De-Construction: The Ugly Side Of Beautiful

We’re getting new kitchen cabinets this week, whee! As a true Obsessive-Compulsive, I have high anxiety floating though my body, but I’m coping. Unlike the kitties, all of whom are under the bed. We are fortunate to have a considerate contractor, who minimizes the chaos and cleans up after his crew.

Our new cabinets will be slab maple in a honey stain, something like this. Our granite counter-tops are staying, even though I just read that granite is over, out, done! Too pricey to replace them.

Our new cabinets will be similar. Source.
Good-bye, old cabinets. The crew found a petrified snake. Kitties not doing their jobs, I guess.
No make-up and my clip-in bangs for a quick ‘do. I look a wee bit drunk but really, I cannot even find the liquor at the moment. All will be normal by Friday. Right??

Any remodeling tales to share?

Have a constructive day, and stay fabulous,

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  1. That *always* happened to us in our old cottage – repairmen shaking their heads, et al. But this condo is fairly new and well-done, thank goodness.

  2. I have heard of counter tops that are composites but they're even more expensive. If you read Apartment Therapy you'll see different non-granite options – poured concrete, various tiles, woods, whatever. …. If you live there years and years and need a spruce up before a sale you can get new appliances. By then stainless will be look like avocado to us.

  3. I like the counter tops and think they'll go with the new cabinets. The thing with the snake is a little concerning though. Hopefully your condo isn't that old and they won't turn up an unexpected problems that will require more $$$.

  4. Take a deep breath. All will be normal on Friday! And if it's not, start looking for the booze… Or join the kitties under the bed. You look too cute in your handy-woman outfit. Clip-in bangs, love those! Your new kitchen will be incredible and hopefullly worth the temporary anxiety. Hang in there!

  5. OMG, a petrified snake! Yuck. Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous, even if you're stuck with passe granite (as are we, and half the population, I bet).

  6. hahaha…you look adorable Patti! Really! When we owned a home, we did it all ourselves, and a lot of IT too! We had a big, big tabby boy who'd drape himself around my husband's neck while he attempted to work away. And yes…I have a photo, LOL!

  7. the planning is super-fun, isn't it? It's the not being able to find the cat food part that gets annoying : >

  8. You look so cute with the bangs!!!!! I'm sure the cabinets will be amazing πŸ™‚

  9. Oh goodness, I loathe having work done on the house (which probably explains why the place is such a tip!) But I'm sure your kitchen will look fabulous, do show us the finished result. You look fab with your faux fringe – not to mention like a teenager (there's a portrait in an attic somewhere, I just know it…) Xxx

  10. Nothing to add but my sympathy. I'd rather cut my foot off with a dessert spoon than start one of those projects. In my experience, they always take much longer to finish and, at a minimum, twice what they should cost. Just a quick scan of your post made me feel guilty about my bathroom, which sooooo needs such an undertaking.
    You look so cute in your bangs … I just love you, Patti, for putting on fake hair for a remodeling job. That's just the best thing I ever saw.
    Good luck to you, darling, and I know you'll be so happy with the results.
    It is theoretically and physically impossible for granite to be out. You must have read a typo. Fogedaboudit.

  11. So I follow you in Feedly and your post came up right after one from Apartment Therapy so I scrolled thinking it was a post from them, then came to the end and thought, boy that looks an awful lot like Patti but with a bob, what the? That's what I get for skimming Feedly! Anyhoo, a kitchen remodel is SO worth it! We did a major home overhaul that was SUPPOSED to be finished before Emerson was born but ended a couple weeks after. It was insanity but each time I go in my kitchen (also with granite countertops, don't care LOVE THEM), I'm glad I went through that craziness. Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous!

  12. Oh the joy of it all!

    I know it is so stressful but really I'm jealous. I cannot wait for us to get our bathrooms redone. One thing at a time though. I just finished a little project in my office today. It all takes time and money.

    You look positively delirious. Is that the construction fumes you've been inhaling? ; )

    You remind me of that Rosie gal from the 1950's, the one that is flexing her muscles…like you can do anything…even rip out a kitchen and put it back together.

    OMG on the petrified snake. That'd make me petrified to sleep at night.

    I can't wait to see the finished project…in three years. Ha ha! only kidding…


  13. How cute do you look, slightly drunk with clip in bangs?
    We did our kitchen ourselves – or rather Jon did it and I went out a lot. Can't wait to see the finished room and who cares if granite is "out", its the best thing for pastry, says the ex-chef! xxx

  14. How much fun, Patti! Most of my construction tales are nightmares! But, I still think it is fun….enjoy! Can't wait to see the outcome.

  15. What fun! (I'm only half kidding.) We're pondering doing a full-on kitchen remodel next year, and I'm looking at the prospect with equal amounts of anticipation and dread. But I'll bet your cabinets will be gorgeous when you're done!

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