What I Wore: All the Things

I piled lots of favorites together today, a day off from work. It’s still steamy hot out, but I wanted a step-up from my summer uniform (see it here and here).

So we’ve still got the tank top (similar), thrifted linen trousers, flat sandals (similar) and vintage jewelry. I added this olive zip-front vest by Andrew Marc (similar) and I like the results. The vest is fun to wear, with its faux leather shoulders and big pockets. It’s not too roomy though, so when it’s zipped I have to limit my Irish soda bread-dipped-in-cheese, a Thursday favorite. Suffer for beauty.

My necklace and bracelet are from Molly Mutt thrift store.
The outfit’s more polished with the vest zipped up. But then I can’t eat.

Have a groovy day and stay fabulous,

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  1. Hi Patti! I love the no nonsense neutrals spiced up with the shots of hot turquoise (quite your color, I must say!( and the red soles on your sandals. Very casual and beautiful.

  2. Totally loving those shoes and the jacket. But really those shoes…red and snake skin? Nice

  3. Love the asymmetrical zip. Looks very polished as you say, but surely you need to eat! I suspect no one would notice if you slipped a little piece of bread in…tiny thing like you πŸ™‚
    Nice to have slight variations to a uniform you've had all summer. I get bored if I have to wear the same thing for too long! Xo JJ

  4. Unzip the gilet, a girl needs to eat! You look fabulous, love the bright turquoise of the top and the sandals to add a splash of colour! xxx

  5. Tank top, vest – until I started blogging I thought tank tops were woollen sleeveless jumpers and vests were cotton tops without sleeves, you Americans and your language differences!
    Great outfit, love the red flash at your feet. Keep the waistcoat unzipped, life's better when you can eat! xxx

  6. You can totally rock the linen pants but I'm most covetous of that vest! Love, love, love! Good thing the Mossimo version is sold out or I'd have broken fast for it. πŸ˜€

  7. I love that vest – great shape and length. I've also been crazy for vests this year and this one is great!

  8. Love the vest!

    I'm crazy for vests this year. Well I've been searching for a black leather one in a thrift/consignment store since last year. So far, no luck. I did see that Sears has a nice looking version…


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