What I Wore: Off-Duty Summer Uniform

Florida’s weather forecast for the next two and a half months:

Please make note of the “Feels like 100 degrees.”

So I’ve come up with a super simple, cool uniform for my off-work hours. It consists of:

  • A cotton knit tank top. I used to hate to show my arms, but now I flaunt them. No one has passed out from the horror, yet. Show your arms, my friends, we’re not dead yet and it’s awfully hot out there.
  • Linen trousers. I have two pair: these navy pinstripe and an ankle length khaki pair, both thrifted.
  • Flat or low wedge sandals. Today it’s my Birkenstock Gizeh’s. I wear a pair like this if I want to look more pulled-together:
These are by Nine West, and come in six colors.
  • A couple of pieces of jewelry, like my dolphin hoop earrings and Bella Bracelet. Some days I wear a funky pendant:
This one’s so pretty, from Max and Chloe.
  • Sunglasses, naturally.
  • Rosy lipgloss.

For cold indoor venues, or for modesty, I just throw on a cardigan or wrap.

These are the basics: tank, linen trousers, cute sandals.
I have tanks in coral, olive, cobalt, gray, black and white. Here’s a great basic from Nordie‘s.

Do you have an off-duty formula for steamy days?
Have a cool-breezy day, and stay fabulous,

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  1. You look so different and i like it – you look very cool, chic and confident –


  2. You look absolutely beautiful in this outfit – young and fresh! I love your hair styled this way – and your arms look gorgeous!

  3. Patti, I love your hair pulled back, it is really striking. Love the casual look on you!

  4. This is a different look for me on you, if that makes sense! I like it a lot. Not sure I could manage pants on a day that feels like 100! XO JJ

  5. poor dear lady, that weather forecast sounds awful!!, but you look gorgeous and fresh. I think linen trousers and comfy sandals are great advices!. When I was living in the south of my country, I had some 'heat uniforms', usually linen or cotton-gauze shirts, and some clamdiggers (lots of them), but I was used to wear viscose short leggings too, they're cool!
    besos frescos!

  6. At the risk of sounding redundant, fabulous outfit. Casual, cool but not sloppy. Love it.

  7. Patti – I love your hair up – very chic. I don't envy your summer weather and I definitely think you've come up with the perfect apparel solution. Jeanne

  8. My summer uniform in NC is the same for work or weekends – knit tank dress (short or long depending on how I feel about shaving that day) with sandals (usually flat though I do have a wedge heel pair when I want a "little more" and a comfortable Softspot heel for even nicer) and a light cardigan for indoors. Today = Eileen Fisher handkerchief hem long knit dress in mint, metallic ecco gladiator sandals, old thrifted banana republic natural linen knit sweater.

  9. Cool outfit! I love the loose striped pants, and that pendant you showed is beautiful. I've never had a problem showing my arms, although they're not toned and they're looking like old lady arms now. But who cares? It's hot! In fact, yesterday (96 degrees!) my outfit was a black tank, just like yours, with a cotton skirt. I've been wearing cropped cotton-knit camisoles instead of bras now that I don't have to go to an office, and they're so comfortable!

  10. Humidity is an almost unknown word here in the Bavarian Alps. Even on a hot summer's day, it will always coold down over night and we will wake up to clear, fresh air the next morning. The downside of it – we don't have too many hot days anyway…

    You look fab in that tank top, Patti and I love your hair pulled back!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  11. You've got an amazing figure Patti, that vest really shows it off. We've got those temperatures forecast for tomorrow and Friday, I'm beyond excited! xxx

  12. You look great! Something about this outfit just fits you so beautifully.

    blue hue wonderland

  13. This is a good formula! For me the only difference is that I reach for a skirt to pair with my tanks more often than I reach for pants. I've been trying to find cooler pants though that I can work into the equation. This is a great look!

  14. You look lovely in this "uniform", Patti! My go-to is loose dresses with flat sandals when it's hot, which is not that often, even in the summer.

  15. Wow! You look fantastic Patti! You look like you're in your early 30's here. Way to show everyone how it is done.


  16. You look very cool, and I too make the general population look at my arms, and my knees and no-one has poked their eyes out with a spoon yet either. I always go for a nice floaty, but not a sack, cool dress. I find a dress to be much cooler than anything else.

  17. You look utterly gorgeous, Patti – relaxed, chic, cool and beautiful. Yes, my arms are out too, and I don't care who's scared! xxx

  18. Perfect uniform, breezy and looks great on you! It's uber humid here, so my uniform is usually denim shorts with a cotton tank or top or else a cotton dress. Flat sandals in silver or tan and my oversized aviators!

  19. yes Patti, your arms are SKINNY – wish I'd had such slender arms when I was in my 20s!

  20. Oh, please! Patti, you have marvelous arms! Not yet dead, indeed! Bare them proudly!

    You look so cool and svelte and I love your hair pulled back. This is perhaps my fave outfit of yours to date!

  21. You look adorable! I love those trousers. We're not into super-hot weather here yet, so my summer uniform is jeans (boyfriend style, but not too baggy) a tee or knit top, and sandals or flats. Once it gets really hot (Sept/Oct) everything gets looser. 🙂

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