alike. I just did a post about what to wear to a doctor appointment. You totally have me beat in the "chic" department. I have a mammo coming up. I must get myself a convertible maxi like yours!

  9. Maybe you can tie the straps around your waist so the skirt doesn't fall off while you're being 'gramed?
    I don't usually dress up to see the doctor, but I always arrange for an open schedule that day so I can deal with waits and delays without annoyance. I've found the best way to get the best out of people is to mind your manners, which is much easier to do if you have something to read or do and no place else you have to go.

  10. Hee!! Your expression made me giggle!! Hooray for preventive health tests. It's always more important to be informed about your own body.

    Love the Katrina dress, this is an awesome print!

  11. For sure the top of that dress will facilitate the ball flattened into a pancake smashed/pressed between two plates test. Love those colors on you! πŸ™‚

  12. What a GORGEOUS dres Patti–so summery and in your colors!!
    My hubby used to be a mammography engineer (worked on and installed mammogram machines)
    I'm diligent about mammograms as I had a benign interductal pappiloma removed in 2002 and my mom is currently in remission and a survivor of HER2+ breast cancer.

  13. You look absolutely stunning Patti. Perfect choice for a medical appointment.
    The second pic is a scream. I nearly spilled my coffee reading your comment.

  14. Great dress to uplift and take off easy. You look like your going to dinner not to a "titty press" and that is so regal.

  15. Oh that is an absolutely stunning dress. I'm loving the pattern and colours.

  16. Heehee!! Love the pic of you clutching your tatas! Several months ago I wore a tshirt with a corset printed on it to my appt and felt positive and chirpy. xx

  17. That dress is fantastic and yes, I always dress up for hospital appointments. I like the look on my orthopaedic surgeon's face when I limp in wearing 8 inch platforms. x

  18. Beautiful color on you! Yes, I just had medical appointment yesterday and wore a cute swingy skirt and blouse! Felt good!

  19. You probably know that blue and green become you- you look stunning in your Pucci-esque KD frock! And thank you for reminding me that style is as much about self-care as it is about dressing up. I hope your results come back with a clean slate (is this even a phrase that makes sense? no coffee yet) and a clean bill of health. xo!

  20. And the dress is perfect for a post-mammo drink or shopping or walk on the beach!

    Great post, and I love the second picture!

  21. What a fabulous dress! Love that print. And I agree, a sense of humor helps.

  22. Great outfit for a mammogram appointment! It's always a good idea to wear something that helps you and others feel better. I feel great after viewing this gorgeous and colorful maxi!

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